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About me:
Amy has no last name. When she was born, her parents didn't want a child so they stuck her in foster care where she grew up and was in and out of families homes where she was abused by some, but liked by others. She took speech therapy due to her having some trouble and delays with her speech, so now she doesn't talk much for fear of being made fun of because she talks slowly, but is super intelligent and sometimes uses a device to help her out. Move ahead to 18 when she aged out, she struggled on the street. It took a long time for her to gather enough money to rent an apartment and find a job. She currently lives in Daytona, FL, where she works as a dishwasher in a restaurant, making barely enough to get by. She's hoping that one day she will he able to do what she truly loves, which is writing, but since her written English is broken, she feels she will get no where with it. Amy is a witch/werewolf hybrid, but doesn't know it yet. Her childhood was a rough one and she's broken. She doesn't trust easily. Get to know her, and she might just open up to the right person.
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Feb 9th 2023 - 10:44 PM

Finally class was finished. As they all get ready while the bell rang, Stefan was waiting for Elena outside the hallway. Bonnie had the same class with the two females. So she knew when to expect her best friend. She started to get another strange feeling from the new girl not realizing who she really is. It wasn't every day she felt there was another supposed witch in town. She is usually used to being the only one. 

"I say this is my favorite class. What's yours?" Elena asked Amy as they get up and get ready for lunch coming up. Elena loved writing. So English being one of the many she could relate to, it means writing will be involved. She has a journal she keeps all her thoughts and feelings in. A private life if you will. She hoped to be a writer some day. Maybe an author. She'd have to really think of different characters to replace her life.

"You okay bonnie?" she said looking at the dark haired witch. Before Bonnie could say anything, Stefan cleared his throat getting Elena's attention. He had a rather concerning smile to his face. Elena got a feeling in the pit of her stomach realizing something might be happening right now or worse. Approaching her boyfriend, she stood close to him holding his hand. "Hey." she whispered. "Everything okay?" He sighed receiving a wicked text from an unknown number. He realized it could be his brother. "I think we have a problem." he said looking into her eyes."A rather serious one." 

Jan 28th 2023 - 10:57 AM

I hope you’ll save and use it 🖤

Jan 27th 2023 - 8:54 PM

Here's a gift for you! I hope you like it!

Jan 23rd 2023 - 8:14 PM

Elena smiled as she exchanged numbers with her chuckling softly. "It's fine. I get it." she said. "If they say yes, we can all get to know each other. How's that sound?" she asked. She looked over her shoulder to see Stefan with his usual blank handsome face. She swears she can't look away from him. They have amazing chemistry. Bonnie nodded her head for them to go to next period.

It was almost time for English. One of Elena's favorite classes. She was really no good with History. Stefan lived the history. He knew most of the events that happened in Mystic Falls. Bonnie watched Amy from time to time really carefully. Her inquisitive instincts were nudging her mind. She narrowed her eyes softly but linked arms with Elena as the pass through the halls. "Hey do you think there's some strange going on with the new girl Amy?" she whispered. Elena gave her a soft scoff. "Bons...don't say that. She's knew. Let's get to know her first, yeah?" she suggested. 

Stefan walked behind the girls, preferrably keeping his gaze on his girlfriend. He was a 164 year old vampire that not many know about. He has an older brother who's also a vampire; Damon Salvatore. He's more Manic in the head than they think. He has the bad boy issues and has the good looks of the bunch. But as the new guy in town, Stefan has the ladies swooning over him. Especially Caroline, when they first met. But he has his eyes on one and only one. "Stefan, everything okay?" Elena noticed he was a bit quiet all of a sudden.

She was hoping Amy had the same period as they did too. She wanted to be friends with the new girl and make her feel welcome. No matter who she was or where she came from.

Jan 16th 2023 - 3:31 PM

The whole class had remained chattery and chaotic as they always were. A bunch of them were a group of cliques getting ready for a pep rally. Some others were getting ready for a football game of the season. Matt was the captain of the team. What he and Elena had went through after their break really put him off his game. He had to regain his focus.

Elena noticed Amy being quiet. She wasn't the type to run someone off simply for who they were. After learning her lesson about Stefan, that is. She knew her best friend Bonnie had some kind of intuitive kick to her psychy. As the bell starts to ring, Elena goes to Amy's desk before she makes her leave. She provided a friendly smile with her bag over her left shoulder."Hey. Amy, right? I'm Elena." she said introducing herself. 

Bonnie was at the front row texting Caroline about a sleep over for the trio. They had a lot of catching up to do since last Summer break. This was after Stefan made his return to Mystic Falls and reunited with the famous doppleganger and made some witty friendships. He was leaning against the wall next to the doorway of the classroom waiting for Elena. "I hope we didn't scare you. I just wanted to see if, well maybe..you'd like to come with us? My friends and I are having a girls night and sleep over."

Jan 7th 2023 - 2:45 PM

Elena had met Stefan about two weeks before today. Though the two were getting to know each other, it was obvious they were getting cozy. Bonnie knew everything. She can ready people with her psychic ability well enough. He gave off pretty strange vibes but that didn't stop her from further investigating who he is. That time of year in returning back to Mystic High brought some unpleasant memories in Elena's life. She lost her parents in a car accident. Everyone knew about it.

But in order to get over quickly, she sucked it up and pretended to be okay. Using a fake smile and giving off a fake nod when someone asks her a question. The class bell rings as it's time to take seats and start the lecture. Elena took her seat next to Bonnie a row behind her. Along with Stefan doing the same behind her just a row further away. The same one they exchanged looks. Bonnie didn't realize they had a knew student in the class. She had never seen the female before. The History teacher starts pacing back and forth as he started to teach and ask questions. Going further in history about the civil rights movement. Of course, Stefan started to answer before he could ask.

"Mr. Salvatore. Give me a minute before I finish asking the question. You can be too much of a genius in this class." For once he had a good mood about him. He was feeling the humor today. The whole class giggled seeming entertained that morning. Then he stood in front of his desk gazing at him. Then his dark eyes dart over to the new student. "Well. We have a new student. I forgot to mention you. I'm sorry about that." he said and gave a smile. His hand motioned to the spot next to him to stand. The fear of being the new student or exchange student in front of a peer pressured class was worse than fear itself. Just getting to know a bunch of people was scary enough. "Care to introduce yourself for us?" Elena's eyes moved up to the front then to the side. She noticed the dark haired female and had a strange feeling about her.
Tormented Ripper

Dec 25th 2022 - 12:34 PM

//Yes, I know, another Stefan Salvatore and here you are getting a copy and paste greeting. Well first let me say thank you, thank you for either accepting or sending a request. Its great to meet you and always a good day to get to know a fellow writer. This is my first time playing this character and being in this verse. I am very excited to get some plots going. I will say though that this is not my only character on this site so I don't plan on taking on too many. Time being the factor more than anything. That being said, I hope to write with you, get to know you, banter with you, read your writing and all that good stuff. May this find you having a killer day.....ha! Okay,shutting up now.  Chat with you soon.
~The Rippers Writer
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