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October 05 2022

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Robert 'Rocky' Barnes

the dream maker

Rocky has been wandering through the world for centuries at this point, having been found as a boy by a Greco-Roman family, he's made sure to use the powers that he possesses to match his appearance to the world as it surrounded him. When he was younger, he knew that he was different, that the desires that set his soul aflame were things that not everyone seemed to seek. While those around him sought power, sought thrones and gold, he sought influence, wanting to be at the right hand of history and gain knowledge and control from the shadows. In the modern day, he's set aside his aspirations to sit next to kings and queens, instead deciding that the glory of social media and the like have given much more of a platform for him to create influence. Sure, his face may be seen more often, which has caused his powers to change his disposition into something more suitable, but the power that he's pulled from his 'fans' is something that he'd never felt before. A rush that he was regularly seeking out, as if granting a wish filled him with the power of a thousand kings. link

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♡Psychedelic Medical Alchemist♡


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Aug 14th 2022 - 2:23 AM

-playfully bites his bicep before pulling away and laughing;
purest heart.

Aug 13th 2022 - 12:54 PM

yum. โ™ฅ
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