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" it's all a game to her. "

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Cooper: Big Brother

Jayce: Ex

Kayla: Neighbors and Best Friends

and it absolutely was. although she supposed she oughta slow down and figure out just what it was. the first thought would be love, but she didn't know what that was, and never once claimed that she did. a miscommunication, but she didn't communicate at all.

she’d like to say that it’s not from a lack of trying, but rather an inability to put her wants and needs into words. instead they played like movies in her head, fantasies that her mouth refused to speak. and try as she may, she found herself so absorbed in her daydreams, that she became grossly dissatisfied with reality, with them.

the victim in her said it was their fault. they don’t understand. she didn’t shut them out, they quit. but it’s all a game, and everyone would be more hurt than she.

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About me:

it's my house, i think it's time to get out.

it wasn't enough Carleigh Murphy is 25 years old. Her big brother is a hockey player, Connor Murphy. She was born and raised in Boston.just that perhaps she could’ve had more.

she prefers to be called siaCarleigh loves writing, cooking and baking. She wants to get back into writing, however, it would be for the fun of it unless she can be a journalist for the Seattle Kraken. love is not real unless it hurts.

perfection garners attention, and attention is key. disgustingly petrified of bugs and will likely stab you in small spaces. will honestly just stab you period. highly incapable of taking care of herself, and likely the world's biggest brat. a short fuse with an explosive temper. if it's able to thrown, it will be. not sure if people are too slow, or if she's too impatient. collects jointed dolls, and no you can't fucking touch them.
It's my soul, it isn't yours anymore.
Who I'd like to meet:

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Sep 25th 2023 - 11:32 AM

P O I N T S!
HELLO HELLO! This comment is to let you know that you have earned your 50 points for the month of September! You are amazing! Just because you have earned your amount needed for the month doesn't mean you can't earn more. Go keep on earning those points! :D Thank you for all your hard work and dedication in this group, without active people like you this group wouldn't be active as it is! So, thank you, thank you, thank you! ♥ 

Sep 15th 2023 - 10:07 PM

Kayla heard the door and smiled when she saw her friend. "Hey! I'm in the living room!" She smiled softly, knowing that by the time she got up to find her Carleigh would already be in the living room. Once her friend joined her, she stood up and greeted her with a hug. "i'm glad you came over. I could use some girl time." She smiled brightly. She was happy that her friend had wanted to come over and watch harry potter with her. 

Kayla was lucky to have a friend like Carleigh. they both loved harry potter, they wer neighbors, they both talked in british accents when watching harry potter. Kayla hadn't been able to believe it when they hit it off and then found out they were neighbors. it was like fate brought them together and created the friendship. and that was just fine with Kayla. 

"And continue we shall." She grinned. "Ive got soda and stuff in the fridge, or if you want something stronger, the bar is stocked." She giggled and grinned, biting her lip. When Carleigh mentioned ordering in, Kayla nodded. "oooh i like that idea. Let's do it." She pulled her friend over and sat down on the couch. grabbing her iPad, she pulled up uber eats. "What are you in the mood for? We can get anything and everything we want. my treat." She looked over at her friend, a bright smile on her face. 
CC Members.

Sep 14th 2023 - 9:35 AM

S P I R I T  W E E K !
(Sunday September 17th - Saturday September 23rd)
Just a reminder that you can turn in your defaults for points throughout this week. 1 point per default or if you participate all week long those 7 defaults equal 10 points! Just send all defaults in at once, whenever you have them all sorted out in that week. Last day to turn them in is Satuday September 23rd at 11:59 pm EST. Send this in when spirit week starts! Anything sent before then, does not count.
Also there is an extra bonus task that you can find here. It's also worth some more points. So, completing everything involving spirit week this week can earn you up to 15 points! The task will open Wednesday morning when Spirit Week official starts.
It's time to get the warmer clothes out of the closet and get ready for a fun-packed week to bring in the Fall Season! 

Sunday Septmber 17th: #PotluckSunday; Let's start the week off, by enjoying the company and food with all our friends and family.  What are you cooking/baking or bringing to the Pot Luck this year? 
Monday September 18th: #MazeMonday; Fall is a great time to find a maze (whether corn maze, or just a field of flowers), what have you found around town, and where you spending the day? 
Tuesday September 19th: #VolunteeringTuesday; Fall is a great time, to give back and to be thankful for what you have. Let's all find a way to give back and volunteer someplace; whether it's at a soup kitchen, or whatever else you find around town. What is your favourite way to help out others?
Wednesday September 20th: #HayRideWednesdayIt's perfect weather to go for a hayride around town. Either with your kids (if you have any), or just with some friends or family. You are never too old to enjoy a hay ride in the crisp autumn air. Just remember to dress warmly. 
Thursday September 21st: #ArtsAndCraftsThursday; Whether you want get a pumpkin and carve/decorate it, or you want to go for a walk and collect some acorns to paint. Or just want to the basic arts and crafts with paper and markers/pens/etc, let's see what fall crafts you decide to make and display for us. 
Friday September 22nd: #FallFairFriday; Fall is the season for lots of fairs to come to town, we're going to use today to check one out. Show us how you're spending your day at the fair. Are you grabbing some delicious fair food, going on rides or checking out the animal petting zoo? 

Saturday September 23rd #SweaterWeatherSaturday; Happy First Day of Fall Seattle! To celebrate we are going to dress up in our neighbourhood colours today! Downtown Seattle is wearing yellow. Queen Anne is wearing green. Capitol Hill is wearing orange. South Lake Union is wearing Red. And Green Lake is wearing Brown.
Cooper Murphy

Sep 9th 2023 - 9:52 PM

“I get that. Maybe you’re the lucky one though.” He shrugged his shoulders a little. Cooper wasn’t sure he would want to know either if he was in her shoes. The impending doom of it all was hard to deal with. But he felt the unknown was probably worse. At least for him.

He nodded his head a little bit as he listened to everything Carleigh was sharing with him. He didn’t know anything about Carleigh and Jayce so it was all interesting to hear. He and Jayce were new friends so they hadn’t gotten to a place where they were sharing big things from the past. “I’m not weird. I won’t make it awkward if you don’t make it awkward.” He replied with a small shrug of his shoulders. He had no issues with her dating. She was an adult. As long as she was safe he kept his opinions to himself.

“I think so. We did well last season. I’m not going to lie the longer summer was really nice. Especially with Amabelle. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a team that got eliminated kinda early.” He said with a small smile. He knew it probably sounded crazy but it was really nice.

Sep 8th 2023 - 1:51 AM

Ashton was having a great time waiting for Carleigh.  She always enjoyed Seth, the owner of Highlight’s company.  They were great friends and he would make sure that an Uber was called for her at the end of the night.  She ordered a soda for Carleigh and a Sam Adam’s Summer beer for herself.  Soon, that beer would be gone until next year and she wanted to cherish it,  She saw Carleigh out of the corner of her eye and she slid off her bar stool.  “Hey!  I ordered you a soda like you asked.  Seth here was kind enough to bring it and put it on my tab.  How are you?”  Seth kindly disappeared and the two girls hugged.


“Help yourself!”  Ashton picked up a mozzarella stick and took a bite.  “I am calling it a career after this season.  I am getting too old to cheer, my body is starting to feel it.  I love it, don’t get me wrong but I am not getting any younger.”  She took some nachos and sour cream and started devouring the food.  “God I am hungry,  The practices are brutal this year,  Plus we are doing a lot of charity work this year.  I am sure that you and your brother must be exhausted too.”


Ashton ran her hand over the nape of her neck.  “I uh, have some news.  I botched an interview at the station and they fired me,”  She took a sip of beer and shrugged.  “It wasn’t for me.  I am back in law school.  I dropped out with one semester left.  That’s my big news.”  She reached into her bag and pulled out an envelope.  “I’m not upset, I promise. But I got you these.”  She waited for her friend to open the envelope and she smiled.  “Tickets to the home opener.  Fourth row, fifty yard line.  Best I could do.  You can also come on the field before and after the game.  Wasn’t sure who you wanted to bring, your brother or a date,”  She shovelled food in her mouth and took a drink from her beer,  “Now tell me about your life,  How is the school?”

Cooper Murphy

Sep 6th 2023 - 8:05 PM

“You can be careful and still get hurt Carleigh. It’s not a big deal. As long as it’s something that will heal and isn’t a long term injury I roll with the punches.” He knew she was right about telling Amabelle. And he would. He didn’t have enough answers yet. He needed to know if the hearing loss was going to be total or profound. If the random sporadic loss was something that could be fixed or handled. Here was a million things happening and he was trying to figure everything out.

“She can handle it. I know she can. Plus I don’t know what I’ll do. Maybe I’ll get some implants in the off season. Regain some hearing. I don’t know. But what I do know is that she is going to stick with me through all of this. You don’t know her as well as I do.” Cooper was never afraid or nervous that Amabelle would leave or that the dynamics of their relationship would change. He trusted her fully and completely without a single doubt in his mind. They had been dating for nine months and they truly had been the best nine months of his life.

“I’ll let you know. But I’ll be fine. Im not changing. Im still me. Just with a little less hearing. My whole life won’t change Car. I won’t let it. But if it’s genetic you should get tested. Make sure you’re good. You know? I’ll let you know when I find out what is happening.” He grinned a bit and nodded. “I know. Just like I got yours.” He was happy as she changed the subject, letting a breath out as he relaxed into his seat a little bit. “I did not know that. What happened? Why are you not together?”
Cooper Murphy

Sep 5th 2023 - 6:40 PM

Hearing was such a big part of Cooper’s life. He had been his parents access to the world for as long as he could remember. He also knew that even if he lost his hearing he wasn’t going to fall into a cycle of leaning on people for access the way their parents had. He was too strong for that. He wrapped his arms around her and let a deep breath out. “It’s fine. I mean it’s not really but I can’t change it so I’m not getting hung up on it if I can help it.” He pulled back and shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. I really don’t. That’s why I haven’t said anything. That’s why I’ve kept it to myself. I don’t want anyone to know until it’s too much of a problem and even then I don’t know how public I want it. There’s still so much I don’t know.”

He shook his head again. “I haven’t told her. You’re the first person I’ve told besides my doctor. I’ll tell her when I have answers. When I know what’s happening. She doesn’t need to be freaking out. Not yet. She does sign a little. She’s been learning. She wants to communicate with mom and dad on her own. She started learning when we decided to spend part of the summer in Boston. She is picking it up pretty quick… I don’t want to rely on sign though if I don’t have to. Not fully.” He knew Amabelle needed to know and he felt bad keeping it from her but he couldn’t do it. Not yet. It was too fresh. Too new. Too scary.

“I know. I will be. I always am.” Cooper had struggled with knee injuries on and off through the season but ended on a good note. He was feeling ready and exited for the upcoming season and didn’t think he was going to have too many problems with injuries. At least as long as his ears kept up their performance as long as possible. That was all he was really concerned with. “Bigger news is I think I’m going to start ring shopping.” He said with a grin looking at Carleigh. Amabelle was the one and he knew it.
Cooper Murphy

Sep 4th 2023 - 10:59 PM

“It’s fine Car. Also I’m a little more resilient than you think. I spent most of last season with my best friend wanting to kill me for dating his sister. I could have handled what you had to say to me.” He said with a small smile. He knew she was looking out for his game and his feelings but he was able to compartmentalize his life in ways he hadn’t anticipated. He was good at leaving everything behind the second his foot hit the ice.

“I don’t run every guy off. I like to think I’m pretty open to most guys you try to date now. Not when you were younger. But now. You had awful taste in high school. But I guess that’s how it goes.” Cooper hadn't ever really dated much when he was young. Amabelle was the first girl he brought home to meet his parents. He had casually seen a handful of women. Been on one blind date that lead to him meeting one of his best friends in the world Brianna when he was playing in Washington DC. Carleigh had been the rebellious dater in the family. She had been the rebellious one all together.

He smiled a little at her comment. He thought it was cute she still had the bear from her childhood. Cooper’s eyes darted to his hands, picking at the skin around his thumb. He was never really an anxious guy. Most of his life he was calm, cool, and collected. But this was heavy for him. He had been carrying it for months and no one knew. “I’m losing my hearing. Started about six months ago… it’s not consistent. Sometimes it’s just quiet. Sometimes it’s like someone hit the mute button on the TV. The doctors don’t know what is causing it yet.”

Sep 4th 2023 - 10:58 PM

«  Hello There »
My name is Jayce Jarvis, but people usually call me Jay or JJ. I am 27 years old and I own and am a personal trainer at my very own gym called Seattle Athletic Club. I love working out and being outdoors. I am also very active. Let me give you some more facts about him so we can get something amazing going.

Fact 1: Jayce was born on July 11, 1996, to Colleen Jarvis. Jayce's biological father, Robert Quinn, was a wealthy upperclassman who was in love with Colleen. Robert's family disapproved of their relationship and they decided to elope. However, after pressure from the Quinn's, Robert divorced Colleen. During this time, Colleen learned she was pregnant with their child, but chose not to tell him. When Jayce was six months old, Colleen married Donald Jarvis, and Jayce grew up believing Donald to be his biological father. Donald adopted Jayce and his name was legally Jayce Jarvis. Donald and Colleen then had their first child together, Jayce's younger half-brother, Kyson. When Jayce was ten, his mother and stepfather, went out to dinner. Donald drove under the influence of alcohol and his recklessness caused a car accident that proved fatal for Colleen.

Fact 2: Jayce struggled with deep regret on how his last conversation with his mother went, having been mad at her and refusing to kiss her goodbye before she left. After hearing about his mother's death, Jayce lashed out and destroyed his bedroom. Jayce was so upset that he blocked the incident from his memory and thought that Kyson, who witnessed the event, destroyed his room.After Colleen's death, Donald was arrested and later convicted of manslaughter.

Jayce and Kyson were placed in the foster care system. Jayce felt as though he had to take care of Kyson and protect him from the many homes they moved through, several of which proved to be abusive. Jayce shielded Kyson from any harm even at the cost of his own safety. After several years in the system, the siblings were placed with the Olmstead family. The parents already had a daughter, Camden, who was four years older than Jayce. Jayce bonded with Camden, as she was nice to him and would flirt with him, a gesture that was new to Jayce. A romantic relationship was forbidden among foster siblings, so Jayce refused the relationship for many months.

There is more info on my person if you want to go to my page and read the rest of my bio, or you can hit me up in comments, messages or even on Discord which is montana_sky. I can’t wait to talk to every single one of you.

Sep 3rd 2023 - 12:36 PM

hi i was wondering if youd like to discuss a connection
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