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The quintessential English nobleman, Anthony is the eldest Bridgerton sibling and dutiful head of the family since assuming his late father's title of Viscount. Endlessly handsome, charming and rich, he's quite the catch on this year's marriage mart. But if he has any hope of fulfilling his oftentimes overwhelming duty of marrying and producing an heir, Anthony must first learn to temper his pursuit of pleasure.


Anthony was intrigued by Kate from the start, but decided to court her younger sister after he promised himself not to marry for love due to his past. Both of them mutually agreed that the other was annoying, irritating and "vexing". Despite Kate not fitting into the criteria of the stereotypical woman who is marriage material and their arguments, Anthony found himself falling in love with her and the two of them ultimately married.

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Merital Status: Single.

Sexual Preference: Straight.


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Characters: Anthony Bridgerton
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Anthony Bridgerton

Anthony, the firstborn son and child of Viscount Edmund Bridgerton and his wife Violet, grew up the heir to his father. Seven more siblings followed after him. In 1803, when he was seventeen years old, he watched his father get stung by a bee and die seconds after. He also watched his pregnant mother fall to pieces as a result. Upon his father's death, Anthony became the new Viscount. When his mother went into labor, the doctors pressured him to choose for them to save either Violet or the baby. Even after both mother and child survived the birth, Anthony watched his mother fall into despair over the loss of her husband. Anthony threw himself into his work as the Viscount, and began an affair with up-and-coming soprano opera singer Sienna Rosso, financially providing her with a comfortable apartment and lifestyle.

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May 5th 2022 - 2:16 AM

The trip from India had not been one in abject luxury, but one of serviceable practicality. However, it had left the Sharma women living on top of one another in the small cabin they’d procured until their ship finally docked in London several weeks later. After such, Kate had never been so happy to find her land legs in her life. Having found that she spent the majority of the journey nauseated from seasickness, she spent much of her time in said tiny cabin, while her mother and sister took the air and the sights of the water. As such, the solid feeling of the wharf’s docks under her feet, had Kate truly warring with herself between propriety and the very real desire to kiss the solid wood, as they made their way to the station where they would be taken to Danbury House in Mayfair.

In comparison, both her mother and sister found themselves lulled into a quiet rest as the carriage bumped its way along the cobblestone streets moving from the quay to the illustrious home of one Lady Agatha Danbury. The entire journey had been observed with starving dark eyes, as she attempted to see more than she had during the sea portion of their trek. The trees, the greenery, the very smell of summery blooms, all of it was new and Kate found herself wanting to experience it all.

Upon their arrival Kate had composed herself, after reassuring her little sister that all would be well, the Sharmas descended into what would be their home for the rest of the season. They had arrived late and as such, had been shown to their rooms, with the promise of Lady Danbury’s welcome, and that due to having arrived early, the illustrious great Lady of the ton was attending a function. Kate found herself happy for the respite, honestly. And once they got their Mama settled into her room, the elder sister had to smile at how talkative Edwina had become once they arrived. It was as though that anxiety that had seemed to grip her little sister had evaporated upon setting foot into the luxury that surrounded them.

However, the excitement and the stress of such a journey had left Kate unable to sleep, as was more often than not with her insomnia. Having dozed for little more than a few hours at best, Kathani Sharma opted to simply get up and stand in the window as the barest hints of color began to illuminate the view. A nod was given, a silent greeting to the sun, and a decision made that would end up altering her life in ways she could never have fathomed. Turning from the window panes, it took a few quiet searches for her to collect her riding habit and other items, and moved into the bathing chamber to dress. The deep teal of the velvet habit and a matching cloak were carefully donned, and stockings and boots completed the simple ensemble. Silently Kate made her way down the stairs, and out the doors silently towards the paddocks where Lady Danbury’s horses were kept. Upon her arrival, the stealthy woman had walked into the stables as though she owned the place and then gave her request to a confused-looking groom, who jumped to her request.

A few minutes later, Kate Sharma was flying. Her hood kept low on her head, the rest of the cloak billowing out behind her like a set of wings as she flew across the countryside fast as she could. Allowing the bay gelding to run as fast as he wished, there was a very quick rapport built between she and the horse, a new friend made out of joint respect for the need to shirk the heavy bonds of duty and training, and to set free, even temporarily. As such, Kate held the reins and her crop firmly in her gloved fingers, and yet bent low over the neck of the bay, keeping control of the beast with her thighs rather than any external device or contraption. It was all that she could do to keep from closing her eyes and simply letting the horse run where it wished. But that was a death wish, and a gamble she had no wish to make, as such she smiled and urged the beast a little faster.

The scenery was beautiful. But the chill in the air, even in early spring was very real. Thankfully, the warmth of the cloak coupled with the exercising of the ride kept her warm but did nothing to assuage the pink that assaulted her cheeks and the tip of her nose. However, what would come to be much to her chagrin, the elder Sharma sister had been so enraptured by her surroundings she forgot to take actual notice of landmarks and a more discerning appreciation for where she was in place of how she got there. That was no thought for the moment, not while the cool promise of the sun’s crest over the horizon was imminent, and it would be but a few hard beats of hoof and heart before the golden glow of the day would wake the rest of the city and creatures alike. Heading east towards the growing golden glow, Kate had to smile as she allowed the worries that had plagued her (and she’d done her best to keep secret) on the journey to this very island country. With the wind threatening at the thick braid that bounced on her shoulder, continuing in a comforting caress down her back to allow the cloak to snap and billow in her wake; it was exhilarating. Not to mention, it was like having the world to herself for just a little while, and she would take that with both hands, for there was never a time more magical and peaceful than dawn’s twilight.
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