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Gender: Male
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Real Age: 27
Age Appearance: Mid to late 20s
Birthday: February 9
Birthplace: Boston, MA

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Cooper Murphy

Cooper Murphy was born happy and healthy in Boston, Massachusetts at Mass General Hospital on February 9, 1995. He grew up in the loudest quiet home in his neighborhood with his Deaf parents. Sign language was both of their first languages. Cooper struggled a little more with transitioning to English at school, requiring speech therapy for the accent he acquired from his parents. Sports became Cooper’s life at a young age. He played hockey in the winter and soccer in the spring until he decided his passion was hockey.

Cooper played with the goal of being an NHL player his entire life. He was nothing but determined. Money was tight as both his parents had low paying teaching jobs at a local school for the Deaf but they still managed to find the money for Cooper to play sports and to take him to games. Cooper loved sitting in the last row of the balcony at TD Garden whenever his parents would bring him. Hockey was Cooper’s life. In 2013 he met his goal by being drafted to play in Washington, DC with the Capitols. Cooper loved playing in DC and ended up being there for quite a few seasons from 2013 to 2019. He won his first Stanley Cup with the team in the 2017-2018 season. He was then traded to Colorado where he played for the Colorado Avalanche from 2019-2022 where he won his second Stanley Cup in 2022. As a free agent he decided to pursue a deal with the Seattle Kraken to be closer to his friend Eric Burke and his sister Amabelle (amongst their other siblings which sometimes felt like family to him). He sighed a five year 27.5 million dollar contract with the Kraken. Seattle has been his his favorite home so far.

Cooper currently lives in Capitol Hill and loves walking the city rain or shine. He can often be spotted walking to and from practices or exploring tourist areas like Pike Place Market. He would get a pastry from Piroshky Piroshky every day if he could. Recently he started dating Amabelle. The pair had a fling when he first moved to the city but called it off as to not upset her overprotective brother (and one of his longest and best friends) Eric. The friends he has made in the city make him want to put down permanent roots even with the drifter hockey lifestyle he usually has. Everything in Cooper’s life is going great and as planned but something is changing and Cooper is keeping that close to his chest.

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Mar 27th 2023 - 6:14 AM


“Would it really be that crazy though?” Amabelle looked over at Cooper, a smile tugging at her lips. A smile had been a permanent fixture on her face lately, almost always thanks to the male she called her boyfriend. Sure, it was still early days into their relationship, but she was at his place most of the time anyway. The only time she really went home was if she needed more clothes or Cooper was away and she didn’t want to be at his place alone. Other than that? She was almost always at his apartment rather than her own. “I mean, you’re right, I basically live there anyway. And even when we’re apart for a random night, we’re pretty much talking the entire time anyway, so would it actually be that crazy?”

Amabelle knew most people probably would think that yes, it was that crazy, and far too soon to move in together but she really couldn’t think of anything better than spending every second she could with Cooper, waking up next to him every day, and being even more a part of each other’s every day routine. It wasn’t like Amabelle to do things the “normal” way anyway. What even was normal these days? She didn’t care what people thought, as long as she and Cooper were happy - that was what mattered most.

Laughing once again at Cooper’s comment, Amabelle nodded. “Okay, that was probably wise but if that ever happens?” Her tone turned serious, but her expression was playful. “We can always escape to the nearest bathroom. I can’t have my baby all worked up, can I?” She bit down on her bottom lip after she spoke, her eyes surveying his body. “Mhm, okay, host duties in the morning. Other duties tonight.” Her words were muffled, her lips still leaving a trail of hot kisses along his neck, her teeth gently finding his ear lobe before she spoke. “I like your hair like this.”

Her green eyes were filled with a mixture of lust and love as he laid her down, hovering above her. “Way too clothed.” She nodded, reaching down to tug her dress off, sitting up slightly to pull it over her head and toss it to the side, revealing her in only her underwear. “Get rid of this.” She spoke softly, reaching for Cooper’s shirt and pulling it over his head, tossing it to meet her dress on the floor. She leaned up, her lips eagerly finding his as her hands worked on the button of his jeans, unbuttoning them before she slid her hand inside, smirking against his lips as she palmed him through the fabric of his briefs.


Mar 25th 2023 - 12:28 PM

Seth listened to everything Cooper was talking about. Nodding his head and finishing off his beer, he reached down and started to pour himself another from the tap. “If I’m being honest, I came up with this idea back in college. It was during my freshman year when we had to come up with a business plan. I got assigned with…’ He took a breath before having a sip of his second beer. It felt like a lifetime ago when he had been back in Tennessee, but even longer since he found himself talking about his now deceased ex. Not wanting to get to much into detail about his past, he just nodded his head. ‘Yeah, back in college. Apparently the only thing wrong with it was location. End of the day it was between here and Buffalo. Lord knows I’m not built for that kind of snowy weather. That's like Elsa land on crack.” Laughing, he set down his pint and took a breath. Watching the door and seeing a larger crowd walking in, he tapped the counter and let Cooper know he’d be right back. Walking over with a smile on his face, he greeted them and grabbed some menus. 

Walking them back over to a larger table in the back and making quick small talk, laughing and just getting a feel for them, he found himself enjoying the night. Looking around and seeing the rest of his employees mostly occupied, he decided to take it upon himself to just play server for a minute. Grabbing an extra tablet, he looked over at Cooper to make sure no one was bothering their celebrity guest. Catching Amabelle walking over and talking with him, he couldn’t help but to laugh. It wasn’t a secret why a pro athlete made his way into the bar, but  regardless he’d do what he could to keep his new friend away from the public eye. Thanking the group he smiled and headed back towards the bar. Laughing and seeing his blonde bartender quickly scurry away, he shook his head. “You’re the worst at being sneaky.” he teased and came back over as she left. 

“She wasn’t bothering you at all, right?” Laughing, Seth gave him a playful wink. “Nah I know she actually wasn't. But you know, now I’m curious. Pro Hockey player and a bartender. How’d that start out?” Honestly Seth was curious about how this all started. “Do we need more drinks? Or is this a good story. Wait, she doesn’t owe you money right?”


Mar 25th 2023 - 1:54 AM

Copper and Skye. 
Over a three-day weekend, Skye had plans to go camping with a group of friends.  The weather was supposed to be gorgeous. It was mid-spring, so it was not too hot or cold. It was about just perfect. Skye would be bringing along her dog. Alaska is a great buddy to go camping.  Skye was not interested in sleeping in a tent. She decided to rent out a luxurious camper for the three-day weekend. It has room for anyone if they like to join.  Skye asked her neighbor for help. They connected the trailer to her red Jeep. She was thankful because she had never done that before. 

Before she left to go camping, she was watching the news. They were talking about two different topics. They were trying to inform the public that the weather was just right to start wildfires. They also reported that a dangerous criminal escaped custody and was free in their local area. Skye sighed, turned off the television, and then called her dog to follow her to the Jeep and hop in. Skye knew to be extra careful while driving. She pulled the camper behind her Jeep.  Alaska, her dog, was already lying down in the back seat, ready for them to take off. Skye chose to text her friend to inform him that she was on her way to the camping ground. It would take about an hour for her to arrive because it is far from the city.

 She stopped by the gas station on the way there to pick up a few things.  She bought some hot dogs and some marshmallows, and of course, some beer. The drive over to the camp could have been more eventful. The traffic was lagging but at least moving.  While driving, she was listening to some music.  She was acting like a total dork and singing along with it. Skye was looking forward to being out and mother nature for the weekend.  She needed to break from the city.  Once Skye pulled up to the parking grounds. She texted her friend again to let him know that she had arrived. Her friend was a pro at camping, so she bet he already had his tent set up. She thought they might laugh at her for bringing a camper, not a tent.

Mar 21st 2023 - 8:40 PM

"Where are you from originally?”

There was the question, she sighed taking a sip of her water before she finally spoke. There wasn’t any real harm in talking about her past a little bit. It wasn’t like he could look up her story, being a minor had its perks sometimes when it came to the situation. “Colorado. Specifically Aspen. I… I got lucky honestly. My dad was a biomedical engineer. Smartest person ever. My mom was a homemaker. It’s where I got my baking skills from.” 

Leaning back she actually felt comfortable talking about her family. What a strange turn of events. But for a moment she treated it like they were still here. That she wasn’t completely alone. “I actually moved here for about a year. It’s how Creed and I met, but I had to move back home to help with some family stuff. So I was fortunate after I get that all settled, I came back.” 

Actually she just thought it would sound crazy if she said the only reason she was back was because a man she slept with at fifteen killed her whole family and was after her. Sunny wanted to make friends, not scare them away. Jumping slightly when the waitress came over she quickly ordered some food before he ordered and then she looked over at him when alone again. “Well if you need any help with decorating, I do a good job at decorating. You’ve seen my apartment. Eventually I want to paint the walls.” Letting out a small laugh she took another sip. 


Mar 21st 2023 - 7:03 AM

If there was something Amabelle was terrible at, it was talking about her feelings and letting herself be vulnerable. She had never been good at it and hated to look or feel weak but she learned the hard way over the years that it was never good to let it build up. She smiled at Cooper’s supportive words and his squeeze on her knee. He provided her comfort without even trying.

 “I will be at your place or have you at my place until you get sick of me.” She laughed softly. She truly wanted to spend every moment with Cooper she could. She’d learned life was too short - why be away from those you loved if you didn’t have to be? Some might have thought it made her clingy but Amabelle loved company, especially the company of those she loved most, which is why the majority of her time was spent with Cooper or Carlene. They were her biggest supporters. “If Eric gives us any sh*t, I’ll get my revenge when Rio gets older and I teach him all the pranks to play and how to piss Eric off…I mean, I’m gonna do that anyway but still.” She chuckled. She knew Eric would come around eventually. She just hoped it was sooner rather than later because the sooner he came around, the less stress there would be and all Amabelle wanted was for everyone to be happy.

Glad that her confession hadn’t dulled the mood, she laughed again at Cooper’s comment, nodding as she bit down on her bottom lip. “Mhm, even through dinner. You can’t sit there and tell me you weren’t thinking the exact same thing.” She said with a smirk tugging at her lips. “Okay listen, as long as you’re a gentleman in the streets…you can do whatever you want in the sheets…is that too corny?” She laughed, wrapping her arms around him as they walked into her apartment and hurried toward her bedroom.

“Hm, wait, shouldn’t I be a polite little host and give you a tour of the place first?” She raised her eyebrows playfully as he lifted her off the ground. She wrapped her legs around him, securing herself in place. “You sure you don’t want a tour first?” She teased, her lips finding his neck and leaving a trail of hot kisses on his sensitive skin while her fingers tangled in his hair, tugging lightly to tilt his head back, allowing her better access for her sweet attack on his neck.


Mar 20th 2023 - 11:11 AM

"I had no idea he was running for President," Creed admitted. He'd kind of been in his own little bubble lately so the news hadn't reached him as of yet. Shaking hands with everyone that Cooper introduced him too he gave a small nod. It was cool to be meeting part of the team. Something he felt like he should have asked to do at a game. He just couldn't wrap his head around the fact that his friend was famous. "Yeah, man, drinks after this," he smiled and patted his friend on the back before backing up and letting the team do their thing.

The place was packed. Creed hadn't seen this much business in a long time and he was always coming up with new ideas of how to draw a crowd. He, along with the staff, kept customers happy and smiling. He even offered to take pictures for a few people who came out the signing. Seeing the team members interact with each other and their fans only made Creed an even bigger fan. Especially of Cooper who handled this with ease. Noticing Amabelle come into the place, Creed made sure she had the drinks she wanted and anything else she could ask for. He felt it was part his dutie to make sure his best friends girl was well taken care of. He'd want the same for Sunny if the roles were reversed.

It was funny, the friendship between Cooper and Creed. Creed had never had a guy this close to him and he loved it. He didn't mind the estrogen that surrounded him but it was nice to have someone to let lose with. He'd always been seen as one of the group of girls growing up, so this was a breath of fresh air. He figured it was due to having a sister that he took care of like a father figure that made his past experiences the way they were. Somehow, women just knew and gravitated toward his protection.

When the event ended and all was said and done, Creed had Coopers regular drink ready for him. "Hey, you handled that like a beast, man" he held his own glass up to cheers. Glancing around The Fuel Station he watched as the crowd still remained to enjoy the atmosphere of the establishment. "I haven't seen business like that in a while. Thank you for making a whole new crowd aware of this joint," he really couldn't thank his friend enough. "I bet you are tired," he chuckled and took a sip of his drink.

Mar 15th 2023 - 5:22 PM

Here you go, I'm sorry for the delay.


Amelia Reyes.
AGE: 30 years old.
HOMETOWN: Seattle.
OCCUPATION: Highlights Sports Bar -- Bartender.
(She is also a hitwoman for the Reyes family (her adopted father) she only takes out bad guys.)
SKILLS: Learning new languages, making decisions under stress, and handling weapons.
GOAL: Keeping her friends and family safe. She doesn't trust easily but once she does she will do anything in her power to keep them safe. She's not afraid to get her hands dirty to do that.
SECRET: Amelia Reyes alias is Butterfly. Butterfly is an unknown street racer who is extremely good at what she does. Starting out she found driving relaxed her. She made quick money doing something that she loved. She doesn't do it a lot considering most of her time is spent helping Antonio Reyes clean up the city, but whenever she has an itch to drive she will go and find a race out of state if needed.


Amelia Reyes was born on August 3, 1988 as Amelia Stone to Elizabeth Stone. Elizabeth was a prostitute who had no idea who Amelia's father was and she never bothered trying to find out. The only reason she'd care enough to try and find Amelia's father was if it benefited her financially, which never was the case. From a young age Amelia had to fend for herself. They lived in a small trailer that was falling down around them, but it was the only home Amelia knew. At least until she was seven years old.

Elizabeth was strung out on cocaine when she had three men in the trailer with her. While two of them messed around with Elizabeth, the third one turned his attention to Amelia. She was in her bedroom but she needed to use the restroom so she tried to sneak in there, thinking they would be focused on her mother. On her way out of the restroom the man cornered her, trying to take her back into her bedroom. She screamed and fought back, which eventually the others came to see what was happening. Instead of kicking the men out, or even the one guy, Elizabeth offered her daughter up for extra cash.

Fighting off the man, Amelia was able to shrug out of her jacket and get out of his grip. She didn't stick around in fear of the other men or her mother catching her. She left the trailer behind with nothing but the clothes she had been wearing. She had no idea where she was going but she kept walking until she came upon a group of men huddled close together. She didn't notice them until she turned the corner and nearly ran into them. One of the men came over to her and knelt beside her, asking what she was doing out there on her own. He introduced himself as Antonio Reyes. Something about Antonio soothed her so she told him her name and ten minutes later she was telling him everything that happened.

Everything happened rather quickly after Amelia told Antonio everything. Not even a month later she was taken away from her mother and put in his care after he said he'd take care of everything. Amelia didn't mind it because she hated her mother, and Antonio seemed nice. She was taken back to his house, which was huge with bodyguards and maids which Antonio explained came with the Reyes family and that they would all keep her safe. Her new room felt as big as the entire trailer she left behind. After settling in, Antonio had one of his bodyguards teach Amelia basic defense moves. He told her he wanted to make sure if she was ever in that situation again she'd be able to protect herself.

Throughout the years Amelia kept training and learning with every weapon, finding she picked up things rather easily. One night Amelia finished in the home gym a little late and was on her way back to her room when she heard a commotion coming near the living room. When she got there she found a stranger on top of Antonio strangling him. His bodyguards were on the ground beside him dead, and it looked like there had been a fight between Antonio and the stranger but the stranger was winning. Amelia didn't hesitate as she ran after the male, tackling him off of Antonio. The two of them got into a fight which ultimately ended in Amelia killing the male after they fought over one of the bodyguard's holstered gun.

After killing that stranger, Amelia felt a little bad about it until Antonio told her who he was. He was one of the rival families trying to take over Antonio's land but that wasn't what pissed her off. It was the fact that this family had a hand in trafficking females and was actually there to try and kidnap Amelia to sell her that made Amelia okay with killing the male. Up until that point, Amelia didn't know everything that Antonio did even though she had an idea. He sat her down and told her everything. He was one of the smaller Mafia families that took care of their town. They mostly dealt with the drugs and weapons in their town, all the while keeping their town going smoothly.

After learning everything about the rival family named the Ryan's, Amelia knew she couldn't just sit back and let them push their way into her town. Not after finding out about the sex trafficking ring they would try to bring into the town. Besides, after they tried to kidnap her Amelia knew she had to stop them. It only took her a few weeks to learn all she possibly could about the Ryan's and just three months to go through the family. By the time she was done the only Ryan's left were the innocent ones who tried to escape the family business, wanting nothing to do with what they were doing.

Antonio was beyond pissed when he found out Amelia was the one behind the Ryan's leaving, but at the same time he was proud of his daughter. After sitting her down again, the two of them talked for several hours. He never wanted her to go out and do something like that again, at least not without telling him. Antonio never wanted to push this life on her, but she fit so well he knew he would be a fool not to include her. So from that night, Antonio would include Amelia in everything. If there was someone they needed to kill he would bring Amelia in. If she found they deserved death she would kill them. If she didn't deem them worthy, Antonio would find someone else to take them out. He never pushed her to do something she didn't want to do. Amelia took on a job at Highlights Sports Bar as a bartender even though she didn't need the money. She wanted something to do with her downtime.

Mar 15th 2023 - 6:33 AM

“Our first sleepover at my place. Exciting.” Amabelle smiled as she spoke. They spent the majority of their time at Cooper’s place and of course, she loved it, and it was often more convenient, but she was excited for him to come to her place. “You better not have forgotten about your dessert. It’s the most important meal of the day.” She smirked softly, a small chuckle leaving her lips. When asked why she moved in with Carlene, Amabelle shrugged. She could have easily gotten her own place but she hated being alone for too long. Especially at night. There were times she had nightmares about the night her brother passed away and if she was alone, it was harder for her to recover from them. Luckily for her, she hadn’t had one since she’d been staying with Cooper. His presence really did comfort her.

For a moment, she debated if she wanted to tell Cooper the real reason, or just tell him it was for convenience. Most people knew Amabelle as bright and bubbly, they didn’t know the struggles she faced. Afterall, she had what post people wanted: wealth. Most people would look at her and wonder - what does she have to be sad about? But losing Bryce had left her with a sadness she was sure would never, ever go away.

“Well, it was convenient.” She started speaking and quickly decided she’d tell Cooper the truth. She trusted him, so why not just tell him? Sure, it made her feel vulnerable, which she hated, but she wanted to tell Cooper the truth, and she knew he’d support her. “But honestly, I just didn’t want to live alone. I wanted to leave my parents house, but I hated the thought of being alone, so Carlene said I should move in with her, so I did.” She rested back against the seat as she kept speaking. “Ever since we lost Bryce, I just…I hate being alone. I get nightmares sometimes, about the night it all happened and they happen way more if I’m alone. It’s embarrassing, honestly. Almost twenty-three and scared to be alone.” She chuckled, though it was half-hearted and her pain could be heard through it. “It just brings me comfort to know someone else is there, you know?”

Back to the conversation about her going on the away trip with him, Amabelle’s smile returned. “Well, just win, because then Eric will be way less moody and grumpy.” She laughed. The only thing that truly put her brother in a perfect mood was a good win. “I can book the planes and stuff. Just tell me where to be and when and I’ll be there.”

When they arrived at her apartment, Amabelle laughed at Cooper’s comment, shaking her head. “No, because I can’t wait to get naked with you as well. Kinda thought about it all through dinner honestly.” She smiled playfully and got out of the car as he opened her door, her hand quickly finding his. “Such a gentleman.” Leading the way up to her apartment, Amabelle opened the door and led them inside. She kicked off her shoes and dumped her bag on the kitchen counter before reaching for Cooper, pulling him into her. “Ready for dessert?” She asked, a smile on her lips as she kissed him, biting his bottom lip gently as she pulled away, leading the way to her bedroom.

Mar 13th 2023 - 6:24 AM

“Yeah, I better have you forever. I kind of like having you around, you know.” Amabelle smiled, keeping herself locked in Cooper’s embrace until they headed inside. His presence alone made her calmer, happier, and made her feel secure. Nobody else had that effect on her. It was one of the many reasons she fell in love with Cooper. Nothing could stop her from loving him and being with him — especially not her crazy family.

Hearing his comment about his family, Amabelle laughed softly. “Harder to handle than the Burkes? Hm, I don’t think a family like that exists. I already know I’ll love them. They raised you and you turned out perfect, so they have to be good, amazing people.” Amabelle was equal parts excited and nervous for the day she met Cooper’s family. Meeting the parents was always nerve wracking but from everything she’d heard, his parents were nothing short of amazing and kind — just like their son.

“Rio’s opinion may be the most important in the family, so if he approves? You’re definitely stuck with me.” Amabelle smiled over at Rio as he happily sat in Cooper’s arms. “Uncle Coop has a ring to it. Just make sure you say Auntie Ama first, okay Rio? Auntie Ama.” Tickling Rio’s cheek softly, she smiled as the baby laughed.  “Yep. Rio is definitely the cutest Burke.”  

When they finally left the dinner, Amabelle was pleased with how it went. Sure, her brothers could have reacted better but honestly, they reacted exactly how she had expected them too. It felt good that the news was out there, approved by her family or not. She knew her brothers would come around, and probably end up liking having another guy around at family events. Hearing Cooper’s question, Amabelle thought for a moment. “Hm, mine. Carlene will end up getting way too wine drunk with mom and stay here for the night, so we’ll have the place to ourselves. Plus, it’s closer to here and all I wanna do is go home, get naked, and get into bed with you.” She laughed softly, smirking up at Cooper.

Amabelle thanked Cooper as he opened the car door for her, a polite gesture that meant more to her than he knew. As always, she loved the small things that others would more than likely overlook. When she heard about the trip, a smile tugged at her lips. “You’d want me to come?” She asked as she buckled up her seatbelt, settling in for the drive. “I’d love to come. Of course. It’ll be so much fun. I love Nashville, and I’ve never been to Minnesota before.” Luckily for Amabelle, she’d be able to take the time off from work. Her boss, Seth, also happened to be her friend. He was used to her asking for time off for hockey related things. It was a sports bar but she always insisted on having the nights where the Kraken were at home off, and luckily Seth allowed it. “Thanks for asking me. I’m excited now.” Amabelle clapped her hands together excitedly.

Mar 11th 2023 - 9:02 AM

Hearing about Amabelle made Creed grin. Cooper was wrapped around her finger, in the best way possible, and it showed. He could hear it in the way he spoke about her. Not just the stories but the tone of his words. It seemed the two had another thing in common; being love sick. "I think that Eric will come around," he agreed. "It may just take some time," shaking his head he talked as he walked to the front of the place. "I am with you. If my sister wanted to date one of my best friends, I'd let it happen. If you are a best friend, I trust you, right? Sh*t happens, I know but in the end I'd want them to be happy and that's coming from me. Who played more of a father figure to my sister than anything."

Creed thought for a moment about weither he was stressed out about this event or not. "I don't think I am stressed so much as hoping to impress. I don't want to let your team down." He fully believed in The Fuel Station and all that it stood for but he was nervous that the people who were used to more Sports Bar atmospheres wouldn't appreciate his. "I am never going to know if this is a good fit unless we try though. Let's do it," he clapped Cooper on the back.

Fans were already assembling outside of the establishment. Creed grinned as they were kept in a line. "Looks like you are going to be busy," he teased. When a taller man began to approach the two men, Creed rose a brow. He assumed the man was Eric given the jersey he had on with his number. "Care to introduce me," Creed smiled at Cooper and Eric. More men were walking through the door together and the people outside were clapping and cheering. Obviously this was the rest of the teammates that would be involved in the event. Creed waited patiently to be introduced to them all. The excitement of it all was setting in.
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