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Multi para writer - third person - group writer. Messages is for ooc communication. Crossover friendly admin and as administrator I prefer adding elements from other movies, TV shows or video games. Been role-playing for about a decade. No child accounts nor wrestlers. . Mature themes and +21 administrators. Thank you. Discord: PathFinder#5653

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Orientation: Straight
Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:Black/African descent
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: Patience Phillips
Verses: Crossovers, science fiction, supernatural, crime, apocalyptic themes
Playbys: Halle Berry, Halle Bailey
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Action, Crime, Crossover, Science Fiction, Supernatural, Video Game,
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Rose O'Shay

May 12th 2023 - 11:30 AM

She liked Patience.ย  There's something kindred between them.ย  She liked Patience's books and she liked what else Patience has on her shelves and tables.ย  Rosie was still amazed at how similar worlds are to each other.ย  The same kind of video games and other things too.ย  Back when Rosie was a tween, it was romance and fantasy novels.ย  It's now video games.ย  On Rosie's world, at least.

"Something that's dangerous, that belongs in a museum, and that's priceless."ย  Rosie smiled brightly.ย  With so many stray cats in Patience's apartment, Rosie figured her kindred burglar like cats a lot.ย  The cathead symbol on Patience's neat AI chip wasn't the only kind of symbols of such thing were around, right?ย  "Look, Patience, maybe the Bat or someone doesn't see it and was letting you have it, maybe you seduced them or some lead detective of burglary and robbery, maybe you missed inscription on it.ย  It's pretty and valuable, and I probably would steal it too!"

Rose would too.ย  It's got lots of jewels on it.ย  Once a thief, always a thief.ย  Rosie mentally counted down.ย  What Rosie was looking for, what the powers that be believed Patience stole, didn't belong in a museum.ย  It was activated, it was awakening, so it was meant to be destroyed if Rosie can't get it back to the museum.ย  Rose warned Patience, "It's a very dangerous cat demon, Patience."

Rose O'Shay

May 6th 2023 - 5:11 PM

Rose doesn't have her own AI yet.ย  She wants one.ย  She's met some friends from her past who have AI.ย  Not only AI, they've got armor too.ย  It's wondrous to see.ย  The closest thing to that kind of tech Rose got to was blasters.ย  Energy guns, ray guns, disrupter bolt kind of guns.ย  Guns, blasters, and things that go BOOM.ย  Back in Rose's day, Rose was introduced to the whole Commodore 64 and Nintendo thing.ย  Blasters, ray guns, robots, and spaceships.

Aliens too!ย  Oh, yea, not to mention the whole comic book thing.ย  Rose didn't need her own AI.ย  She didn't even need Scream.ย  Just like Patience, Rose was an accomplished burglar.ย  Could Patience be considered a burglar?ย  Rose's singing never stopped.ย  She kept reading the book.ย  She also kept track of how close Patience got.ย  Wasn't Patience blessed with AI as well as a goddess?ย  Or maybe it was just AI.

"I'm here for something you have, Patience," Rose said, closing the book, and placing it back in Patience's wondrous collection when Rose faced Patience.ย  Face to face, two women almost the same, watching each other through the darkness.ย  If what Rose was told was true, Patience's AI was more blessedly divine as much as it was tech.ย  Rose took note of how many stray cats are in Patience's apartment too.ย  Lots of them, and lots of books too.ย  Because of Rose's ability to speed read, she probably read them all.

It's not revealed yet, for Rose still has control over Scream, it's still the way she stood, looked, moved, and even the way she spoke.ย  Alien and organic, as much as it was with Rose's curse.ย  If Rose was touched by the gods too, Rose still thought of it as a curse.ย  Face to face, Rose's otherworldly and ethereal beauty shined in the dark, as much as her sapphires and those red lips.ย  Even her hair seemed like smokey flames.ย  "Where is it?"

It very well couldn't be hidden here, could it?ย  Rose would've found it already.ย  There are a few others in Patience's life, on Patience's world, that could find it.ย  So, it's probably somewhere else.

Rose O'Shay

May 1st 2023 - 2:25 PM

Someone was in Patience's territory, her apartment, her home.ย  The first sign of the intruder was the serene, siren-esque, Irish voice singing softly a Celtic tune.ย  A figure of a woman was the next sign, standing there right up to a bookshelf with a book in her hand, and thumbing through the pages that she's reading.ย  The most obvious distintive feature was the woman's long, fiery red curls.ย  Her petite, slim curves are tightly shown in a dark green kind of catsuit thingy, straight down to her boots.ย  Her backside was visible.ย  If Patience got down to be able to see the intruder's face, past those auburn locks, there's a fair freckled face to see, cute nose, red lips.ย  Whoever she was, she got inside easily enough.ย  As petite as the intruder was, the redhead's got some legs.ย  Can her catsuit thingy be even tighter?ย  The intruder didn't appear to be armed.ย  She was in Patience's territory for a while.ย  Her back was still towards Patience.ย  That cute little cats wanted attention, so when the redhead finished reading a page, the intruder went back to touching them again, trying to pet more.

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