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Harriet Potter

The Girl Who Lived



Harriet Lily Snape is the biological daughter of Severus Snape and Lily Evans as well as the adoptive daughter of James Potter and the twin sister/half-sister of Harry James Potter. She was conceived when Lily had slept with both Severus and James in the same week, causing two eggs to be fertilized by two different men in a very rare occurrence. Harriet is five minutes younger than her brother Harry. Upon seeking a paternity test to find out Harry and Harriet's parentage, Lily and James had learned that Harriet was not James' child, but Harry was. Putting two and two together and fearing for Harriet's life, James quickly adopted Harriet and treated her like she was his own flesh and blood, thinking Severus would learn of her existence and would either harm Harriet or give her to Voldemort.

A year went by and Lily as well as James only told Dumbledore of Harriet's true parentage for her own safety. When Severus learned of the prophecy of the twins he told this to Voldemort, but immediately regretted what he had done, going to Dumbledore to warn him of what he had learned. He begged Voldemort to spare Lily, not knowing that Harriet was his child, and Voldemort gave Lily a chance to live, however, she refused to let him touch her children and thus sacrificed her life for them. Dumbledore came and had Hagrid take Harry away while Minerva McGonagall took Harriet to a foster family that Dumbledore had pre-selected.

Severus came to see Lily upon learning of her death. When he arrived he cradled her lifeless body in his arms before finding Harriet's original birth certificate. Upon reading it, he found that Lily had bore his child, a girl named Harriet. Severus quickly went to Dumbledore and begged him to return Harriet to him, noting that she was all he had left of Lily, but Minerva had already taken Harriet into hiding to keep Harriet safe from Voldemort, telling Severus that it was for her own safety. Severus spent years looking for Harriet, but was unable to find her, leaving him a very bitter man. His last resort was to become potions master and wait patiently for Harriet to be admitted to Hogwarts in order to get her back.

Harriet had lived with the Kingsley's for the past ten years. Ethan Kingsley appeared kind to others, but was a cruel and vindictive man who abused both Harriet and his wife Claire daily. He was the Prime Minister, yet he inflicted the most heinous torture on Harriet daily. Her foster mother, Ethan's abused wife Claire was the one kind soul in her life that kept her sane. She tried her best to keep her safe, though her efforts were futile. Claire was a witch who was forced to repress her magic unless it was being used to keep Harriet's under control. One day as her eleventh birthday approached, she received a letter addressed to her, but Ethan quickly burned the letter. She had continued to receive these letters, but Ethan destroyed each and every one. The day before her birthday, a giant man broke down their front door and caught Ethan beating and strangling Harriet with Claire on the floor unconscious from her efforts to stop him from trying to kill the child.

The giant man couldn't believe his eyes and threw Ethan off of Harriet with ease as Harriet's vision blurred and she began to lose consciousness. The last thing she heard was the giant man calling out her name before she passed out. When Harriet came to, the man had placed her on the couch and Claire was awake tending to her injuries. Hagrid had given her some healing potions to help her recover. Hagrid explained to Hatty that she was a witch, just like Claire, and that she had been invited to Hogwarts. He reassured her that she would be safe there, and that he would take Harriet and Claire to get her school supplies. Harriet told him that her foster father would never allow her to go nor would he pay for her expenses.

Hagrid told her that she didn't need his money, that her biological parents had left her a small fortune, and that she had helped stop a very powerful wizard when she was a baby. Claire confirmed that he was telling the truth, that Harriet was famous. Hagrid gave Harriet a birthday cake and they left the next morning where Harriet gathered enough money for her school supplies. For her birthday, Hagrid got her a gift, a black owl which she named Nyx for the Greek personification of night. Harriet had never had a gift before, Ethan would not allow it, much less a pet.

Claire had taken Harriet to the train station on September first without Ethan knowing, however, he found out and followed them there, confronting them at the platform. As Ethan tried to force Harriet back home, he savagely beat and strangled Harriet again, but Claire knew she had to do something. She quickly pushed Hatty and her belongings through the platform, not caring about the consequences, just wanting Harriet to be safe at school, where she thought Ethan could not get to her.

Harriet boarded the train and sat alone in the carriage until a girl named Hermione Granger sat beside her. They learned they had a lot in common, both of them were extremely bright and had memorized their school books. Hermione repaired Harriet's glasses with magic, which had been broken for years as her foster parents refused to pay to have them fixed. They became fast friends. When they arrived at Hogwarts and became sorted, Harriet was sorted into Slytherin due to her ambition to prove herself, though the hat deliberated for fifteen minutes, making her the first hat stall in years. She noticed a professor staring at her when her name was called to be sorted, and felt a pair of eyes on her.

Harriet, being a natural born legilimens who couldn't control her own abilities, could hear all the thoughts and see the memories of every single individual in the castle crammed into the Great Hall, all except the professor who seemed to stare at her. This caused Hatty immense pain, who left the Great Hall once she joined the other Slytherins. The professor followed her and helped her regain control over her own mind once more. It was then that the professor got a good look at her. Harriet was an extremely thin and sickly girl, malnourished, practically skin and bones, and rather short for her age. He saw every single injury inflicted on her that day. He entered her thoughts to see the extent of her injuries, her wand arm having been snapped in two like a toothpick, her ribs practically shattered, her windpipe crushed. Not to mention she had two black eyes, a swollen lip with a massive cut on it, her nose slightly disfigured from being broken.

The professor that had helped her was none other than Severus Snape, the potion's master, and Harriet's biological father. While he was normally in control of his emotions, seeing Harriet in this state destroyed him inside. He was furious and devastated. Dumbledore had told him that she would be safe, but Harriet had been far from safe. Severus knew that Harriet needed serious medical attention, he was going to take her to the hospital wing, but Harriet soon passed out.
When Harriet came to, most of her injuries had been healed, though some would take longer to heal. Severus swore that he would never let harm befall his daughter again and that Ethan Kingsley would pay for what he had done to her. Three weeks later, Ethan and Claire Kingsley arrived at Hogwarts. Ethan explained to Dumbledore that Claire would be homeschooling Harriet from now on and forced her to pack. He stopped her in the dungeons on the way to the Slytherin common room right outside of the potion's classroom where he thought they were alone.

Ethan noticed that she had been eating when he never gave her permission to do so and snapped her harm in half before repeatedly punching her in the face until she fell to the ground where he kicked her repeatedly in the ribs. He then grabbed Harriet by the throat and choked her as hard as he could until Harriet began to lose consciousness, thinking she was about to die. Claire tried to stop him, but he knocked her out cold. As Harriet began to pass out, all she heard was a single word, or rather spell, screamed out of pure rage from a familiar voice that she normally never heard express such wrath. Sectumsempra. Harriet fell to the floor and passed out.

When Harriet came to, she was in the hospital wing with extensive injuries. Claire's own injuries were being tended to, and one person was sitting by her side, Severus Snape. He had been holding her hand, while her arm had been healed by Madam Pomfrey. Ethan Kingsley had mysteriously vanished and was nowhere to be found. Severus had not told Harriet about his role in her existence, but knew that he needed to, that Harriet deserved a better life than what Ethan had given her. Severus told Harriet that she was finally safe and that Ethan would never hurt her or Claire again. He took out Harriet's original birth certificate and handed it to her before telling her the details of his romance with her mother Lily, that he didn't know that Harriet existed until it was too late.

Severus explained to her that he had spent years looking for Hatty, but had been unsuccessful and that he wished he could have raised her himself, that he felt immeasurable guilt for being too late to take her in and letting Ethan torture her. Snape said that when he first saw the state of her three weeks prior that it devastated him. Harriet listened to him and wasn't sure what to think at first, but the more she heard, the more she realized that he truly loved her and would do anything for her. He had saved her life, and she would be forever grateful.

Harriet learned that she had a twin brother during her first potion's class with Snape. Harry wasn't sure what to expect with Hatty being a Slytherin, but he saw how sweet and kind Hatty was, and didn't understand how she became a Slytherin until Hermione explained what a hat stall was and why it took fifteen minutes for the hat to pick Hatty's house. Hatty joined Harry's friend group, being the only Slytherin the trio liked, and for the first time, Hatty had friends and a brother. She grew incredibly close to the trio, especially her twin half-brother, Harry. They had both felt like something had been missing from their lives, and now that they were together, they felt more complete.

Hatty was an extremely smart girl, she was born with an eidetic tonal memory and was hyper-observant, making memorizing vast amounts of information incredibly easy. Her best subjects were potions and defense against the dark arts. Potions came extremely naturally to her thanks to both of her biological parents' talents in the subject, though she was good at DADA, she had been too afraid to use it due to the abuse she suffered at the hands of Ethan. As she grew closer to her father, he managed to help her come out of her shell, undoing some of the mental blocks that repressed her magic.

During Hatty's first flying lesson, she and Harry proved themselves talented flyers and seekers. Snape called her into his office, though Hatty thought he was angry with her. Like McGonagall had done with Harry, Snape had made Hatty a seeker for the Slytherin team, mostly hoping to see her brother fail and give him some satisfaction, but also to help instill more confidence in his incredibly shy and quiet daughter. During her first match against Gryffindor, something happened to her brand new broom, a Nimbus 2000, which had been purchased by both Severus and Claire, who had taken over Ethan's vast fortune after his disappearance. She had become the new alchemy professor to stay close to Harriet as she loved her more than anything in the world.

Hatty and Harry's brooms began to jerk around, having lost control by some unknown force. Severus had been viewing the match as the twins were thrown around on their brooms and began to perform a counter curse, maintaining eye contact with the twins as he muttered the counter curse. Hermione noticed Snape muttering something as she realized the twins broom's were jinxed, and thinking it was Snape, she hurried off towards the stand he was sitting in and set his robes aflame. Someone noticed his robes on fire and he quickly put them out, but while Harry's broom returned to normal, Snape had turned around just in time to watch in horror as Harriet was thrown off her broom and fell fifty feet towards the ground. Snape had run from the stands as fast as he could as Hatty hit the ground and a crowd formed around her. Harry had caught the snitch, ending the match, and had tried to wake his sister up as Snape ordered and pushed his way through the crowd.

Harriet had landed on her shoulder and left arm, but was also knocked out cold as Snape felt her pulse. Hermione had fetched McGonagall to tell her what she had witnessed, saying loudly that Snape had been the one to jinx Hatty's broom, causing her to fall. Until now, Snape had kept his relationship with Hatty a secret from the students and Hatty had as well, she hadn't even told her brother. Most of the staff members knew that she was his daughter. Snape had begun to pick Harriet up and held her in his arms as Hermione slung her accusations at him. He hissed at the Gryffindor girl that he would never hurt his own daughter, much to the shock of the other students, who had whispered about this revelation amongst themselves as Snape carried her to the Hospital Wing. Dumbledore soon confronted Snape regarding these accusations where he told his side of the story, that he noticed the jinx and he was performing a counter curse. Dumbledore accepted this as Snape sat at Harriet's side while Madam Pomfrey tended to her injuries.



Full Name Harriet Lily Snape
Pronunciation Hair-E-Eh-T
Nickname/Alias Hatty, Harriet Potter
Gender Female
Orientation Bisexual
Real Age Eleven+
Birthday 07/31/1980
Birthplace Godric's Hollow, West Country, England
Astrological Sign Leo
Species Half-Blood Witch
Ethnicity English
Preferred Hand Left
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Hairstyle Shoulder length, wavy hair
Skin Tone Neutral
Makeup Simple
Build Thin
Height 4'1"
Weight 50 lbs
Shoe Size 6
Birthmarks/scars Crescent moon shaped birthmark on left wrist/Lightning bolt shaped scar on forehead
Abilities Natural born legilimens (can cast non-verbally and wandlessly), Metamorphmagus, Parselmouth, Eidetic Tonal Memory, Hyper-Observant
Health Physically and mentally abused by foster father as well as severely malnourished
Allergies Peanuts, Tree Nuts, and Seafood
Wand: Black Walnut, Dragon Heartstring Core, 14 Inches, Unyielding
Patronus: Doe
Animagus: Fennec Fox
Pet(s): Black Owl named Nyx


Severus Snape is the biological father of Harriet. Before she was born, Lily Evans had been with Severus Snape, but upon learning that he was still a Death Eater, she had left him after sleeping with him. When she went to James she didn't know she was pregnant and they slept together within the same week, causing Lily to be pregnant with twins from different fathers. Lily then married James when pregnant with the twins, but she was suspicious when Harriet was born and had a paternity test performed, confirming that James was not Harriet's father. What had happened was incredibly rare, but afraid that Severus would come and harm Harriet, James adopted her, hiding her original birth certificate within the home they were hiding in.

When Severus told Voldemort of the prophecy he begged him to spare Lily, not knowing that he had a daughter. Upon finding out that Lily had died, Severus held her in his arms before looking around the home and finding Harriet's original birth certificate, learning that Lily had twins and one of the twins was his. He tried to stop Professor Dumbledore from taking Harriet away and to give her to him because he wanted the only link to Lily that he had left, however Harriet was gone and Professor Dumbledore would not tell him where she was for her own safety. Severus spent years looking for his daughter, only to come up empty handed, making him a very bitter man in the process. Eventually he took the job of potions master for Hogwarts in hope of finding Harriet once more when she became of age.

Lily Potter is the biological mother of Harriet and Harry. Upon learning that Harriet was not James' child, she became instantly worried that Severus would come to harm Harriet due to his Death Eater ties. James took it upon himself to adopt Harriet and keep her true parentage a secret until the day they died. Lily adored both of her children, despite Harriet's resemblance to Snape with her hair color, her eyes looked just like her own. On Halloween night in 1981, Lily gave up her life to protect her children, who were both part of the prophecy. Voldemort's attack left them both with scars on their foreheads.

James Potter is the adoptive father of Harriet and the biological father of Harry. After learning that Harriet was Snape's child, he quickly adopted Harriet as his own daughter to prevent Snape from learning about her existence, believing that if Snape knew, he would harm Harriet or hand her over to Voldemort. He protected this secret until his death as Voldemort killed him to get to the twins. Even though Harriet was not biologically his child, he loved her like she was his own flesh and blood, and left his fortune to both her and Harry in his will.

Harry Potter is Harriet's older twin brother/half-brother. Born due to a very rare occurrence where they were both conceived in the same week into two different eggs, Harry and Harriet were part of a prophecy that would destroy Voldemort. However, on the day of James and Lily's death, Harry was sent to live with their Aunt and Uncle while Harriet was separated from him and sent to a foster family, Dumbledore believing that if the twins were separated it would protect them from harm. Harry didn't meet Harriet until they both started Hogwarts and noticed their same last name, similar looks, and of course the scars that adorned their foreheads.

Ethan Kingsley is the foster father of Harriet Potter. Appearing kind towards others, Ethan in actuality is a very cruel and vindictive man who severely abuses both Harriet and his incredibly kindhearted wife Claire. He is the current Prime Minister for muggles, appearing kind and charismatic towards anyone who isn't part of his family. When Snape learns of what Ethan has done to his daughter, and Ethan shows up to reclaim Harriet, he makes sure that the Prime Minister disappears, saving Harriet's life as he tries to kill her in the dungeons so that he will never come near Harriet ever again.

Claire Kingsley is the foster mother of Harriet Potter. She is a kindhearted American witch, who is forced to give up magic by her severely abusive husband. She does her best to try to protect Hatty from Ethan, but her efforts are futile and she is frequently knocked out cold when she interferes. After Ethan disappears, she gains a new wand and takes over his vast fortune, becoming the new Alchemy professor at Hogwarts so she can remain close to Hatty.

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Nov 30th 2023 - 2:34 AM

She was a child.

Just a child.

Just a child looking for her things. The concept was not foreign to Mace, but it was also not familiar. Her wand was not unlike his lightsaber, something he wagered was pivotal to her way of life. However, if he was ever separated from his, he could search through the Force to find it. It held a part of him no less intrinsic than his own beating heart. She does not seem to have that connection with hers.

He imagined what it was like for her to be in such a foreign place, one he could "see" closely from searching her feelings in the Force. The feeling was not one he could share as the Jedi and the Temple have always been his home, regardless of where he may be in the galaxy. The sentiment of longing for...a parent? Was that what he felt? He could view this feeling, not share in its sensations. She was lost.

Afraid, perhaps. If it was fear, it was experienced in a way he was not regularly exposed to. All Jedi, even as Younglings, are taught that the Force will be with them, always. They are never alone when the Force is their ally.

She did not have that.

She was just a child.

It was in rare moments like these that Mace was reminded of what it truly meant to be a Jedi, what it truly meant to keep the peace. In times of recent, war had ravaged the galaxy and he's acclimated to the call for warriors to protect it. However, in the eyes of a lost child simply looking for her belongings, it was times like these - moments of peace - he remembered his oath to the Jedi and why the Force chose him as one of its vessels.

He was reminded of when Anakin was brought to the Council, towered over by Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi who must have been giants to him at that age. Though he stood by his decision to not have Anakin trained, it was a decision that now gave him pause. It was to uphold the principle of an Order that protected civilization and peace for 1,000 years. To relent, to show any form of weakness as the, then, Master of the Order, would allow a chance for all of the galaxy to, perhaps, fall prey to destruction. If he was right to keep the Order strong, what merit did it hold if the galaxy still fell to war?

Though his stances may be challenged, Mace Windu would forever be a Jedi, even if it meant taking on a more...compassionate role.

"That's a lovely name, Harriet," said Mace. "Your personal belongings were confiscated for sanitation purposes." Among other things. Though true, Mace hid a smaller truth. The Jedi were also taking the opportunity to study the relics. To not do so, in the chance they very well could be weapons, and the Jedi Temple had been destroyed before during the Sith Wars of the Old Republic, would be negligible at best.

"A medic droid will return them to you momentarily. Until then," Mace leaned in a tad closer, meeting her eyes directly. "Is there anything you can tell me? Do you remember anything? Anything at all? The name of your parents, perhaps? Your home planet? Star System?"


Nov 24th 2023 - 7:14 PM

Mace found himself in the infirmary, unfortunately rows were filled with injured Jedi. Bodies were left in various conditions, ranging from chronic to critical with all Knights and Masters suffering all the same. His eyes scanned each Jedi until they stuck on a bacta tank, one occupied by Depa's unconscious body. His Padawan. The pride felt in a Master never leaves when the Padawan becomes Knighted, much less joining the Council.

Appropriately bandaged, the way her body floated in the medicinal liquids brought a slight boil to his gut, acid stained his throat. Mace steeled himself with a sigh that fogged the glass. His only solace to so many fallen was the arrival of a friend.

Master Windu, said Jedi Master Kit Fisto. It's good to see you above ground. It was easy to see why Fisto was delegated to watching those in the infirmary. His magnetic smile accompanied his dark, vacant eyes so it was easy to get enthralled with his optimism, something everyone could use more of. Present company included. Not even Mace's troubles stood much of a chance against him as his shoulder relaxed as he turned to give him a scoff - it was the closest thing he could give to a smile.
Ah, the answer's become clear, said Fisto. Master Windu does have a heart.

This time, Mace's scoff was joined by a retort. Yeah, I'm nice like that. His troubles never left him, but if anyone could bring levity to Mace, it was Fisto. Still, he could not look away from the tank.

I suppose even stones may reveal gems if pressed hard enough.

Or break. It was clear his mind was trapped elsewhere, unable to escape the memories of Haruun Kal. Fisto, however, was ever tenacious in his optimism.

What, a nice guy like you? Never. Why, you are so nice, in fact, you did me a favor by not adding to bodies I need to supervise. He got him. No stoicism could escape Fisto's smile. Mace had been verbally defeated. Very nice of you to check in on that girl...

You're welcome. It was all he could say, though, his mind would not be so restrained. After the upset in the Battle of Geonosis, no parts of the galaxy were safe. The Clone Wars had begun. As Master of the Order, it was on Mace's shoulders to see to it all planets, regardless of Rim, were under the Order's protection. This came at a price of comfort. The outer Rims, unfortunately, did not typically fall under Republic jurisdiction, but no life was exempt from him attempting to keep peace.

He regretted to think of the political advantages this would afford Palpatine, but if one less person would suffer due to the Separatists' movement, Mace would do whatever it took. This came with a form of ignorance, but perhaps serendipitous. An answer to whatever the galaxy had to offer, a girl landed on the Temple's steps. She was not Force-sensitive but possessed a power all the same.

Magic. Mace was not familiar with it, but he knew of the Night Sisters of Dathomir who may dabble in a similar art. After he finished checking on the others, he left for the girl's room only to find her on the floor.
"You understand," he said kneeling by her side, taking her hand to help hoist her up back onto her bed. "We do have attendants for this sort of thing. You need only ask." After sitting her back on the bed, he paused a moment to assess her state of being.

"I am Jedi Master Mace Windu. Can you tell me your name? Perhaps what happened to you?" The questions offered direct responses, lest thinking too deeply be too much for her in her near-comatose state. Any information she could provide would be better than none. If something harmed her, with all her power, it may prove to be another threat the Jedi need to be privy of.

ℓυмσѕ. ⚡

Nov 21st 2023 - 5:01 AM


Hermione was a first year, eager to prove herself. Coming from an entirely muggle household, she didn’t know that all the interesting things she could do was magic. She just thought she was an oddball. She and her parents were ever so pleased when she had been accepted into Hogwarts, and she was determined to do right by them and make them proud of her. She knew they were undeniably proud of her as it was, but a little extra pride never hurt anyone’s ego.

She was currently sitting in the library, away from the other students as she worked on her Charms homework. She had been staying at the top of her class, keeping her marks good, but it came at a price. Hermione didn’t have many, if any, friends. Everyone thought she was a bossy know-it-all and she didn’t know what to do about that. Harry Potter and Ron Weasley certainly didn’t like her because of how smart she was.

Or, she amended, maybe that wasn’t quite the truth. Maybe they didn’t mind how smart she was but more so had a problem with the fact that she bragged about it all the time. And, Hermione could admit she did brag about her intelligence. It wasn’t because she thought she was better than anyone else; on the contrary, she wore her intelligence like a shield. Trying to protect herself against the harsh words of bullies.

And, were there bullies all right. Draco Malfoy was a right, foul toad, and Hermione couldn’t stand him. He thought he was above everyone else because he was a pureblood and his dad was a member of the school governors. Hermione didn’t know how on earth Professor Dumbledore let him keep his job, but she didn’t question it, either. She was sure Dumbledore had his reasons.

Then, there was a girl even more quiet than her. Harriet Potter. She was a first year too, and Harry Potter’s twin sister. She didn’t know anything about her but she thought she seemed nice. Maybe a little quiet and reserved, like Mione, but nice all the same. And Hermione could definitely use a bit more niceness in her life. People were often cruel.

A soft sigh fell past parted lips as she flipped the page in her Charms book. She had to get this homework done so she could move onto her next assignment. She didn’t want any of the professors to think she couldn’t cope with the coursework. The one thing she had going for her was her intelligence. May as well use it to the max. It would only protect her.
Daddy Snape

Oct 24th 2023 - 7:18 PM

As soon as he heard the Headmasters voice, the rage inside Severu showed it's head for the first time. The hand that wasn't holding hers clenched in a fist, as he spun his head, glaring at Albus. "YOU KNEW THIS WOULD BE THE OUTCOME ALBUS! THIS IS ALL ON YOU NOW!". He yelled out in a furious tone. The only thing keeping him from lashing out, was the feeling of her hand in his. Again, he turned back to her, and did his best to swallow his rage. "I give you my word... Never again my sweet... Never will I ever let anybody harm you. I'd lay down my life to protect you in a heartbeat.".
Daddy Snape

Oct 23rd 2023 - 9:29 PM

Finally, as her physical condition became clear to see, Severus snapped. He threw his arms around her, scooping her up in his arms, and bursting from his classroom. He carried her swiftly, his robes flowing, as he rushed her straight to the infirmary. "Please Hatty, please stay with me...". He carried her into the room, laying her gently back on a bed. His hand grabbing hers, not wanting to let go, feeling instantly protective of her. He stood by her as the matron did her work. "You're safe dear... My dear Harriet. I give you my word. I won't let anyone hurt you ever again, as long as I breathe... you will be avenged.". He said, squeezing her hand gently, trying to be a reassuring presence.
Daddy Snape

Oct 23rd 2023 - 6:26 AM

Severus shook his head as he stared into her eyes. He knew the Prime Minister all too well, but he also knew his own connections meant he was a force to be reckoned with. A force to be feared. He of course had an affiliation with he who shall not be named, a secret one that if anyone found out, would put him in jeopardy. But as he gazed into her fearful eyes, he knew he could trust her. Leaning down to her, he whispered almost silently into her ear. "Hatty, believe me when I say, I have affiliations that even the Prime Minister fears... I have an ally who would grant me anything I desire. No matter the consequences. And right now, what I desire most, is simply to protect you... So I'm going to show you something, something that I don't want anyone else to know... But something that will prove that I have the ability to keep you safe.". He drew out his wand, and brought it to his temple for a moment. Taking a memory, he then turned the wand to her, and gave a small smile. "Just relax, it won't hurt... But please, try to keep quiet.". Severus then cast a spell, that let her see the memory. In the vision, you could see him, pledging his allegiance to Lord Voldemort.
Daddy Snape

Oct 22nd 2023 - 7:41 PM

Severus was taken aback. The second the young girl said her name, he felt his heart almost leap up into his throat. But he saw in her eyes, the fear, and something inside him made him know he had to protect her. "Harriet Potter... I... I know your name.". He mumbled to himself mostly, before snapping out of it. Reaching out both hands towards her, he took hers in his own. "You can trust me... I won't let anything bad happen to you, I give you my word. I may not be known for my integrity usually, but please, believe me... As I say to you right here and now, that I would lay down my life, before I let anyone hurt you.".
Daddy Snape

Oct 16th 2023 - 5:32 AM

"Ssshh, it's okay. You're safe here with me. I promise... Now my dear, what is your name?". Said Severus, keeping his gaze on her. Still feeling unable to escape her familiar features. Features that had been ingrained into his very being for years. That reminded him so much of the girl he had held on a pedestal, far above any other. His at one time, reason for existing. The only one who knew the real him, buried deep inside his cold exterior. "You look like you could faint at a mere breeze... Here.". Severus took out his wand, and cast another spell, as he did, a plate appeared next to her, with a simple sandwich on it. "Please eat, it's okay... You need to get your strength back, and then we can talk properly.".
Daddy Snape

Oct 15th 2023 - 7:48 PM

Her looks weren't lost on him. Just looking at her, gazing at her, was like gazing into the eyes of the one he loved what seemed like forever ago. His heart beat like it hadn't in years. And then, all of a sudden, he saw her grow weak, reaching out to catch her as she passed out, Severus gasped. Lifting her up in his strong arms, he carried her quickly to his office. Laying her down gently on the couch, he cast a quick spell to summon water in a bottle, bringing it to her lips, he held her head. "Drink my dear... I've got you.". He sighed softly, stroking her soft hair as he tipped the bottle to her lips, letting the water flow into her mouth slowly, just a little. As he did, he noticed her features more and more. It was as if he was staring into the face of his one true love from years ago. A love lost forever.
Daddy Snape

Oct 14th 2023 - 1:52 PM

Snape wasn't known for his reassuring personality, however, he once was just like anybody else. His heart had just been hardened over the years from hurt and loss. He reached out a hand and gently placed it on her shoulder. Speaking in almost a whisper. "Just relax... It'll pass soon. You'll be alright.". He said, gazing down into her eyes. He could feel a connection with her he hadn't felt in anyone for a long time. His lips formed the slightest smile. "I understand how it feels better than anyone, believe me...". As he said this tho, his lips didn't move. His voice reaching out to her from his thoughts as he stared deeply into her eyes.
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