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Orientation: Lesbian
Body type:Slim / Slender
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: Roselyn Marie Turpin
Verses: Once Upon a Time, Resident Evil Village , American Horror Story, Harry Potter , 21+ Wednesday fand
Playbys: Amanda Seyfried
Length: Multi Para, Novella, One Liner, Para, Semi
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About me:
BIRTHDAY. 28, August 1400s. ZODIAC. Virgo HEIGHT & WEIGHT. 5'4'| 116-120. HAIR & EYE COLOR. Long blonde thick curls | Emerald greens eyes that change to silver we she unleashes 'The Goddess of Destruction" SKIN TONE & NOTICEABLE MARKINGS. Fair skin, sharp features | Has scars all over from her past, most prominent ones being on her back RESIDENCE. Varies depending on SL OCCUPATION. Varies depending on SL D&D & MBTI ALIGNMENTS. Walks her own path PERSONALITY. Though naive, Rose was a unique child; she was more intelligent than most her age. Being a rebellious runaway caused Rose to enjoy mischief. She is known to be very sarcastic. If she trusts you, which is very seldom, she will be very caring and kind-hearted. But if you break her trust, you will feel her wrath till the day you die. She is pretty wise, but her actions and attitude cover a lot of that. Rose is relatively independent and enjoys reading. She has great confidence but can act arrogant and cold at times. Rose can be very flirtatious sometimes, but that's only her personality; she doesn't mean anything by it. Usually, Rose enjoys pressing people's buttons, and sometimes she presses the wrong buttons and finds herself in a trap she can't escape. Rose cares greatly and loves deeply, but she rarely will show it unless you can dig under her callous shell. She is committed to fighting for what she wants till she can no longer resist. Rose is known to be a stubborn and rather hard-headed girl, she always tries to prove someone wrong, and sometimes she enjoys arguing. She's always longed to be free of the hell she lives but inside, she has accepted the fact that she could never truly escape, and that is another reason she is so rebellious and pretends not to care. She persists in keeping her reputation, whether it's a good or bad decision. She tends to prefer animals to humans and is used to being alone. She comes off as a bitch, but she's nothing of the sort. BIOGRAPHY ( subject to change since this account is multiverse) Before Rose was born, her father made a deal with Rumplestiltskin to be given a potion to get the woman of his dreams to fall in love with him for a magic bean. However, instead of doing as he said, the man gave Rumple a common bean. When he found out about this, he got his revenge by cursing the manโ€™s wife. On the day she had her first child, she would become deathly ill and die. This curse happened, and instead of taking responsibility, he blamed Rose. As Rose grew older, her father would frequently abuse her; he was always found with alcohol of any type and would drink until he beat the girl. Roseโ€™s mother had been a witch, and when Rose became older, she began practicing her magic. She would often heal her wounds or use a spell not to look beaten but more aware of it. Finally, when she was thirteen, Rose had enough of her father and stabbed him with a knife. When Rumple reappeared in her life, he guided her into using her magic more, teaching her how to draw the darkness out; however, Rose resented him and tried to hide her magic. When she ran away from her home and ended up in the forest where she met Cora Mills, of course, being naive, Rose didnโ€™t know who Cora was, but Cora saw potential in Rose; she sensed the blonde had magic, and instead of turning her away, Cora took her under her wing. Seeing that Rose had blood on her attire, Cora manipulated Rose to tell her what had happened. Rose lived with Cora, becoming closer to Zelena than Regina till Cora forced Regina to become queen; then, the blonde left and tried to find her way to Wonderland, where she could see her stepmother. By trading her heart for a magic bean to Rumple, she managed to create a portal to Wonderland. Still young, the blonde was a bit rebellious, and because of this, Cora saw Rose as a disappointment. By the time she returned to the Enchanted Forest, Reginaโ€™s curse was in action, causing the blonde to be taken to Storybrookeandh and the others. Still, because Regina didnโ€™t know about Roseโ€™s return, she was sent back with all of her memory. Eventually, when Rose made it to Storybrooke, She worked at Grannyโ€™s and stayed on the down-low side till Rumple approached her about her past. He made a deal with her that she would be able to go back home with her heart if she would kill the Savior when Henry brought her there. Instead of listening to him, Rose denied his request, and when Emma came, she used her magic to cross the town line. However, still having her heart Rumple kept a hold on the blonde, using her as his assistant for the shop once it was returned to normal. She agreed to it out of fear. Once Emma found Storybrooke and the curse was lifted, the blonde asked Rumple to return her heart. But, having his focus on other things, he decided to let her free. When Cora returned to Storybrooke, Rose was finally reunited with her; she explained that she was coming back for her heart, and though Cora was heartless at the time, she understood because she cared for Rose just as Rose did with Cora. While they were there, Cora convinced Rose to get close to Henry, thinking that if she were close enough, she would get through to Regina; however, instead, Emma and Rose ended up becoming best friends. Unfortunately, this didnโ€™t happen till after Coraโ€™s death. However, when Rose had the chance to leave Storybrooke, she did and moved to New York to attempt an everyday life. Realizing that wasnโ€™t possible, the blonde returned home. When Emma visited The Underworld, she snuck a ride there to talk with her mother, where she explained what happened with Emma even though Cora saw the entire thing. Managing to fix their unfinished business, Rose left once Emma had the portal open. When she went, Rose found a way to talk to Zelena, who used her wand to allow Rose to have a way back to the Enchanted Forest, where she felt safe. โ™” wแด‡แด€แด‹ษดแด‡ss(s)โ€” Family, her partner, chocolate, alcohol, weed, smokes... โ™” sแด›ส€แด‡ษดษขแด›สœsโ€” Mature, capable of handling just about anything, physical fighting, and magical fighting, intelligent and drop-dead gorgeously โ™” FสŸแด€แดกsโ€”Stubborn, awkward, headstrong, conceals way too much, rebellious, annoying, dramatic, hates everything, possessive. โ™” ส™ส€แดแดกษดษชแด‡ แด˜แดษชษดแด›sโ€” Sweet when you get to know her, loyal till the end, will do anything to make sure someone is safe and happy, protective โ™” แด‡xแด›ส€แด€ (แด˜แด€ส€แด› แด›แดกแด)โ€”Easily annoyed, loves to poke and pester people. She jokes a lot and pretends to be sexual, but sheโ€™s anything but! ( Unless youโ€™re her partner) Where the trouble lies, so does Rose, which can be irritating but eventually, you get used to it; outspoken but silent, she tends to observe things from afar unless something sparks her interest. She loves to make deals and can be sly and manipulative at times; Rose pulls off that โ€˜I may look innocent, but Iโ€™m notโ€™ face exceptionally well, and in her school years, she was lucky not to get thrown out. She claims to be heartless but had the biggest heart deep down and loves puns but wonโ€™t admit that to anyone. She comes off mean and rude, but really sheโ€™s not, Rose doesnโ€™t always know how to love appropriately either which was due to her past, but sheโ€™s attempting to change her ways Especially when her daughter came into her life, Belle became everything to Rose, her pride and joy, and she would do anything to give her everything she deserved. 01. Rose can play the piano and guitar; she can even sing, but she refuses to play or sing for anyone and will only do so when she is alone or assumes that she is alone. 02. can speak a few different languages, including some French, Spanish, Romanian, and Latin, but it doesnโ€™t come out often, only when sheโ€™s passionate or enraged or conducting a spell/hex. 03. Mother: Maggie Agatha Oโ€™Reilly - A ancient Irish witch Edmund Turpin: An elite English man who was a former lawyer that eventually became a judge. 04. Rose used to have red hair like her mother, but as she grew older, her hair turned blonde. 05. Rose killed her father at the age of thirteen. Her mother died during her birth due to a nasty illness that took her over, so ultimately, Rose believed she killed both of her parents even if she wasnโ€™t the actual cause of her motherโ€™s death; her father blamed her, which in turn eventually convinced the blonde that she did kill her. Roseโ€™s birth parents are deceased; she was never close to her father and always wanted to be close to her mother but never got the chance. 06. Alcohol and substance abuse became a normal coping mechanism for Rose when she was younger. She thought if she was under the influence more so than not, she could forget and become immune to the trauma (which she was wrong, but she still tried). 07. Rose was born only and had no living blood relatives. She accepted her โ€˜lone wolfโ€™ walk at a very young age and never looked back. 08. Love is an extremely tricky thing to accept because she has and had lacked so much of it, so when someone shows her even a small amount of it, she questions it and pulls away unless youโ€™ve gained her trust - which is difficult even to get to begin with. Sheโ€™s very wary of people, even if she doesnโ€™t always show it. 09. Rose's birth mother was a powerful Irish witch who died during Rose's birth. The only thing she has left of her is the spell book -where she can unleash the Goddess of destruction if provoked. Her father was a human, rich English man who was beyond highly abusive towards her. 10. When Belle was about 10, she ran away from home and called up her grandmother to take her in. This is her great grandmother (Olivia Turpin -Rose's father's mother), who was a highly abusive catholic English woman. After two years of searching for her, Rose found there were bouts, and upon taking her back, Rose poisoned her grandmother and informed Belle that she had fallen ill to this day. Rose still hasn't told her the truth about that. 11. Rose knew about her magic at a very young age, and one day while she was in the attic (where her father kept her), she found a chain and enchanted it to hide any wounds or scars upon her body. She would wear this chain for a long time, not willing to tell others about her life or why she did have so many 'battle scars and wounds.' Over time, however, she did away with the chain and discovered potions. Some of her scars are still visible, but instead of being ashamed of them now, she embraces them but won't talk about them to anyone. 12. Rose has her 'other half,' the Goddess of Destruction. Inspiration based on Mesperyian - Hades and Persephone's daughter and my twist. I realize this Goddess is based on fanfic; however, with how I imagine the enchantress attached to Rose, the Goddess was a perfect fit. When Rose was young, long before she met any of her family that she was adopted into, Rose had been living in her father's attic because that's where he kept her. Anyway, being the curious young child she was, Rose had stumbled into a small shelf that knocked down her birth mother's spellbook and managed to attach a goddess to her being unintentional. During her first killing (her father's death), the Goddess had appeared to her finally and explained that she was using Rose's vessel to continue to cause chaos in the mortal world. So, in turn, the blonde battles with who shall have power in her mind, and that's why she considers herself a monster; that's also partly why she craves blood lust and has been able to kill so many. When she grew up a bit (during her time in Wonderland), she thought taking her heart out would help her gain control. Unfortunately, it did the complete opposite. While she was out there, she had created so much havoc it was no wonder Cora thought of her as a disappointment, but soon she fed off Rose's energy and urged her to become the heir to her throne. However, Rose wasn't sure she was ready to be groomed to become the next queen of Wonderland. Fleeing back home, she had found her daughter after traveling the world to do 'research' for Miranda. Rose eventually put her heart back after nearly losing the relationship she had with her only child, and so now though Rose claims to be heartless, she doesn't want to be seen as the 'monster' she used to be. That side of her scares her, but the Goddess will sometimes emerge, and Rose could lose control. 13. . If she admires you, it's not about the looks; yes, what catches her eye, but what moves her is how someone's heart is, their very soul. She could care less about looks and what society deems beautiful; she would rather get intimate with someone from the inside than base her attraction on their outer appearance. Yes, she IS a flirt and has been known for being a minx due to her playful and mischievous personality, but for her to care and love someone, it takes so much more than just bantering or simply looking at someone. She's deep in love but is terrified to open her heart to anyone. She puts on a facade of confidence and can come off as arrogant, but that's her reputation; deep down, Rose is a complex and intense person. When she does allow someone into her heart, it is difficult to get them out, but if they betray her, it is difficult for her to trust and forgive them. She's not easy to love and doesn't know how to love 'properly.' She is cautious and prefers the lone path unless someone proves their worth and loyalty, which takes time and patience. Having lost many in her life and being accustomed to being on her own, she's not used to affection or showing it, so if she does, then that means she cares about that person. 14. Weakness(s): Family, her partner, chocolate, alcohol, weed, smoking, and especially her aunt's famous chocolate chip cookies. Strengths: Mature, capable of handling just about anything, physical fighting and magical fighting, intelligent and drop-dead gorgeous. 15. Flaws: Stubborn, awkward, headstrong, conceals way too much, rebellious, annoying, dramatic, hates everything, possessive 16. Brownie points: Sweet when you get to know her, loyal till the end, will do anything to ensure someone is safe and happy, protected. 17. Extra: Born into royalty but raised opposite. She won't talk about her past to just anyone and is very classy and sassy. She tries to win approval from those she admires but often fails because she's plucky and pushes people away too much. Easily annoyed and loves to poke and pester people. She jokes a lot and pretends to be sexual, but she's anything but! (Unless you're her partner), where the trouble lies, so does Rose, it can be not very pleasant, but eventually, you get used to it, outspoken but silent. She tends to observe things from afar unless something sparks her interest. She loves to make deals and can be sly and manipulative at times. Rose pulls off that 'I may look innocent, but I'm not' face extremely well, and in her school years, she was lucky not to get thrown out. Oh, Rose is immortal. 18. . She claims to be heartless but had the biggest heart deep down and loved puns. She comes off mean and rude, but she's not; Rose downer knows how to love properly.
Who I'd like to meet:
rules and basic info 01. All my starters are feasible, but most are multipara. If you'd like to work something out, just let me know. I'm pretty flexible. I will go with anything that makes sense. 02. If my character is in a relationship, she is committed unless there was some SL discussed beforehand, including all parties involved. 03. I don't play smut unless we have built a plot and I approve of it 04. If you want some relation to my character, please discuss it first with me. 05. I cannot express enough that plotting things out means a lot to me, and so does respect. 06. If you want to plot, please try, and help with creating an idea, I get tired of being the one to make up everything. So come on, and I know you people have far more creative minds than that! 07. This is my 15th year roleplaying. 08. Not a grammar/spelling Nazi (As long as I can read it and no text talk), and please try to be literate. 09. Do NOT TAKE my photos/videos/posts/ or ANYTHING WITHOUT MY PERMISSION 10. Literate 11. Active (Most of the time) 12. Any Generation/ Era 13. Mostly Para-Novella (But I will roleplay anything suitable 14. Message/ Add/ Follow if interested. 15. If you don't like my rules, then delete me. 16. Don't get offended out of character for something one of my characters has done. It is only roleplay; none is intended to be taken OOC unless I tell you that it is OOC. 17. I will reply when I want to, because yes, I have a life away from this just like most others do. 18. Do not try to control my character or "god-mod" because that irritates me so much. 19. If you make a starter, at least make it so I can work with it. 20. If you have rules for me to read, let me know, and I will go through them. 21. I am sorry for any errors I have; I am a good speller but sometimes get confused or have a typo or my keyboard is screwed up, or I get autocorrected by my phone, and let's be honest here no one is a perfect writer. 22. You start drama with me or are a nuisance, you will be deleted and blocked, but first, I will confront you and try to work things out; if that doesn't work, then you have chosen your fate. 23. Donโ€™t be a jerk 24. You ask to roleplay, then you start and vise-versa 25. I will be glad to roleplay with anyone that wants to 00. Iโ€™m truly just slow and busy with my rl but I do try to communicate this with others 00. Any IC statuses I write on my TL feel free to interact anytime you wish. 00. If you have read and agreed to the rules let me know by sending me the word REBEL 26. If it is OOC, use some signal to tell me so. 27. Do NOT spam me. I will automatically block you. 28. Do NOT INTRUDE IC OR OOC on a CLOSED RP (Meaning posts/ tags/pictures/statuses (etc.) 29. I require patience in roleplay because I am a sloth and only apply to my schedule, so donโ€™t expect me to respond at your beck and call; I will probably make you wait longer if you rush; if you cannot handle that then donโ€™t roleplay with me 30. I am a multi-SL roleplayer; therefore, I could have many things going on at once. 31. Crossovers welcomed 32. Separate roleplay from OOC. Whatever My character does, please do not take it out on the admin. If you have a problem with me or My character, confront them separately or go away. Simple. 33. Read Bio before accusing me or my character of something or become familiar with the canon character. 34. Most importantly, have fun 35. If you want your things to be saved, post or send them to my page because that is guaranteed safety 36. I do not intentionally ignore people; things get backed up, and I get behind a lot. Remember, patience is a virtue. 37. Donโ€™t come at me with drama. I will put you in your place. If you have an issue with me, letโ€™s talk it out or unfriend me. Iโ€™m here to have fun, and thatโ€™s it. 38. Remember, I wonโ€™t always be online, so just because it says I read your message doesnโ€™t mean Iโ€™ve seen it, and just because there is a green dot next to my name doesnโ€™t mean Iโ€™m there 39. Shipping is only welcomed with character build-up and plot discussions. 40. Account has 21+ content; the writer will not roleplay with minors (Unless it is a plot we have discussed, and the character(s) are minors 41. Mirrored writing may be extensive, depending on my mood. 42. This Account is a single ship and will be treated as such. 43. NO Minors allowed since admin is considered 25+ (unless the character is IC a minor, thatโ€™s different.) 44. Do not feel obligated to respond to me. I am patient and understanding. I will not come from your head if you do not respond right away. 45. Spamming is only acceptable to those I trust OOC 46. Radom starters and whatnot are acceptable, but I wonโ€™t make promises for when I respond to them. 47. I do NOT ignore people; sometimes, my notifications donโ€™t show or are cluttered, so if you feel some way about how long I take to respond, come to my dms. I also become fixated on rps and follow my muse, so responses vary everywhere, but I get to them when I can. 48. I tend to write a lot, but I will attempt to mirror length or give it more, depending on where my muse takes me. 49. I save DMs for OOC talk mainly, but if you wish to write in there, we can do so. 50. I am flexible and understanding about things, so please donโ€™t hesitate to message me if you have a concern and/or question. 51. NON-LEWD Account -- Lewd is on a separate account. DM for said Account ( Account was made to be a degenerate, nothing more, nothing less.) 52. Heavy Chem is needed for Shipping 53. Rose is selective like me, and she is gay, so men probably wonโ€™t stand a chance with he 54. Dark themes, Mature content 55. NO drama. You will be removed instantly 56. DM to plot 57. ASK before planning any relationships (family or romantic). All others are open 58. Donโ€™t be a jerk. Just communicate with me. I am understanding and donโ€™t mind talking in dms to find a solution to the issue. 59. Patience please 60. Respect the rules

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