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August 13 2022

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Orientation: Straight
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Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:Post grad
Occupation:The Lord of Hell
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About me:
I am Lucifer... Now stop me if you haven't heard my story before! A son gets angry at his father because he loves his other children better than the others? So in a fit of rage, he sabotages his sibling's birthright. Now he rules his own kingdom with his own brood of children. Or at least his own brood of subjects.. Usually, you see the name, and automatically think you know the story. However, that is not how my story begins!! First, let me assure you that multiverses exist. If you hop from one universe to another a different version of you surely exists on one level or another. However, for a celestial being, it is a bit different, and it's more like a dice toss. For example the angel of toilets.. There is only one of him because of how absolutely useless he is. However, he is the most hard-working angel in the industry! But if you are a higher ranking being say Gabriel, or Michael, or.....Lucifer there is more than one because of the sheer impact they bring!!! Yes, yes you are asking what the point of my ranting is!! We are getting there don't worry about it. So! Multiverses... In one universe Lucifer decided that he would take on an apprentice angel. This one coming from "good strong stock"! He learns quickly and soon becomes very powerful even more powerful than his greatest litenuets! But as it was in Star Wars with the Sith, and to quote a very popular 80'a movie there can only be one!!! So the young apprentice killed his master, took his power, and learned how to absorb others' powers, and kingdoms into his own. So now decades later, many other Lucifers later his old name was forgotten, many faces had been claimed, and soon he would come to power over the many levels of Hell he now controls. So! To steal yet another line from a piece of media of my own. Let me introduce myself. I am a man of wealth and taste.........
Who I'd like to meet:

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