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Characters: Ashley Lee
Verses: Profile coming soon
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Band, Casual, Celebrity, Custom, Fantasy, Real Life,
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About me:
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Your friendly

neighborhood weirdo!

Ashley Lee!


Ashley's Birthday is June 30th. She is single currently and lives in France by way of South Korea.

Her time at home is spent doing many hobbies of hers that she enjoys. The range from taking photographs, living streaming to her fans, playing and writing music, doing a weekly podcast, cooking various types of food and growing flowers.

Life Before France

Her parents decided to move from South Korea when Ashley was in the second grade. Her mother was a popular swimsuit model and her father a semi celebrity chef. They decided to move to France to start a new life and to open their own restaurant which was her fathers dream.

Life in France

Ashley grew up in the shadow of her parents fame and that of her older brother. But growing up she learned many things that she would put to use in her life. Being fearless with her life she would approach everything with a straight forward fearless attitude. It was early on that she showed a love and talent for playing musical instruments along with drawing and painting. She also had a natural talent for learning other languages and spent the first of many years helping her family with the French language often having to interpret for them.

After graduation Ashley had a chance encounter with a regular to the family's restaurant that would take her life to a whole new level and to a different path that her parents saw for her. The regular to the Lee Family restaurant was a retiring adult film star that saw in Ashley something that would be a great fit for the soon to launch Red Chateau studio. At first she wanted nothing to do with it but she was willingly to listen to what the offer was. Soon she found herself being one of the top stars for the studio and gaining power over her position in the company.

Life at the speed of a click!

Her parents were horrified to find out what their daughter had decided to do with her life. But with all of their attempts to talk her out of what they felt was a disappointing path Ashley continued to prove she would not listen and instead pushed ahead. She even went as far to their objecting to paying off the restaurants debt, paying off her brothers debt and helping her family out with her money. Her influence and position within the company would see her shift some of the studios resources to producing actual story driven and focused movies. It wasn't an easy task by any means as she knew how hard it would be to sell such a concept. But after the first movie being done that didn't look cheap and cheesy the studio saw how well received it was. The Red Chateau saw a spike in sales from the material source overnight and would agree with Ashley on her vision.

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