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27 years old
Port Charles , New York
United States

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November 21 2022

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Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Orientation: Bi
Hometown:Scarsdale, NY
Body type:Slim / Slender
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:Post grad
Occupation:Nurse; Former teacher
Status: Single
Member Since:August 30, 2022

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About me:
Willow Tait is a sweet, kindhearted person. She just graduated nursing school. The 26 year old was hurt many times throughout her life, but still tends to see good in people. She has a huge heart, and that's why is constantly broken. She has an overwhelming love for children, and longs to have one of her own. She had one as the product of her own sexual assault, but was forced to give him up for adoption and he died at one day old from Sudden Infant Death. Her son would be four years old at this point. She often thinks about him.
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Sฬดwฬดeฬดeฬดtฬด ฬดtฬดeฬดrฬดrฬดoฬดrฬดโ˜ ๏ธ

Oct 8th 2022 - 11:24 AM

Pandora Moreau
The paramedics had left Pandora at the hospital after the attack on the laboratory. It was late in the afternoon when the attack occurred, so the girl was mostly asleep. After a few hours, Pandora opened her eyes to realize that she was in an unfamiliar place. "Where the f*** am I?" she said somewhat angrily, as she had lost consciousness while facing the humans. At that moment, a nurse saw her awake, Pandora was hungry "Hello little one, I brought you..." At that moment, Pandora jumped on the woman and began to bite her by the neck while with her hands she covered the woman's mouth. The poor nurse had been devoured alive. As Pandora tore chunks of flesh from her victim, she noticed another person coming. She pushed the corpse under the bed and wiped her face, lying back down on the bed. It turned out that it was just a doctor passing by. Pandora relaxed and fell asleep after such a feast.ย 

There was another nurse who would take care of Pandora, her name was Willow Tait, a very kind woman with a great deal of experience in the medical field. In spite of her great knowledge, she worked as a nurse in order to be able to get closer and help the patients much more. That morning, Willow had left the apartment while a friend took care of her son, who was still sleeping. She went to a restaurant for a cup of coffee when she received a call "Hi Willow, we have a little girl who came in yesterday unconscious, we need you to take the shift, because the other nurse is missing" said a woman on the other end of the phone.ย 

Tait arrived at the hospital, put on his uniform and went to where Pandora was. The little girl was fast asleep. While she was sleeping, she took blood samples for analysis to see if the little girl was okay. To her surprise, she realized that Pandora had something different in her blood, it was not common what she saw. Willow did not know that the little girl was a mutant, but what she did know was that what she had discovered was not normal. After she finished her hour of work, she went to Pandora, where she placed a flicker near her. The girl was pretending to be asleep. Pandora thought about attacking her like the other nurse but something was different about Willow, she had left her a stuffed animal and besides that, she had spoken to her without arrogance "Who are you? why did you bring me this teddy bear?" said Pandora, while she opened her eyes little by little. While all this was happening, Willow was completely unaware that there was a dead person under the bed.ย 
Beta level mutant - Number 007
Sฬดwฬดeฬดeฬดtฬด ฬดtฬดeฬดrฬดrฬดoฬดrฬดโ˜ ๏ธ

Sep 3rd 2022 - 9:55 AM

Pandora Moreau
Despite her childish and innocent appearance, Pandora is an extremely violent and aggressive child towards humans. She was created in a laboratory. She is a Beta level mutant and extremely evil. She likes to make her victims suffer. The most terrifying part of all this is that Pandora likes to devour humans, she eats them very aggressively. She has a sweet and affectionate character, which she does in order to manipulate people as she pleases. She is a terrifying child when she gets angry. She has very long black hair and is quite small for her age.ย 

The laboratory where she was created was destroyed and Pandora managed to escape together with other mutants. Once on the streets, Pandora had to learn to fend for herself, something that didn't cost her much because she was always manipulating everyone. The first thing she did was to look for a place to sleep. She found a place where a homeless man was sleeping. Pandora killed him and took his place. Apart from that, she had food for several days, as the little girl began to devour the man little by little. The days passed and Pandora adapted to the city, little by little. That day, the extermination squads arrived. These people are soldiers trained by order of the government to kill the mutants.ย 

In the attack, many mutants and humans were killed and Pandora was knocked unconscious by the attacks. Authorities and ambulances rushed to the scene. They were able to rescue several wounded humans and little Pandora, who was unconscious. They lifted her up and placed her on a stretcher, heading for the ambulance. When they arrived at the hospital, they placed Pandora on a bed and tucked her in. "Willow, a little girl has just arrived. She's unconscious but stable, I want you to take care of her," said one of the doctors at the hospital. What no one knew about the girl was that Pandora was a homicidal psychopath, although her angelic face covered that dark side.ย 
Beta level mutant - Number 007
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