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“I trust my instincts. I love to prepare if it’s something that requires training.”

Full Name Aleksander Vladimir Levin Pronunciation Al-ehx-AN-duhr Vlad-EH-meer Lev-in Nickname/Alias Alek (Seraphina) Meaning The name Aleksander is a Rissian baby name. In Russsian, the meaning of the name is defender or warrior of the people.. Title Deadly Force. Pet Name Sometimes, his girlfriend calls him 'my love' or 'handsome prince'. Signature His handwriting is quite masculine and cursive-like. Gender He is male. Gender Role She generally acts more masculine. Orientation He is heterosexual. Real Age Thirty-seven years old. Age Appearance For his age, he can sometimes look younger, from thirty-four to thirty-six. Then he can sometimes look older, from thirty-eight to forty. Birthday April 12, 1986. Status Dating. Birthplace St. Petersburg, Russia. Zodiac Sign Aries - As the first sign in the zodiac, the presence of Aries always marks the beginning of something energetic and turbulent. They are continuously looking for dynamic, speed and competition, always being the first in everything - from work to social gatherings. Species Human. Ethnicity Russian. He is of Russian-Irish heritage. Blood Type His blood type is O-positive. Preferred Hand He is right-handed. Eye Color Blue. Hair Color Dark brown. Build He is quite muscular and fit, working out his cardio, weights, and curling. Height 6 ft 0 in or 183 cm. Weight 68 kg or 172 pounds. Birthmarks/scars He has no visible birthmarks but he does have scars and wounds from his career choice. Distinguishing Features Mixed (Russian-Irish) looks. He also has a few tattoos. Allergies He is highly allergic to peanut butter. Occupation He is a rogue assassin and agent for the CIA. Education Aleksander graduated from High School in St.Petersburg, Russia in 2002. Later, he attended the University of New York in Brooklyn to receive a degree in Forensic Psychology. There, he was a 4.0 student that graduated with a Master's Degree. Personality Aleksander has a variety of sides that make him a complex individual. At his most casual appearance, he seems to be intimidating and a force to be reckoned with on the exterior and gentlemanly like and a sweet caring man on the interior. He also has a tough personality when he is undercover or an . He can read lips, body language, and lies when he is told one. He speaks fluent Russian, French, English, and Irish. He is a trained interrogator, weapons expert, and thorough investigator. He has a soft, compassionate, romantic towards his Seraphina Devereaux. He is an understanding, easy-going, and loving father figure towards his adopted daughter Lenore Devereaux. Lastly, he remains loyal and honest towards his friends and acquaintances.

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Deadly Force Classically trained assassin

family man Loving & protective

Loyal Best Friend Trustworthy & honest


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Characters: Chris Pine
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"Live each day as if your life had just begun without regrets. Make the most of each opportunity."

Aleksander Vladimir Levin "Life is worth the motivation and drive as long as you succeed."

a touch of life

Born on April 12, 1986, Aleksander Vladimir Levin was born at seven o'clock in the evening at the local hospital in St. Petersburg, Russia. He was the only child to the newlywed parents, Aisling Eireann Levin and Konstantin Igor Levin. He was born to the couple, an Irish history professor and an active duty Army soldier. Aleksander was an extremely intelligent child. He would walk at the age of 9 months, talk at the age of 16 months, and read at the age of 24 months old. He had a close relationship with both parents forming a strong-rooted bond with them and was often spoiled by his mother and disciplined by his father. He was active that played football and soccer at a young age. He also had been sociable and made many friends at an early age. Life was great for the young man, he had everything that he ever wanted! Then his parents would make one suggestion that would change his life forever. He was at the age of 10 years old when he was enrolled in martial arts and self-defence classes. He learned how to be a force of nature that no one would ever recognize. While enrolled in the class, he met a young girl, Seraphina Devereaux, and took immediate sympathy for her. Her story was unique and the opposite of his. She came from a troubled childhood with a horrible father. He and she immediately hit off with good intentions however butted heads. She was stubborn and he was humble, something that would carry on until their adult lives. Seraphina set up a meeting with her uncle, Dimtri Novikoff and her brother, Nicholas Devereaux. They would introduce him to the underground ops of the CIA agent in St. Petersburg and get him enlisted as a young intelligence operative. He would move through the ranks within months' time and would start off as an agent to Seraphina. She trained him on how to be a deadly force and handle his weaponry, skills, combat, and interrogations. She basically gave him the creed to being an assassin just like herself. She had developed a budding crush on him while he was developing a sense of protection for her. When Seraphina was relocated to States, especially New York City, he followed her without her knowledge. Then he had witnessed the horrible death of her father, Rae Devereaux. He had kept his mouth quiet until confronting her in the streets. She confessed to him about the horrible things her father would do her as a young girl.

Immediately, Aleksander took sympathy for the young lady. He wanted to protect her but he was stationed for a mission in Paris, France. He would travel there and fell in love with Sophia Pavlov. He fell hard for this girl that had money, security, and a gentle heart though he still had hidden feelings for Seraphina. He lived in Paris from the age of 19 years old until the age of 22 years old. He had asked Sophia for her hand in marriage and she graciously accepted. He knew that if he forgot about his love for Seraphina, he could love young Sophia. They were on their way to the wedding reception when a drunk driver from the other car swerved into his lane. The car had been hit head-on and started to catch fire. Though injured, Aleksander pulled her from the wreckage. He had looked up at her while holding her in his arms, confessing the truth to her. She passed at eight-three that evening. In a fit of rage, he went to the drunk driver and proceeded to beat him continuously until he passed away. Aleksander then found out his actions lead to dire consequences and they forced him to be exported back to New York City in the states. He had met up with Seraphina but she was pregnant, 3 months along when he entered back into her life. He had accepted that his fate belonged to Seraphina and this baby girl. He moved into her apartment and then proceeded to take care of the baby. He had built her a crib, painted a nursery, and crafted her furniture while being in love with Seraphina. His day came to a halt when Seraphina became too obsessed with the baby girl. She had a fit of rage about her insecurities and doubts when she kicked him out of the apartment. He went through himself a phase of drinking and tobacco as well. He would feel responsible and guilty leaving the two of them behind, and would write letters to Lenore Devereaux when she was of age to read but they were never delivered to her. The mother would have a final say and keep the letters hidden away.

He came back around after another mission this time to Sicily, Italy and found Seraphina alone and distraught about her life choices. All he wanted to do was be protective and loveable with Seraphina. She had forgiven him and he had lived with her back in her apartment and into their child's life. He considers Lenore to be his saviour and guards her with his life. He had also forgiven Seraphina for the past and moved onto a secure, safe, loving relationship trying to provide for her, as long as, he doesn't break her heart. The two are in a committed and serious relationship. Aleksander is still active in the CIA and still goes on missions or adventures with Seraphina. He still is a soft, romantic, and cuddly part of his past, which he was denied by Seraphina. Lastly, he still remains true and loyal to the friendships and acquaintances that he makes. His life is not perfect but he can at least own up to his mistakes and what mistakes that he has made. He wants nothing more than to be surrounded by his 'girls' and whom he loves the most! And lastly, he takes a loyal friendship over anything else that comes his way! He has always had his friends' back and wanted to provide a level of strength for them to rely on. He still works for the CIA as a forensic psychiatrist and a double agent with a rogue assassin on the side!

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.”

Seraphina Rae Devereaux
“Loved you yesterday, love you still, always have, always will."

first middle last
Nulla mollis, est et laoreet aliquam sapien purus imperdiet

Lenore Morgan Devereaux
“No one in this world can love a girl more than her father.”

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Nulla mollis, est et laoreet aliquam sapien purus imperdiet

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