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About me:

The name's Grace and I was born a Weretiger. Yes I know not many know of such things and we like it that way. Unlike the Werewolves our changes do not depend on the moon or anything else for that matter because we change at will.

My mother was a beautiful white tiger Shifter and my father was a hunter who was raised to kill anything that wasn't human but when he met my mother everything changed and they fell in love.

They knew their love was fobidden so they ran away together to a place they thought would be safe from everything and everyone and for a time they were.

When I was born my mother was overjoyed and my father loved us both very much. We had a good life for a while and my father tought me about the ways of the human world and he educaited me in every way possible. He made sure I knew human history and every other subject that humans go to school to learn.

While I grew so did my intelligence and knowlage as well and when I turned 10 my father tought me how to fight and become skilled in every martial arts known to mankind and he showed me how to use the various weapons humans use as well.

He showed me how to use them all and he told me the dangers of them as well. I was always the most skilled with throwing knives and knives in general because those are the ones I like the most.

When I turned 11 the changes started and when I changed for the first time I was terrified but my mother calmed me down and showed me how to control it as well.

When I turned 13 on my birthday no less is when they found us,I am not sure even to this day how the hunters tracked us down because my parents were so careful but none the less they did. They attacked after we celebrated and had cake by throwing fire into the cabin that we lived in and when it cought on fire both my mother and I panicked but my father was able to get us out of there.

The traps he had set went off while the hunters broke in and we were on the run in the woods. Those waiting for us outside gave chase but my father's traps took care of them as well and we kept going.

We were able to get away from them and live our lives in peace for a time in a new town but they found us again a year ago when I was 15 years old and this time they were ready and there were more of them.

My mother and I both changed into our Tiger forms and attacked them. My mother was shot through the neck and she told me to run so I did so while looking for my father but when I saw his dead body laying there I growled and attacked the hunters with no mercy.

The traps I had set went off and the hunters were killed by them and the rest I killed with my teeth and my claws taring them apart out of pure rage.

When it was all said and done I left the woods and the only home I had known behind me. I wanderd the streets for a time but then I was found by a couple who had magic and so they knew of the supernatural world and they tought me how to use and do magic as well.

I am still living with them in their mansion and to the eyes of the world I am their daughter. I go to school and then come home again,but I have also been known as a protector as well and yes my new nickname is now White Tigress.

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โ„๐•–๐•๐•๐•ซ ๐”น๐•–๐•๐•๐•ซ

May 6th 2023 - 3:06 PM

Bellz was a bit shocked at how this person was able to pinpoint exactly what she was by scent alone. Many creatures had heightened sense of smell, the most common among them being werewolves, and vampires. The one before her was neither. There was also another thing about her that set off some alarm bells in Bellz' head. She herself was somewhat of a hunter, only hunting doen demons for feeding, and trying to keep humans from harm.

"I can tell that you're not a werewolf or a vampire, but you definitely aren't completely human either." It was not common to see a creature that had human dlood, but also supernatural abilities. Bellz sensed stronger instincts in this girl, akin to hunters she had been around before. Her stance, the way she was ready for a fight, and the way she left the human men alive showed she was unlike anyone else Bellz had ever encountered.

"I don't run across many hybrids either. You're part human, but part not. I also do not usually reveal myself, but heard the cries of the woman," who Bellz was now aware had run off, "as I try to keep myself hidden from those who would wish harm or death on me. I do not hunt humans, only demons, but that doesn't matter to some hunters. Anyone who is not human deserves to be eliminated." Bellz took a deep breath and let out an audible sigh.ย 

Since they had already been discovered by another, there was no sense in being rude and not introducing herself. "Well, I may as well tell you who I am. My name is Bellz, and you are correct. I am a vampire with demonic darkness due to the diet I have of consuming demon blood exclusively. I used to be very close with some hunters, and was even married to one at a point. After we split, I had gone back to my home before the marriage.

This home was in New Orleans. When I left, the city was mainly run by vampires, who accepted me as one of their own. When I returned, the Witches had become more powerful and sensing my demonic energy, they ran me out of town by trying to use a powerful spell to exorcize this demonic aura. The problem is that I am not possessed, and the darkness is within my own soul. "

Taking another deep breath, sadness filled Bellz voice. She had loved her home in New Orleans and had even helped to keep the peace and keep humans from being senselessly killed for feeding purposes only. She helped set up a donor service, which humans who were willing and desired to be fed from were able to provide this service to the vampires of the city. This was a much peaceful way for everyone to live together in the busy city known for supernatural creatures, and magick.

"Rather than being excorcized, it merely weakened my, which allowed the darkness to become stronger and I attacked the witches, not fatally due to my weakened state, and fled. I did not want to harm anyone, but I also could not let them kill me. Before fleeing, I was given a choice after not slaughtering the entire coven as I easily could have if not weakened. The choice was to leave and not return with express consent, or be killed. I chose the former, and have lived here in this forest ever since."
โ„๐•–๐•๐•๐•ซ ๐”น๐•–๐•๐•๐•ซ

May 5th 2023 - 7:58 PM

Bellz was out for a walk in the woods, as she commonly did to get out of her house and sometimes to hunt demons. She heard a cry for help and with her vampire speed she was close to the person quickly. As she approached, a strange scent filled her nose and she blinked a couple of times, her eyes turning black for a moment before going back to their human color of brown. "No!" she spoke inaudibly to the demon within her, "You're not coming out! I'm not here to hunt, I'm here to help!"

Without warning the strange scent became overwhelming as someone ran past her at incredible speed. She watched in awe as this girl took down several men and saved the woman from being attacked. Once the men who were lucky enough to still be conscious had run off, Bellz cautiously took a couple of steps closer to the girl. She was always cautious in this manner, especially when encountering another non human she did not know.

As she took a few more steps closer, she saw the girl take a fighting stanceready to defend herself and the woman she had just saved. It was not unlike the Bellz would react if the roles had been reversed. Raising her hands in the air and walking slowly towards the two. "I'm not here to hurt anyone, I just heard a cry for help and came to offer it. I see the situation is under control though."

Silently, Bellz was cursing herself for showing herself, she had no idea whether this was a ploy to get her after a coven of witches had run her out of her former home in New Orleans. She lived in the forest for her own safety, and she had now revealed herself to a stranger who wasn't human. She knew better, after living on her own for several years. Well, all cards were on the table now. The only thing left for her to do was to wait and see what this girl would do and be ready for a fight herself, should the need arise.

Apr 26th 2023 - 5:59 AM

Euan Luther was the name he had gone by for the past century. The seven hundred year old vampire had lived multiple lives through the years, changing his name and appearance depending on the decade in which he was living. These past few years had been different, while the world was more connected through the internet, it was also the time when the human race was at their most lonesome. It was simple for an immortal to pass from country to country, from town to town without anyone paying too much attention to him

The sky was a dark grey color as Euan walked down the street. Euan was thankful for the overcast as it allowed him to walk around during daylight hours without worrying over the sun burning him to dust. While most of his own kind refused to come out during the day hours, Euan looked for any chance he could to walk among the humans. He wanted to keep that small part of himself alive, he had seen what happens to a vampire who denies his own humanity, the monsters they become. He would never do that again

He wasnโ€™t completely sure of the name of the town he was currently in. A lot of these American towns looked the same. He wore a long overcoat, with a black turtleneck with a pair of black jeans. He was about to head back to the hotel where he had been staying when he heard some commotion he followed the sound and watched as the short woman was kicking ass. It was impressive. He recognized the weapons they had, hunters. He hated hunters but it seemed liked she could look after herself.

Once she was done, Euan walked over to her and stepped over one of the menโ€™s body. He smiled at the young woman and placed his hands into his coat pockets. โ€œWell well, they definitely started a fight with the wrong girl. Didnโ€™t theyโ€
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