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I Won;t Say That I am In LoveNo chance no way I won't say it, no no.

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Characters: mєgαrα
Verses: ∂ιsηεү| нεяcυℓεs | συαт | cяσssσvεяs
Playbys: м.н.
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Crossover, Fantasy, Human, Suspense,
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Goddess Megara

All that you see is me, and all I truly believe that I was born to try

In her youth, Meg was romantic and open to giving love. She deeply cherished the relationship she shared with her boyfriend, who one day lost his life. To save him, she sold her soul and offered servitude to Hades, God of the Underworld. Her boyfriend was revived, as agreed, but he heartlessly left Meg for another woman shortly thereafter. Since then, she's had trouble trusting others and finding the courage to love again. Having become jaded and cynical as a result of her past, Meg upheld her end of the bargain by assisting Hades in his quest to take over the cosmos. According to a brief exchange, however, Hades held some amount of sympathy for Meg's plight and was open to subtracting years from her sentence based on her performances in the field.

Megara is a character that originates from Greek mythology, the wife of Heracles. The Disney iteration loosely took from this by casting Megara as Hercules' love interest, the Lois Lane to Hercules' Superman. Her personality was greatly inspired by actress Barbara Stanwyck, specifically her roles in 1940s comedies such as The Lady Eve and Ball of Fire.

basic information

Full Name Megara Rose The Greek Goddness. Nickname/AliasMeg Nutmeg (by Hades) Sweetcheeks (by Phil) Sister (by Pain and Phil) A pair of big goo-goo eyes (by Phil) Miss (by Hercules) Gender She is female. Orientation She is Straight: Birthday April 10, 1983. Status Alive. BirthplaceOn Earth

romantic life

Status Married. Whom Hercules Dated For A Long Time Engaged Such A Long Time Married Forever Comments I Love you Meg so very much. That is what he says to me everyday and I am thankful to have him in my life this is what I said to him because he chose to stay with me on Earth when he did not have to stay I would never made him chose but he did and I am hapy to be his wife and soon be a mother to his child.

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