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30 years old

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May 28 2022

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Orientation: Lesbian
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:High school
Characters: Mary Walker
Verses: Mafia ,Crime, Iron Fist, Crossovers, John Wick, Arrowverse
Playbys: Alice Eve
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Comic, Crime, Mafia, Spar/Fighting,
Status: Single
Member Since:May 19, 2022

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About me:
Mary Walker was born into an impoverished and violent South Bronx neighborhood, her father was a bouncer in Strip Club and her mother was a cook in a nearby restaurant. To say her parents were unhappy was an understatement, as the two constantly fought with each other and in front of Mary. While her mother loved her,her father was an alcoholic who yelled at Mary,blaming her for the couple being poor and beating her mother almost every day. Needless to say that kind of environment took its toll on Mary's mental state, especially when her father’s beatings eventually took her mother’s life. Her mother’s death in front of her eyes inspired Mary to never be as weak as she was. After her father was sent to prison, Mary spent the rest of her childhood and teenage years hanging out with gangsters and low-tier mobsters,while keeping nose somewhat clean,learning the bountiful fruits of organized crime. After high school,Mary enlisted in the US Army,landed herself in the Special Forces,due to high aptitude scores in the ROTC and her vast martial arts skills.

Mary was in the US Special Forces for 9 years,eventually earning the rank of First Class Sergeant. Sadly,Mary was captured and her squad killed her eyes after an ambush by Sokovia Armed Forces. Mary was tortured for weeks before finally escaping and killing half of the base when she did. Unfortunately,the experience left Mary psychologically scarred,to the point where the US Army honorably discharged her for failing the psychological exam. After the military,Mary traveled back to New York to reconnect with her old gangster and mobster friends,to see them moving up the to speak. After those reconnections and weeks of thinking,Mary started her career as both a private investigator and mercenary. Mary began offering her services to small-time gangsters and worked her up from there for years.
Who I'd like to meet:
Now,at age 30, Mary is one of the youngest and best mercenaries around. She is also one of the most honorable mercenaries, as she tries to honor her deals the best she can. Both of her friends and enemies have given her the nickname WRATH, due her huge reputation of seeking such on her targets and people who cross her the wrong way. Cold,Cruel,and professional..Mary won’t fail to follow through on a deal or to kill anyone who crosses her wrong. HIT-WOMAN

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