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Characters: Holly Weeler
Verses: Stranger Things
Playbys: Mila Kunis
Length: One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Crossover, Drama, Horror, Open, Supernatural,
Member Since:September 23, 2022

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About me:

Full Name: Holly Wheeler

Age: 20

Parents: Ted and Karen

Siblings: Nancy and Mike

Status: Taken (ManiacHargrove) .

Occupation: Collage Student to become a vet to work with animals (she loves animals and loves helping them and people when she can).

Mini Bio;

Holly is the youngest out of the Wheeler clan. She was quite shy and introverted keeping to herself when she was young, that all changed when things started happening in Hawkins during her High School year. She would noticed stranger occurrences like trees oddly moving and tried to tell someone but would get shut down and seen as 'crazy'.

Though she's not much friends with Max she was nice to her since her mother Karen had an affair with Max's brother, Billy Hargrove. Holly also lent Max her crayons so she could draw what was in Vecna's layer.

Holly to her surprise learned Dustin and Erica stole her brite lite so they could communicate with Eddie, Nancy and Steve from the Upside Down. She was more then understanding though and Erica gave her a candy bar in return for it.

She may be sweet and caring by nature but she always secretly enjoyed the 80's rock / metal scene. That's her scene. She can be a bit of a little rebel and wild child rebelling against her parents mainly. Though you wouldn't know it at first with how she dresses and her sweet caring disposition when you first meet her.

. Under construction; (stay tuned! more to come!)

Who I'd like to meet:

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