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|| Multi-para / Novella ||

|| Prefer long term stories over short snippets

|| First messages = OOC or banter ||

|| Open to interacting in posts and comment threads ||

||Literacy is a must ||

||Mature and selective ||

|| Discord : voekarthe #9771

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Characters: Ariadne Kastellano || Original || Vampire
Verses: Vampire || Supernatural || Crossovers
Playbys: Literate || Selective
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Crime, Crossover, Fantasy, Psychological, Romance, Supernatural,
Member Since:January 03, 2023

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Who I'd like to meet:
ARIADNE KASTELLANO ••••••••• Don’t pray if you want to live long •••••••••
Stay dead Stay dead Stay dead

- Glamouring - vampires have an affinity to influencing human minds to bend them to their will. Some humans are naturally immune or are able to train themselves to resist it altogether.

-Vampire blood - when ingested by a human, it can heal their wounds even when they are on the brink of death. It is also considered a drug in the supernatural world, but dealers are relentlessly prosecuted by vampires, who consider it a great offense and the blood - sacred.

-Immortality - a vampire will not age and will have the same appearance until they meet the True Death.

-Supernatural strength, speed and agility.

-Heightened senses.


-Vampires have fangs which they can bare or retract at will. Sometimes, when driven by instinct, it’s not something they can control.

-Body - due to a lack of heartbeat, vampires have no blood flow, which manifests as pale skin. It also means that they are always cold to the touch.


-Sunlight - vampires can’t go out during the day unless they want to become barbecue. If for some reason a vampire chooses to stay awake at daytime hours, they will feel faint, low in energy, and their supernatural strength will wane, leaving them at risk of getting staked.

-Silver - silver is the only substance that vampires have a physically repulsive reaction towards. Upon touching it, their skin burns, which makes silver one of the best ways to subdue and weaken a vampire.

-Wooden stake - apart from decapitation or fire, a wooden stake to the heart is the only other way to kill a vampire.


Born: 1653, Ottoman Greece, Athens
Died: 1675, Perithia at Corfu
Current status: Vampire (undead)
Nicholas Kastellanos (husband, deceased)
Alexander of Corfu (sire, unknown)
Patricia Kastellano (daughter, deceased)
Angelo Kastellanos (son, deceased)

Overview: over the years, Ariadne has become a selfish, nihilistic woman who seems to distrust humans and supernaturals alike. Despite the lack of formal education, she is rather intelligent and resourceful, but will rarely use her skillset towards anything that doesn’t benefit herself.

Biography: Ariadne was born to an old family of Athens mid 17th century. With the tensions of Turks’ declining power, those who did not leave the old city were reduced to a mere village clinging to the old ways. At 16, Ariadne was married off to Nicholas Kastellanos, a trader who had her shipped off to Corfu island, where he resided.

Within six years, she bore two children, however dark tides came to Perithia. Young women began to go missing, whispers of pagan cults resurfaced causing panic on the island. Fears of witchcraft had just began to rouse the west and it seemed that it had visited the Ottoman Empire as well. However, it were no mere fears and it was not witches that had began to terrorise the East.

One night, amongst those women that were stolen, Ariadne was one of them. That night marked the end of her life and a dark beginning of her undeath.


End of 17th century: Ariadne migrates to Britain with her sire Alexander of Corfu.

Mid 18th century: traveling to the New World. After the Puritan panic regarding witchcraft dies down, Ariadne and Alexander board a ship to what is now known as the United States of America. No more than a year of settling in Boston, when Alexander disappears without a trace.

Present day: Ariadne is settled in New York. She is more concerned with running a shady little retro bar ‘Kastello’ in Downtown then paying attention to vampire politics or the fact that the city is on a verge of war between two clans.

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