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Buffy was born to Hank and Joyce Summers on January 19, 1981, in Los Angeles, California. In childhood, she was close friends with her cousin Celia and enjoyed playing Power Girl with her. When she was eight, she witnessed Celia's murder in her hospital bed by Der Kindestod, a demon that killed sick children and was only visible to those who were ill. Buffy was left with a fear of hospitals after the experience. As Buffy grew up, she idolized the Olympic ice skater Dorothy Hamill and practiced the sport herself. Her father took her for trick-or-treating until she was twelve. In the fifth grade, Buffy developed a crush on sixth-grader Billy Fordham; although the two were friends, he never returned her feelings. Buffy started attending Hemery High School in 1995, where she became a popular cheerleader and was elected both Prom Princess and Fiesta Queen. t fifteen years old, Buffy suddenly began dreaming that she was other girls fighting monsters in different historical periods. Although she didn't understand at first, her experiences were soon explained to her when she was approached at school by Merrick, a mysterious man who revealed her destiny as the "Chosen One" and became her first Watcher. Buffy and Merrick initially butted heads due to his intolerance of her teenage-girliness; however, the pair eventually gained a mutual fondness for each other as he trained her for battle against the vampire king Lothos. As her increasingly strange behavior alienated her from her peers and her boyfriend Jeffrey Kramer, Buffy befriended fellow outcast Pike. He began supporting her in her slaying duties after Merrick sacrificed himself to protect her from Lothos. Buffy managed to defeat Lothos and his minions at a school dance, but she burnt down her high school's gym in the process, for which she was subsequently expelled. After her expulsion, Buffy and Pike took an impromptu trip to Las Vegas to hunt vampires. Soon later, Buffy told her parents what had happened at Hemery High and about her destiny as the Slayer. They refused to believe her, thinking instead that she was losing her mind, and committed her to an insane asylum. Buffy realized that it was better not to perpetuate her story, and she was released after a few short weeks. Buffy and her parents never spoke of it again.

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Buffy's parents, who had been experiencing marital troubles for a time, finally divorced, and Buffy moved with her mother to 1630 Revello Drive in Sunnydale, a small town in California. Little did they know that it was located on a Hellmouth, and Buffy's presence there was predestined. Buffy enrolled at Sunnydale High School, where she became friends with Xander and Willow and met her new Watcher, the school librarian Giles. She also met Cordelia, a popular cheerleader who antagonized Buffy's strangeness, and Angel, a mysterious stranger who aided Buffy with cryptic advice. Buffy at first attempted to reject her Slayer duties in favor of a normal life, but she was forced into action to stop the vampire ritual known as the Harvest by the Order of Aurelius, a vampire cult under the rule of the ancient and powerful vampire Master, who was trapped underground in Sunnydale. Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Giles formed the Scooby Gang, and together they continued to investigate the various supernatural mysteries that occurred on the Hellmouth. Wishing to have a social life separate from her Slayer duties, Buffy tried out for the cheerleading squad and briefly dated fellow student Owen Thurman, but her attempts at normalcy were quickly thwarted by supernatural activity. Buffy developed an attraction to Angel, only to discover that he was a vampire. Though initially reluctant to slay him, she decided to do so when it appeared that Angel had attacked her mother. Buffy relented upon discovering that he had a soul as a result of being cursed with the Ritual of Restoration by the Kalderash people as punishment for his vicious crimes. Additionally, she found out that Angel had been set up by the vampire Darla of the Order of Aurelius, his sire and Joyce's true attacker. Angel staked Darla in her ensuing confrontation with Buffy, and the two agreed that they could never be together. When people's nightmares began coming true in Sunnydale, Buffy's guilt over her parents' divorce manifested, and she was briefly transformed into a slaypire. Days later, a string of odd occurrences started, signalying the oncoming apocalypse, so Giles warned Buffy that she would eventually be forced to fight the Master as the Hellmouth opened. Upon learning that the infallible Pergamum Codex prophesied her death at the hands of the Master, Buffy declared she quit being the Slayer and contemplated leaving town. However, she accepted her fate after Willow discovered bodies of their classmates slaughtered inside the school. Armed with a crossbow and wearing her prom dress, Buffy descended into the Master's lair to confront the vampire. He overpowered Buffy and bit her neck, declaring it was her that would set him free as her Slayer blood gave him the power to cross his mystical prison. The Master left Buffy to drown in a pool of water, but Xander found her and resuscitated her. Awakening, Buffy felt stronger and confronted the Master once more, managing to defeat him and close the Hellmouth.

Buffy spent the following summer with her father in Los Angeles. During her time there, she didn't slay any vampires, but, after her fatal experience, she remained emotionally distant. Upon her return to Sunnydale in the fall, Buffy's friends noticed her condition when she behaved rudely to them and took out her anger on her slaying targets. Buffy finally recovered when, after preventing the Master's remaining followers from resurrecting him, she smashed his bones with a sledgehammer. In her junior year of high school, Buffy came into conflict with Spike, a vampire renowned for having murdered two Slayers in the past. Spike had come to Sunnydale to restore the strenght of Drusilla, his paramour and a dangerous vampire. While they were Angel's former associates and were intent on wreaking havoc in town, Spike in particular wanted to make Buffy his third Slayer to kill. Buffy once again attempted to attain some level of normalcy in her life when she lied to her Watcher so she could attend a frat-party alongside Cordelia, due to Giles' strictness and Angel's reluctance in dating her. However, Buffy was again forced into action when the fraternity offered both girls as a sacrifice to the demon Machida. After Buffy defeated it, Angel invited Buffy on their first date. During the school career fair, Buffy's test qualified her for training in law enforcement. Meanwhile, Spike hired assassins from the Order of Taraka to kill her so Buffy wouldn't interrupt a ritual to heal the weakened Drusilla. While hiding in Angel's apartment, Buffy met Kendra, a second Slayer who had been activated when Buffy drowned. While Kendra's complete devotion to her Slayer duties contrasted with Buffy's emotional drive and loyalty to those she loved, the two Slayer eventually became friends. Kendra helped Buffy rescue Angel after he was kidnapped to complete Drusilla's healing. Before returning to Jamaica, Kendra helped Buffy learn to appreciate that being a Slayer was not a job, but who she was. On the night of her seventeenth birthday, Buffy lost her virginity to Angel after he almost had to leave town. By causing Angel to experience a moment of happiness, she unknowingly lifted the curse placed on him a century earlier, making him to lose his soul and revert to his evil past. Angel became obsessed with destroying Buffy's life and joined Spike and Drusilla, who had reassembled the invincible demon Judge to destroy humanity. Buffy managed to defeat the Judge with a rocket launcher, but she was unwilling to kill Angel when the opportunity first presented itself. Angel's harassment continued over the months through the form of letters, threatening to endanger Buffy's friends and family. He revealed their intimate night together to her mother, forcing Buffy to talk to her about it, though they came to an understanding when Joyce assured her that she would always be looking out for her no matter how distant they were. Angel eventually murdered Jennifer Calendar, Buffy's teacher and Giles' lover. Giles endangered himself in an attempt to kill Angel in retribution, nearly getting killed himself before Buffy saved him, unable to lose him. With Angel's subsequent plan to destroy the world, Buffy was willing to kill him, while she relied on Willow to re-ensoul him as a last resort after they discovered the spell to do so in Jenny's office. Buffy accepted Angel's challenge to a duel under the threat of innocent's lives, but it was a trick; he staged an attack against Willow and the others in the meantime, which culminated in the death of Kendra at the hands of Drusilla. Coming to the crime scene, Buffy was a suspect for Kendra's murder and resisted arrest, making her a target to the Sunnydale police force. Buffy then accepted an alliance with Spike, who had become tired of Angel's presence and had no desire to see the world end, in exchange of rescuing Giles. When walking home with Spike, she dusted a vampire in front of her mother, forcing Buffy to reveal her identity as the Slayer. Joyce reacted badly to the news, and the two got into a fight, leading to Joyce giving Buffy an ultimatum where she would be thrown out if she left the house to stop Angel's plot. Buffy left and returned to the school library to acquire a blessed sword to fight Angel. Principal Snyder then arrived and expelled her. Buffy confronted Angel in his mansion and tried to prevent him from opening a vortex to another dimension; meanwhile, Willow cast the spell to re-ensoul Angel. Though the spell was successful, Angel had already opened the vortex. Buffy drove the sword through his chest seconds after his re-ensoulment, sending him through the the hell dimension before he could even remember what he had done while soulless. Alone, Buffy then boarded a bus out of Sunnydale.

In Los Angeles, Buffy spent the summer waiting tables in a diner under a false identity (her middle name, Anne), trying to turn her back on her destiny. However, after fighting demons to rescue a runaway from a hell dimension, Buffy returned to Sunnydale and back her to her mother. Buffy had some difficulties reconnecting with her mother and friends; they organized an impersonal welcome back party and caught her collecting her possessions to run away once more, which culminated in them having a big argument in front of all guests. They were interrupted by a zombie attack, and they eventually reconciled after fighting together. Buffy was released from the criminal charges against her and, even though Snyder initially prevented her return to Sunnydale High, the principal was overruled by the school board. Buffy was required to improve her grades by doing several makeup tests, obtain a recommendation from a member of the school staff that wasn't Giles himself, and receive counseling for a short time. She also started a relationship with her schoolmate Scott Hope, who broke up with her in weeks for considering her too distant. Meanwhile, she discovered Angel had been returned from the hell dimension in a feral state. She secretly rehabilitated him at his mansion, helping him heal while still finding herself drawn to him. The Scoobies discovered her secret and were disappointed with her, though they accepted him back into the team when he saved Willow from being killed by Gwendolyn Post, a corrupt ex-Watcher. Meanwhile, a rebellious new Slayer, Faith Lehane, arrived in town, immediately winning over Buffy's friends and family and providing Buffy with a new ally. Contrary to Kendra who was the model slayer, Faith was a fun-loving brawler that rejected responsibility more so than Buffy did. Buffy discovered that under her façade of enthusiasm for the kill was fear, having escaped from Sunnydale after the vampire Kakistos killed her Watcher and threatened to come after her. After averting the problem by slaying the vampire, Buffy and Faith started a complicated sisterly relationship, learning each others' strengths and weaknesses. Though Buffy and Angel attempted to simply be friends and nothing more, they eventually continued dating, though they took great care to keep their relationship celibate. Shortly before her eighteenth birthday, Buffy was de-powered in preparation for her Cruciamentum, a Slayer rite of passage organized by the Watchers Council meant to test the Slayer's practical capabilities. This pitted her against a psychotic vampire which she initially avoided though packed the courage to take him on when he held her mother hostage and she ended victoriously. Giles' reluctance to see Buffy hurt and subsequent interference in the test led to him being fired as her official Watcher and replaced with Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, though Buffy quickly rebelled against Wesley and refused to take him seriously when he turned out to be little more than a bumbling idiot and a coward. Eventually, Faith led Buffy on a rebellious tour of her side of Slaying, which did entice Buffy to some degree. This proved disastrous when Faith accidentally killed the Deputy Mayor Allan Finch and refused to recognize the problem and take responsibility for her actions. Buffy tried to make her own up but was shot down and Faith herself tried to frame Buffy for her crime by lying to Giles, though he saw through this. Buffy and Faith's relationship would be then changed from that point on. As the Senior Prom was closing in, Buffy expressed excitement in having her perfect high school experience with Angel as her date. However, realizing he could never give her a normal life, Angel broke up with Buffy the day before. Despite her sadness, Buffy made it her duty that she and her friends enjoy themselves at the event. She went forth and killed a group of mind-controlled hellhounds released by a dateless nerd, Tucker Wells, before attending prom dressed in formal wear. To her surprise, she was presented with a Class Protector Award, acknowledging the countless times she saved the student body. Just as she thought it couldn't get any better, Angel arrived in a tuxedo, not wanting to take her back but to give her the slow dance she desired. Faith became increasingly alienated from the Scoobies and found a friend in the affable yet sinister Mayor of Sunnydale Richard Wilkins, who was preparing to become an Old One on the Sunnydale High Graduation Day and devour the student body. As the Mayor relied on Faith to help him prepare for his ascension, Buffy worked first to thwart his plans, then to organize a resistance. Faith impeded these efforts by poisoning Angel with Killer of the Dead, leaving him on the verge of death; when the Watchers Council refused to help on the grounds that Angel was a vampire, a furious and disgusted Buffy chose to stop following the Council's orders altogether, severing all ties with them. When the Scoobies learned that only the blood of a Slayer could save Angel's life, Buffy attempted to sacrifice Faith to save him, willing to kill a human in this case. Their battle left Faith in a seemingly-permanent coma, and Buffy ultimately saved Angel by offering him her own blood. Buffy then led her classmates in a climactic battle against the Mayor, ascended into the Olvikan, and his minions, which culminated in an explosion that destroyed the Mayor as well as the school. After the smoke cleared, Angel left for Los Angeles so that Buffy could try to have a more normal life without him.

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After the explosive events of her high school graduation, Buffy experienced difficulties adjusting to life as a college freshman at University of California, Sunnydale She was injured during an encounter with a group of on-campus vampires,[70] and came off as unstable to her friends when she suspected her unpleasant roommate Kathy Newman to be demon (which she was eventually proven correct in her assumption), and she began rooming with Willow after the Mok'tagar demon departure. Her troubles were only worsened by Angel's recent departure, and she sought comfort with fellow student Parker Abrams and slept with him a few weeks after meeting him. He then brushed her off as a one-night stand despite having made her believe that this was the start of a new relationship. Her experience with Parker was made more difficult by Spike, who had returned to Sunnydale after Drusilla left him once again. He uncovered the Gem of Amara — a ring that made any vampire who wore it invulnerable to vampiric weaknesses — and attacked her on campus. Though she managed to defeat him and take the ring back, Spike escaped into the sewers. At Buffy's request, Oz delivered the Gem to Angel in Los Angeles. During Thanksgiving, Buffy was forced to deal with Hus, the vengeful spirit of a Native American warrior, after he was released by Xander's construction crew. Buffy — who had been determined to have a safe and normal holiday meal with her friends — was also shocked when Spike arrived unexpectedly at Giles' flat, begging for help. Spike had been captured by the mysterious Initiative; a group of army-clad individuals Buffy had previously encountered on campus who implanted Spike with a cerebral microchip that made it impossible for him to harm humans. Buffy was aided in the battle against Hus by Angel, who had returned to Sunnydale without her knowledge. When Xander accidentally revealed that Angel had reappeared, Buffy immediately traveled to Los Angeles to confront him as she was hurt that he had spoken to everyone but her. Buffy and Angel agreed to remain apart; just as she was about to leave, they were attacked by a Mohra demon. They tracked the demon down into the sewers and succeeded in wounding it before it escaped. The demon's blood had mixed with Angel's during the confrontation, causing him to become human again. Buffy and Angel reveled in finally being able to be together, but Angel soon discovered that The Powers That Be had not yet offered him redemption. When Angel was almost killed by the regenerated Mohra demon, Buffy managed to slay it. After Angel discovered that Buffy would die much sooner if he remained human, Angel had The Oracles create a temporal fold to reverse his transformation into a human. Buffy was left with no memory of the incident. Back in Sunnydale, Buffy and the Scoobies kept Spike tied up in Giles' flat as he bartered information about the Initiative for shelter and blood. At school, Buffy eventually attracted the sincere attention of her psychology teacher's assistant, Riley Finn, and began to wonder how she could balance her Slayer duties while dating a seemingly-normal boy. While fighting the Gentlemen, however, Buffy came to discover that Riley had a secret of his own; he was a member of the Initiative, which Buffy learned was a government task force led by Buffy's psychology professor, Maggie Walsh, which was created to research mystical and demonic creatures. Buffy briefly joined forces with the Initiative, but her relentless questioning of the organization's motives, as well as her relationship with Riley, began to unsettle Professor Maggie Walsh, who tried to have her killed in action.[76] Walsh was subsequently murdered by a creature of her own creation, the monstrous bio-mechanical demonoid Adam, who then escaped and began his plan to create an army of super-soldiers like him. Faith then awakened from her coma and used a Draconian Katra left to her by the Mayor to switch bodies with Buffy. In Faith's body, Buffy was taken into custody by the Watchers Council Special Operations Team. She managed to escape and convince Giles of her true identity. With the help of Willow and Tara Maclay, Buffy reversed the body swap. Upon discovering that Faith had traveled to Los Angeles and was attempting to kill Angel, a furious Buffy traveled to L.A. for vengeance, only to discover that Faith had become remorseful for her crimes. This put Buffy into direct conflict with Angel, who insisted that Faith could be rehabilitated. Though understandably unwilling or unable to believe that Faith was capable of redemption, Buffy ultimately had no choice but to work together with her to fight back against the Watchers Council Special Operations Team. Faith subsequently surrendered herself to the Los Angeles Police Department, and Buffy got into a heated exchange with Angel, climaxing when she used her relationship with Riley to put Angel on the defensive, who then harshly ordered her to go back to Sunnydale after reminding her that he himself could not move on from their relationship. Angel subsequently returned to Sunnydale to apologize, and after running afoul of the Initiative in the process, succeeded in mending things with Buffy, with both sides admitting that they had been wrong. Riley, who had been torn between the Scooby Gang and the Initiative for some time, eventually turned his back on the corrupt organization to join Buffy after helping them save Oz from the Initiative complex. Having been drifting apart for the previous year, the existing tensions between Buffy, Giles, Willow, and Xander reached their boiling point when Spike, wanting to have the chip removed from his head, exploited them to turn the gang against each other as part of Adam's plan. When Spike let too much information about the plot slip during an encounter with Buffy, it caused the Scoobies to reconcile; then, with the enjoining spell, they combined their essences within Buffy's body, allowing her to destroy Adam. The Scoobies, helped by Riley and Spike, subsequently helped save the Initiative's soldiers from the rampaging demon hordes within the complex; the Initiative was subsequently closed down by the U.S. government, and Riley was honorably discharged from the military. The four were later attacked in their dreams by the first Slayer, Sineya, who was offended by their use of the adjoining spell to defeat Adam; Buffy promptly rejected Sineya's insistence that the Slayer work alone without friends.

Soon after her confrontation with Sineya, Buffy started to wonder about what it meant to be the Slayer and this encouraged her to start patrolling every night. On one of these patrols, she encountered the world-renowned vampire Dracula, who had traveled to Sunnydale with the intention of making the legendary warrior his bride. Buffy — among others — was at first left powerless to Dracula's thrall, but managed to overcome his control over her and forced him to leave town. Her battle against the infamous Count combined with her encounter with the first Slayer made Buffy realize the inherent "darkness" behind the Slayer legend and made her want to learn more about the other slayers. She began to fully accept her duty as the Slayer for the first time in her life and enlisted Giles to put her through more extensive training in order to make her a better Slayer. Meanwhile, a younger sister, Dawn Summers, had mysteriously appeared in the Summers' household; her existence had been seamlessly integrated into the memories of all those she had ever known.[84] After casting a spell on herself in the hopes of discovering the mystical source of an illness she believed her mother was blighted by, Buffy discovered that Dawn was not her sister at all, but rather a ball of magical energy known as the Key capable of opening interdimensional portals. A group of monks had caused the Key to take human shape in order to protect it from a mentally unstable higher being known as Glorificus; they had chosen to put the Key in the Slayer's care, as a sister, in the hopes that she would protect it with her life. Though Buffy was understandably skeptical of Dawn when she learned that she had been fabricated and integrated into her life without her prior knowledge, she quickly came to accept her responsibility as Dawn's protector, not because she felt obliged to carry out the monks' wishes, but because she slowly realized that she truly did love her sister, regardless of the circumstances of her existence. Buffy continued to patrol Sunnydale and fight evil with the Scoobies, despite the looming threat of Glory. After an encounter with an average vampire left her badly wounded, she became interested in learning the deaths of past Slayers and poured through old Watchers Diaries with Giles in an attempt to better understand her situation. She eventually went to Spike for information instead, who, having killed two Slayers in his lifetime, proved particularly knowledgeable on the subject. He brought her to the Bronze, where he described his experience as a vampire and his encounters with the Slayer. Spike imparted to her his own personal philosophy in regards to Slayers — that everyone had a death wish — before Buffy shoved him to the ground. Upon returning home, she had to confront her mother's worsening state. Buffy was crying on the back porch when Spike appeared, armed with a shotgun. Instead of shooting her as he had told Harmony, he sat beside Buffy and comforted her. Buffy's relationship with Riley slowly began to deteriorate as she repeatedly failed to give him the emotional intimacy he craved. Riley began visiting a vampire brothel where he would allow vampires to bite him; when Buffy discovered this as a result of Spike's interference, she destroyed the brothel and confronted Riley, after which he left her and returned to the military. Buffy dealt with Riley's departure as best as she could but remained emotionally sensitive. Buffy's pain over having had two failed relationships caused her to take an interest in Ben Wilkinson, a handsome medic. However, an encounter with April, the love-struck robot girlfriend of Warren Mears, made her realize that she was overly dependent on men and decided she needed to be by herself for a while. This proved to be greatly fortunate as Ben was secretly Glory's human vessel. The Watchers Council eventually came to Sunnydale with information about Glory but refused to give it up until Buffy passed a test they had prepared for her. The Council interviewed Buffy's friends and allies in order to ascertain if she was "worthy" of the knowledge they had to deliver. Though Buffy at first failed to meet their high standards, it was a conversation with Glory (who threatened to kill her and her friends) that gave her the confidence to stand up to the Council. Through a rousing speech, she managed to convince them to give her all the information they and reinstate Giles into the Council as her paid Watcher. With the Council's knowledge, Buffy discovered Glory was not a demon at all, but a deity. Later, Dawn casually revealed to Buffy that Spike had fallen in love with her, much to Buffy's surprise and disgust. She confronted him about it on a stakeout; while she attempted to tell him that his feelings were impossible, he kidnapped her in order to proclaim his devotion to her via murdering his sire and ex-lover, Drusilla. Buffy managed to escape, and subsequently alienated Spike from the Scoobies and had Willow recant his invitation into her house — something she had not bothered to do since he first helped her during their fight against Angel. Buffy and Dawn were then devastated by the death of their mother shortly after. Joyce had been experiencing health problems for months, and only recently received surgery for a brain tumor when she died unexpectedly from an aneurysm. In order to fully take up her role as Dawn's legal guardian, Buffy was forced to drop out of college, though she faced difficulties as a result of Dawn's increasingly rebellious behavior. Meanwhile, Giles decided to take Buffy on a Vision Quest to help her discover what being the Slayer truly meant. It involved the first Slayer, her vision guide, cryptically telling her that death was her "gift." Buffy found such a message both confusing and hurtful so soon after her mother's passing, and immediately returned to Sunnydale. Upon her return, she discovered that Spike had forced Warren to build Buffybot, a robotic sex toy in her likeness, which had resulted in him being captured by Glorificus' minions in the belief that he was the Key. Despite her understandable rage and disgust over the robot's existence, Buffy saved Spike and subsequently discovered that he had endured intense torture — and come close to dying — at the hands of Glory in order to protect Dawn's identity as the Key. Moved by his sacrifice, Buffy rewarded Spike with a kiss and reconciled with him, welcoming him back into her circle of friends. When Glory finally discovered that Dawn was the Key, Buffy immediately had her and the gang rushed out of Sunnydale in a Winnebago piloted by Spike. This attempt was hampered when the Knights of Byzantium, a militia intent on killing the Key to stop Glory, attacked the Scoobies on the road. The Scoobies then held up inside an abandoned gas station and called in Ben to treat Giles who had been injured in the assault. He then unwillingly turned into Glory who kidnapped Dawn, despite Buffy and the others' attempts to protect her. Believing she had failed, Buffy broke down retreated into her subconscious, where she battled with the guilt of having failed to protect her sister. Via magic, Willow successfully dove into Buffy's mind and helped her overcome her helplessness. Although she knew that Dawn's death would destroy Glory's plan for good, Buffy refused to allow her sister to be harmed. She prepared for the battle with the Scoobies; whilst retrieving weapons from her house, she granted Spike permission to enter again, after which he expressed his gratitude to her for treating him "like a man." Buffy and the others subsequently attacked Glory's stronghold in full force. Willow weakened Glory's mentality, while Xander hit her with a wrecking ball and Buffy beat her repeatedly with Olaf the Troll God's Enchanted Hammer before she finally reverted to Ben's weaker form. Not wanting to kill an innocent human, Buffy allowed Ben to live, warning him not to go after Dawn again. Giles, however, knew that Glory would rise again and killed Ben with his own hands, thus destroying her. Spike climbed the tower where the ritual was to be performed in an attempt to rescue Dawn, but was outmaneuvered and thrown off the tower by Doc, secretly one of Glory's followers. Despite all the Scoobies' best efforts, Dawn's blood had already been used to open the interdimensional portal by the time Buffy reached her atop the tower. Dawn offered to sacrifice herself in order to stop the ritual, but Buffy, who at that moment understood the meaning behind Sineya's message, chose instead to sacrifice herself for the good of the world. She leaped into the portal — her blood, which Dawn's had been modeled after, effectively closed the rift. Buffy's allies stood over her body and wept openly. She was buried on the outskirts of Sunnydale with the epitaph: "She saved the world. A lot.".

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With her death, Buffy was moved onto what she would refer as "heaven," where she apparently found peace. However, her friends feared that her spirit had been trapped in a hell dimension due to the mystical circumstances of her death, so they resurrected Buffy months later. After crawling from her own grave, Buffy wandered the streets of Sunnydale before being found and taken back to her house by Dawn. Buffy was comforted by Spike, who had been serving as Dawn's protector and sitter in Buffy's absence. Her transition back to life was very difficult; she experienced an overwhelming sense of loss after being — as she put it when confessing to Spike — ripped out of heaven and thrust back into a world of pain. She had to take back her duties as the Slayer and deal with the everyday responsibilities of raising Dawn, working, and paying bills. She attempted to keep the secret that she had been in heaven from her friends, not wanting them to share in her grief, and confided only in Spike, though the truth ultimately came out when she was under the influence of the demon Sweet. Buffy's depression worsened when Giles left Sunnydale and returned to England when she became overly dependent on him. Struggling to feel alive and seeking someone who understood her, Buffy began a violent sexual relationship with Spike which left neither of them satisfied, keeping it secret from everyone but Tara out of fear of their reaction. What initiated the relationship was the fact that Spike could then hit her despite his chip still working. Buffy consulted with Tara on whether her resurrection changed who she was and thus no longer made her a human according to the chip. Tara discovered that the chip was merely confused due to her mystical resurrection, upsetting Buffy as it made her come to terms with the fact that her relationship with Spike was her own doing and not anything outside her control. In order to deal with her increasing financial problems, Buffy started working at the fast food restaurant Doublemeat Palace. Meanwhile, Willow, following Buffy's resurrection, developed an addiction to magic and began to use it excessively, which Buffy, faced with her own problems, failed to notice and largely ignored at first, even when confronted with evidence by Anya Jenkins and Xander. A memory purge spell cast by Willow went awry and erased all of the memories of the Scooby Gang; when the spell was ended, Tara left Willow. Buffy finally became aware of the full extent of Willow's addiction when she and Amy Madison (having been transformed into a rat for three years, only to be finally changed back) began making regular visits to Rack, a shady sorcery dealer, which only worsened Willow's condition. When Willow made another trip to Rack's place with Dawn in tow, the two were attacked by Mandraz, who Willow unwittingly summoned during her high, and Willow's carelessness caused a car accident that left Dawn severely injured. Buffy and Spike arrived in time to save them and, despite being understandably furious with Willow, relented slightly when Willow begged her for help. With Buffy's help, Willow renounced the usage of her magic altogether and was put on the road to recovery. In contrast to the ruthless hell-goddess Buffy faced the year before, her newest "nemesises" consisted of her old nerdy classmates that formed the Trio, with the intent of committing crimes, obtaining women, and eventually taking over Sunnydale. Seeing Buffy as a foil in their plans, they made it their top priority to take the Slayer out, proceeding with several, ongoing minor annoyances against her, though she never had any interest in directly stopping them. One of their games led to accidentally turning Buffy invisible. At first, Buffy enjoyed this new power, by tricking the mentality of the social worker Doris Kroeger, who had been unimpressed by Buffy's ability as Dawn's guardian; and by going to Spike for sex, without the risk of their affair being discovered. Upon learning that if she were to continue being invisible her molecule structure would break down, Buffy sought to stop the Trio and made herself visible, not wanting to die despite her current grime state of life. The Trio's schemes finally reached the breaking point when their leader, Warren Mears, accidentally killed his ex-girlfriend Katrina Silber after a mystical date-rape attempt. With the use of Jonathan Levinson's magicks and Andrew Wells' demon summoning, he manipulated events to make Buffy think she killed Katrina. Convinced, Buffy was ready to confess to the police, although this was thwarted when Spike dumped the body to save her. In a combination of grief and denial in her relationship with Spike, Buffy beat him severely. Luckily for her, Buffy discovered that she wasn't actually the perpetrator of the crime and the death was ruled as a suicide; nonetheless, Buffy realized that the Trio was becoming too dangerous for her to ignore and resolved to bring them to justice. Buffy soon met Riley again when she enlisted her help with a demon he was tracking. While Riley had been married and demon-hunting along his wife, Sam, Buffy was turning to Spike for relief. Riley then discovered the demon dealer was Spike, so Buffy destroyed his crypt while killing the demons he had been holding. After Riley left again, Buffy broke up with Spike, admitting to him that she was just using him and it was killing her. Confused and angry, Spike later got drunk with Anya, who had recently been left at the altar by Xander, and the two had sex in the Magic Box, which the Scoobies discovered through hidden cameras that the Trio had planted in the Bronze, the Magic Box, and Buffy's house. Xander subsequently attempted to kill Spike in a jealous rage, but Buffy intervened, revealing her secret relationship with Spike in the process; though Willow, Dawn, and Anya accepted it with relative grace, understanding what Buffy had been going through, Xander reacted exactly as Buffy feared, though he eventually realized why Buffy had kept it secret and apologized. Later, Spike cornered her in her bathroom, and in a misguided attempt to force her to admit her love for him, tried to rape her. She managed to fight him off, and in tears, dared him to ask again why she couldn't love him. Frustrated with his own inability to be either a man or a monster and disgusted with himself for his own actions, Spike fled Sunnydale. After yet again foiling the Trio's plan, an enraged and embarrassed Warren tried to kill Buffy by shooting at her while she was caught off-guard in her backyard. Buffy used the split-second she had after being made aware of Warren's presence to push Xander out of the way and take the bullet in the process. Meanwhile, one of Warren's stray bullets accidentally killed Tara. Willow, enraged and grief-stricken, suffered a relapse and recklessly absorbed a large amount of dark magic. Willow saved Buffy at the hospital by removing the bullet with telekinesis, before proceeding to hunt down Warren and exacting bloody revenge against him; Willow flayed him alive before the eyes of her friends who came to stop her. Despite Warren's actions, Buffy was adamant that Willow had done the wrong thing and worked to protect Andrew and Jonathan (who had no involvement in Tara's murder) to prevent further deaths and to prevent her friend from becoming completely evil. Buffy even battled her best friend one-on-one so that the remaining Trio members could escape, but was promptly defeated before Giles came to her rescue. In the ensuing battle, the Magic Box was destroyed and Willow tried to kill Andrew and Jonathan with a homing fireball which Buffy managed to stop, though this resulted in Dawn and herself being trapped underground in the cemetery where the fireball impacted. Willow then tried to destroy the whole world to end everybody's pain, which caused a number of demons to spawn and attack Buffy and Dawn. Xander finally got through to Willow in the end. The trauma of Tara's death, Willow nearly destroying the world and seeing Dawn's showing her proficiency with a sword allowed Buffy to realize that life was worth living after all. With that, Buffy promised to stop her self-destructive behavior in order to be there for Dawn when Dawn needed her; with this crisis resolved, Buffy was finally ready to live again.

When Dawn enrolled in the recently rebuilt Sunnydale High as a freshman, Buffy was offered a job as a guidance counselor by Principal Robin Wood, which she gratefully accepted. Initially, she found it to be an unfulfilling experience, as she was unable to connect with any of the students that came to her for advice, many of them having trivial reasons. She soon became concerned when a girl with psychic powers, Cassie Newton, came to her claiming she would soon die. Buffy at first thought she was suicidal, but after learning it was an upcoming event, she saved her from being sacrificed by a group of demon-worshipping students. Afterward, Buffy discovered that Cassie would actually die from a congenital heart condition. Cassie would be the first of numerous young women Buffy wouldn't be able to save in the following months. Meanwhile, Buffy had discovered that Spike was living in the basement of the high school. Though at first taken aback by his madness, she eventually came to realize that he had regained his soul in order to prove himself to her. Recognizing that he had changed, she brought him out of the basement and helped him to recover. It eventually became apparent that he was being controlled by an evil force to feed on, kill and sire humans in town. Buffy tied Spike to a chair in order to prohibit him from moving; after he went into a frenzy and attacked Andrew Wells, she chained him in her basement. When he begged her to kill him, she refused and expressed her belief in him. He was later kidnapped by the agents of the First Evil. The First's minions had been tracking down and killing Potential Slayers in an attempt to abolish the entire Slayer chain. These Potentials were brought to Sunnydale for protection and training at Buffy's home; the house was quickly overrun with teenage Potentials. Andrew, who had been under the influence of the First and captured by Buffy and her friends, led them to the First's area of focus, the Seal of Danzalthar, situated on the gateway to the Hellmouth; Spike's blood had been used to open the Seal. Upon investigating the creature that had been released, Buffy encountered an ancient and powerful vampire known as a Turok-Han. Buffy eventually stepped up as a leader to the Potentials and killed the Turok-Han to prove her determination and ability. Afterward, she delved into the First's lair, where she rescued Spike, who had been brutally tortured by both the First and the Turok-Han. She later used the Slayer Emergency Kit given to her by Robin, whose mother was a Slayer herself. She used this to contact the Shadowmen for assistance. In response, they took her into another dimension and offered to increase her powers via the essence of a demon. Buffy refused, unwilling to sacrifice her humanity in exchange for power. Meanwhile, a reformed Faith, having escaped from prison to help Angel, traveled to Sunnydale to aid the Scoobies in the battle. Upon learning that the First's minion Caleb had something of hers, Buffy led the Potentials into battle at a Vineyard to retrieve it, which resulted in the loss of several girls as well as Xander's eye. With this, the Scoobies and Potentials, having been losing confidence in Buffy's leadership skills and methods for quite some time, became mutinous, appointing a reluctant Faith their leader and forcing Buffy out of the house. Alone, she briefly resided in a house that had been abandoned by its owner. Spike followed Buffy to the house and expressed his love and admiration for her. Because of his belief in her, Buffy was able to find the strength to keep fighting. She found the object Caleb was keeping from her — an ancient Slayer scythe called Mʔ — and saved the Potentials and Faith after the latter led them into a trap, earning back the gang's loyalty and finally making peace with Faith before revealing her plan to share her power with the other Potentials. With a surprise visit from Angel, Buffy finally defeated Caleb and killed him by cutting him in half. The First confronted her once more, then Buffy realized her revolutionary idea. Willow used the Scythe to perform a spell that activated Slayers all around the world. This happened just as Buffy led an army of potential Slayers down to the Hellmouth through the Seal of Danzalthar in the then abandoned Sunnydale High. A huge battle was then waged between the newly-activated Slayers and the Turok-Han vampires. During the fight, Buffy was struck down with a sword and then taunted by the First while witnessing the loss of several new Slayers; Buffy, however, found the strength within herself to get up again and continue fighting. When Spike's amulet suddenly activated, she rushed to his side and urged him to accompany her to the surface. He made it clear that he needed to finish his job; the two locked fingers, and their hands ignited in flame. Buffy confessed her love for him, though he remained unconvinced, and then she escaped the ruins at Spike's insistence. With the other survivors, Buffy looked on at the crater where her hometown had been. When Dawn asked Buffy what they were going to do now, she just smiled.

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//Hello! :) Thank you so much for the request. I just wanted to give you a quick description of what I can do as Baby. Yes I rp as Baby the Impala :) and I can rp her in four different ways depending on what you prefer. 1) Simply a car, descriptions less feelsy.2) A little more feeling, where Baby seems to have some kind of spirit inside her. 3) She is virtually alive, talks and feels but only trusts Sam and Dean and a few others to reveal herself. 4) Baby has a human form she can use if a situation calls for it, given to her by some sort of angel spell. I am still toying with the details of this option but it is there if you are interested.You can decide which, I am perfectly okay with any of them. I hope to rp with you soon
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