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|| I am not here for sex or er*t*ca. Nor romance. So no sm*t. Keep that away from me. If that is all you want then walk away right now as it won't happen.

|| Not interested in numbers/friend collectors. If that is all you do or plan to do as you request me or accept a friend requrst then leave.

|| Taken by one and only Teddy Flood. Will never ever cheat on him.

48 years old

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October 04 2022

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Characters: Dolores Abernathy
Verses: Westworld/Au
Playbys: Evan Rachel Wood
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Action, Open, Science Fiction, Supernatural, Suspense, Television,
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๐™‰๐™Š๐™ ๐™ˆ๐™Š๐™Š๐™Ž๐™€

Sep 14th 2022 - 9:55 AM

Hello! Have you read the newspaper lately? Apparently, you are destined to become friends with the amazing Dean Winchester. Who is that? Well, me, of course! ...Alright. Even I can agree that was kinda cringy. Nonetheless, I still think we should be friends and write. Whatever tickles your pickle more in the moment. I look forward to hearing back from you.
the psychic.

Sep 12th 2022 - 12:31 AM

She didnโ€™t know how long she was laying in the grass for, but she knew that it was long enough that she forgot how to even move. Blood trickled from her nose, tear ducts, and even her ears. A side effect of overuse of her powers, especially her telekinesis. Her entire body, from her head to the tips of her toes, tingled and seared hotly. Her head felt as if it was a hundred pounds. The glaring sun didnโ€™t help with that.

What was the last thing she could remember? Oh, thatโ€™s right. She had been engaged in a fist fight with Amon. She had finally found the demon that killed her parents, that killed her grandmother. And he refused to give her any answers unless she went with him. Kaylynn was many things, but an idiot wasnโ€™t one of them. She knew that going anywhere with a demon that had the power to rip people apart the way that he had to her family was dangerous. And she knew that going with him would have been signing her own death certificate. It was strange though. A demon of such high caliber should have been able to just force his will on her.ย He tried. She felt the push and pull of his demands on her mind, but it just didnโ€™t work.

In his frustrations, he had lashed out at her with all of his might. He pushed her back, but itโ€ฆ didnโ€™t hurt? It was strange. She could feel his touch upon her, but it had felt weak. Underwhelming even. He mustโ€™ve felt it too, because he roared at her and lunged. They both had been locked in what seemed like a difficult fight, but Kaylynn was getting the upper hand. She even thought that she was going to be able to defeat him and get the answers that she wanted.

However, something happened. Something had ripped in the universe from their powers clashing and Kaylynn felt a hard yank of her soul. She had been dragged one way and Amon in another. She hurdled through darkness and then her body suddenly found itself in searing pain, laying underneath the sun, in the grass, in this field.

She heard someone approaching. Odd, why couldnโ€™t she sense their energy? Their aura?

Their absence in her mind but presence in reality made Kaylynn sit up and search for a weapon to defend herself with. When she couldnโ€™t find one, she knew at the best option was to surrender. Her arms shook with the effort as Teddy appeared slowly over the hill.

โ€œP-please,โ€ Kaylynnโ€™s voice was dry, scratchy, and weak. โ€œD-Donโ€™t shoot.โ€

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