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Characters: Waylen Blaze/ Fenrir
Verses: Norse Mythology, Werewolf, Mafia/Crime, Peaky Blinders, Time Era.
Playbys: L.S.
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Action, Crime, Fantasy, Heroes/Villains, Romance, Suspense,
Member Since:July 06, 2022

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About me:
Who I'd like to meet:
I am a wolf Quietly I will Endure. Silently I will Suffer. Patiently I will wait. For I am a Warrior and I will Survive.

Full Name (Waylen Blaze)

Meaning (“a skilled craftsman.”)

Origin From the Old English Name Weland, also spelled Wieland, this is a mythological name from Germany. In Old Norse, Waylen (spelled Völundr)

Title (Rogue Alpha)

Pet Name (None.)

Signature (Scratchy and rushed)

Gender (Male)

Gender Role (Masculine Male)

Real Age ("I'm Old for a reason.")

Age Appearance (38)

Birthday (December)

Deathday (You Can't Kill Me.)

Personality Waylen stays to himself, a loyal wolf that once you have warmed yourself into his heart will protect you and love you no matter what. He doesn't take mates, a long history and the scars to show it leave him in too much pain, but you will never know that he is. He is crafty with his hands, building or widdling anything that keeps him occupied from wavering thoughts. He is a lover, a friend, a shoulder to cry on. Best believe once he gives you his heart there is no stopping him unless you leave on your OWN accord.

Birthplace (Forrest)

Astrological Sign (Sagittarius)

Zodiac Sign (Sagittarius)

Species (Human-Animal)

Preferred Hand (Ambidextrous)

Eye Color (Brown-Gray)

Hair Color (Brownish Red)

Skin Tone (Tan)

Build (Fit, toned, a bit muscular)

Height (6'2")

Weight (200lbs)

Facial Hair (Yes)

Shoe Size (10.5)

Birthmarks/scars (Yes, both)

Energy (Stays pretty active, until sundowning.)

Memory (Can member far to much)

Senses (Enhanced)

Allergies (Bees, seasonal)

Phobias (Small spaces and large bodies of water.)

Addictions (Drinking and smoking)

Mental Disorders (Paranoia)

Rogue Wolf
You can't hunt a Ghost

Just ask for the bio Disclaimer Waylen is a multistory writer, he ships with chemistry but that does not mean he will ship with everyone. Writing is my maine focus, to create and build stories. What happens within those stories stay between the writers. If you have an Issues With this please delete me block me whatever makes you happy. I don't like drama or bullying so if that is what you are here for, FUCK OFF.

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