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105 years old
New York City, New York
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July 20 2022

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Body type:Average
Occupation:Former ranking officer in the Schützstaffel, and currently serves as a right hand Strigoi, or Vampire, under the command of the Master.
Characters: Thomas Eichhorst.
Verses: The Strain verse, supernatural related verses, crossover friendly within reason.
Playbys: Richard Sammel.
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Crossover, Horror, Psychological, Romance, Supernatural, Suspense,
Member Since:June 16, 2022

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About me:
Thomas Eichhorst was a main antagonist; a former ranking officer in the Schützstaffel. The height of his mortal status was perhaps during the time of World War II where he served as Standartenführer-SS and oversaw the Treblinka extermination camp in Poland. After the camp was liberated by Allied forces, Eichhorst escaped during the confusion and thereafter served as a right hand Strigoi, or Vampire, under the command of the Master. He served as the secondary antagonist of the series before he ended up decapitated by Setrakian whom he knew from when he was yet human. The actual age of Eichhorst is not specified in the show. However, given the position Eichhorst held at Treblinka, he was possibly around, at most, 35 years of age at the time, give or take. This would seem to place him somewhere around 105-120 years old during the pandemic spread of the strigoi virus. Originally a failing salesman for a radio company, Eichhorst was ridiculed and belittled by his boss and his co-workers. Before the rise of the Nazi Party, he was captivated by a speech made by a party member. His display of admiration lost him the prospect of friendship and maybe romance with Helga a co-worker and unbeknownst to Eichhhorst a Jew. Shortly after the fall of Treblinka, Eichhorst was turned into a Strigoi by the Master, who had decided that the German's expertise in the imprisonment and extermination of large groups of humans would be useful. How exactly the master and Eichhorst met and why he did not end up just another meal for the Master is not revealed but Setrakian concluded that the Master's plan to seize the world was inspired by the concentration camps he preyed upon. In 1967, Abraham Setrakian discovered clues that Eichhorst was feeding in northern Albania, and sets out to track him down. Setrakian discovers an abandoned castle with a well, which he had traveled down, only to find that it was a trap. Abraham remained trapped in the well for more than a day, as Eichhorst had removed his rope. During that time, Eichhorst had attacked and turned his wife, Miriam Setrakian, who Abraham was forced to kill a short time later.

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