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Aug 19th 2022 - 6:00 AM

I would love to create some form ofย connection / story -- fully at your convenience (:ย 

Aug 17th 2022 - 4:20 PM

The city was busy as it always had been and everyone was rushing home for the night.Cars rushing through the streets going through the puddles from the night before. The bars boosting with people either drunk or trying to be to find someone to end up in bed with in the end.ย 

Foot steps could be heard with the sound of splashing boots on the sidewalk. Charlie was by no means a normal girl and in truth she never expected to come back to New York like this brcause it brought back memories of her father and that brought the memories of watching him being shot in front of her when she was only 8 years old but there were some good memories of this city as well so she trried to hold onto those as best she could in order to not accidently burn the city down with her Pyrokanesis.

Charlie sighed to that thought and kept walking but when she heard foot steps coming after her she cursed under her breath and she saw the men with guns around her "Your coming with us and don't do anything crazy or we start shooting" sge watched them and rolled her eyes "You and me both know none of you will do that,can't risk people finding out what you are up to so stop with the show" they looked at her and picked up their guns and she tried to make them stop with her mind but they had special lenses against that so she cursed under her breath and she used her tk powers to kock them backwards and when they shot at her she sighed and used her fire powers while her body heated up and everything around them also heated up as well and her hair moved in the wind and the bullets melted and she sighed knocking the men out and her hair stopped moving and things stopped heating up as well.

Charlie then walked out of there and when she heard someone coming she sighed ready for anything at this moment because she knew that they would always be coming for her and sadly she would never be trully free of those who want to capture and use her as a weapon.
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