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33 years old

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August 14 2022

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Henry is a stoic and cynical young man, with a bitter wit. He is known to be a bit of a recluse, refusing to step out into society due to the rumors that follow in his wake. Henry is a bit course and rough in manners, but once one gets to know him they will find him to be a generous and compassionate man.


Henry is a tall and intimidating young man, standing at six foot one. He is dark brown hair and deep brown eyes. On his chin is a scar given to him by his father, curving up until it meets the bottom of his lip.

Personal Information

Title(s): Duke. Occupation: Duke of Woodrest Hall. Primary Residence: Woodrest Hall.

Parent(s): Lord Thomas Oliver Balfour|Lady Agatha Marie Balfour. Sibling(s): N/A. Children: N/A. Partner(s): N/A. Relative(s): Harriet Jane Blakely|Annette Claire Beaumont|Grayson James Beaumont|Elizabeth Anne Bayley|Naveen William Giles|Eloise Callista Daye|Marian Claire Beaumont.

Merital Status: Single.

Sexual Preference: Straight.


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Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: Henry Joseph Balfour, Duke of Woodrest Hall.
Verses: Historical| Regency Era
Playbys: Theo James
Length: Novella
Genre: Action, Crossover, Drama, Fantasy, Open, Romance,
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The Beast of Woodrest Hall

Henry is the only son of Duke Thomas Balfour and Lady Agatha Balfour; he grew up in Woodrest Hall following his father’s footsteps in order to become a proper Duke when the time came. His parents' marriage was not a happy one, he grew up watching their cold distance with one another--from his view it looked as if his mother loathed his father, though Henry never could understand what cause she would have to hate him. As a child Henry looked up to his father and Thomas had always been particularly kind to him, giving him sweets and other tender compliments when they were together. It wasn’t until Henry was fourteen years old that he came to understand why his mother hated the man, which caused his own hatred for the man to fester within him. One evening Henry was awoken by the sound of crashing and yelling, he did not hesitate to jump out of bed to inspect the commotion. The horrible sounds that still haunt his nightmares even now, lead him to his parents' bedchambers and what he saw inside sickened him to the very core. His father stood before his mother, his face clawed and bleeding, he looked like a disheveled mess which was unlike him. His mother was on the floor before him, her eyes wide and filled with fear as tears clung to her bloodied and bruised cheek. It was then he realized what his father had done--what he had been doing without his knowledge. Henry launched himself at his father without a second thought and tackled him to the floor, his breath reeking of alcohol.

The two fought and landed blow after blow on one another; his mother pulled him away from the man he once respected above all else. Henry had never felt such a horrible rage, it boiled inside of him and refused to quell as his father got to his feet, his large body swaying. His father made to take a step towards him, only to stumble backwards and hit his head hard on a wooden chest at the edge of their bed on the way down. That was the day Henry inherited the title of Duke of Woodrest Hall. From that moment on Henry had been a very melancholy child, forced to grow up before he was ready. Despite his sorrowful and serious demeanor, he softened around his mother. When his mother confessed to him of loving another woman named Harriet Boyle--it was unheard of but his mother was happy and that was all that mattered to him. He welcomed Harriet into the family with open arms, allowing her to move into Woodrest Hall and live with his mother as a married couple. He loved Harriet just as fiercely as he loved his own mother, those two women were his strength that kept him grounded through the hardest years of his life.

In his early twenties Henry had been given the moniker of the Beast of Woodrest Halls as rumors about his past began to circulate as well as the rumor of his father’s blood on his hands, of course the rumors were not correct. They all claimed he murdered his father for the title of Duke, it was the furthest from the truth and little did they know that his death haunted his dreams constantly. Henry was a very reckless young man despite his stoic demeanor, though he is reviled by polite society due to his antisocial ways.

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ღ𝓹𝑟𝜀𝜏𝜏𝑦 𝑛'𝓹𝑖𝑛𝑘

Jun 30th 2022 - 12:49 AM

Dragging him along to the dance floor left Tiana amused and she knew that Naveen felt the same way. They were both aware of how reserved the Duke had been but Charlotte was just the type of person who could potentially break him from such bindings, getting him to open up and showcase more emotions. Tiana knew from experience what it was like to not be social, to be so reserved and focused. It wasn’t until The Shadow Man’s voodoo magic on Naveeen caused their paths to cross and for her to get turned into a frog did she finally open her eyes and heart to love–just as her daddy always wanted for her.

Charlotte was always loud and proud, regarding what she wanted. She never shied away from anything. Things were always made clear the first time around. It was sort of a specialty of hers. She grinned and bowed towards him, as the music was beginning to play and they had been standing center of the dance floor.

“You say you don’t dance much but nothin’ about dancin’ neva!” she spoke in her southern twang. The pretty in pink self-declared princess having him an all knowing look. “You’re not gonna turn down a request from the lady of the hour now, are ya?” She practically flounced and before he had a chance to protest they were swept away among the others on the dance floor with them. For him to deny her or walk away would’ve been embarrassing.

“What do you think, Naveneen? Mighty handsome pair together, aren’t they?” Tiana continued to watch the two from the distance, noting how the Duke looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Even still she knew there was something there. She felt it in her very core.

ღ𝓹𝑟𝜀𝜏𝜏𝑦 𝑛'𝓹𝑖𝑛𝑘

Jun 29th 2022 - 9:54 PM

As lady luck woud have it; Charlotte glanced over towards the man, in whom her best friend, had been introducing her to. He was easy on the eyes, a very handsome man, well put together. Her hand extended out, as she felt him take it and place a kiss to the back. Her free hand came up to her chest, right over her heart, a little flustered. “Ooooh, my…” He was most certainly a charmer. Hearing Tia refer to him as ‘Lord’ it meant that he was of noble birth, which caught her attention rather quickly.

“My, I truly appreciate it, Lord Balfour,” Charlotte had spoken. Those deep blues had met his gaze, as he wished her a Happy Birthday. Why hadn’t Naveen ever spoken of such good looking, titled, friends? 

Tiana leaned in, whispering to Charlotte’s hearing only, “And he’s a Duke. The Duke of Woodrest,” she informed the blonde bombshell. A smile curved to her lips. Something about the way Charlotte and Henry looked merely standing together told her that there might’ve been something here. While he wasn’t a Prince, he was still a man of nobility and that alone would catch Lottie’s eyes.

Her eyes widened and beamed more than they already had. She was quick to link her arm around Henry’s, giving him a light tug towards the inside of the Tiana’s Palace. “You’re not just going to stand out here and leave the Birthday Girl wait’n around, are ya’? I do hope you’ve brought your dance’n shoes, Lord Balfour,” she spoke as a means of pushing him to ask her for a dance.

ღ𝓹𝑟𝜀𝜏𝜏𝑦 𝑛'𝓹𝑖𝑛𝑘

Jun 16th 2022 - 2:01 AM

Lavish festivities continued, as nobles and royals from far and wide had come in celebration of Charlotte La Bouff’s birthday. The self-proclaimed princess to be had returned shortly after taking to powdering herself. While one might’ve believed she was superficial for only caring to marry a man of title, such as a prince, to become a princess, she was so much more than that. She was humble, gracious and cared deeply for her friends. Her heart was bigger than all of the riches within her family’s name.

Reasoning the rest of society, the bombshell blonde had navigated her way through the crowds of people that began pouring in. There was a glistening in her eyes, to see those from far and wide, people she knew her entire life, to royals who came from the acceptance of Naveen and Tiana; there was no short supply of those who were in attendance. What she couldn’t wait for the most was getting on that dance floor and dancing the night away, with all of her eligible bachelors. Could tonight truly be the night where she’d meet her one and only true prince charming?

“We thank you for making the journey here to join us,” Tiana had spoken, graciously, as she lightly nodded her head towards the Duke. She had met him twice, briefly before, as he was a friend of Prince Naveeen’s. As his wife, she made it an appoint to introduce herself in the very beginning. “Lord Balfour, we’re sure your journey was a long one. Why don’t you help yourself to some refreshments?”

It was at that moment that Charlotte had managed to locate both Prince Naveen and Tiana, which had her throwing herself against Tian’s arm. “Oh Tia! The guest list is just the bees knees! Thank you! Thank you! Thaaaaaank yoooooou!”

Tiana was a bit taken back, caught by surprise but could only laugh a light and gentle sound of amusement erupted from her. “I’m so glad it’s to your like’n, Lottie.” the princess by marriage had gently set her hand on the pink flared womans shoulder, “Lottie, let me introduce you. This is Lord Balfour. He’s a longtime friend of Naveen’s. Lord Balfour, meet the birthday princess. This is Charlotte La Bouf.”

ღ𝓹𝑟𝜀𝜏𝜏𝑦 𝑛'𝓹𝑖𝑛𝑘

May 17th 2022 - 4:42 AM

Tiana’s Place. People truly did come from miles and miles away just to get a taste of the newly official royals food. Dreams did come true in New Orleans. The city was thriving with music and hospitality, all walks of life seemed even closer than ever and just less than a year since a small town waitress married into the royal family of Maldonia in celebration they were all now getting together for another celebration. What were they all celebrating one might ask? That was none other than the birthday of Charlotte La Bouff.

“Oh my—,” a hand came up above her heart, with shimmering pools of blue. The blonde bombshell had been so moved by the decor across the restaurant. The atmosphere had already been a highly elegant one, fit for anyone to feel as if they themselves were royal. “Tia, dear, I’m about to run a river and ruin my mascara. It’s everything I’ve dreamed of and then some!”  The golden walls were lavished with pink timings, magnolias all around and instead of a red carpet it was rolled out pink, in true Lottie fashion.

“That’s just swell, Lottie. I’m so glad that you like it. Hold the river though,” Tiana spoke with a light chuckle, while embracing her childhood friend. While the two came from such different backgrounds, Tiana being the daughter of a Military Man and New Orleans finest seamstress, they didn’t have much in the world but the love they had. While Charlotte grew up to a mass fortune of wealth she never stopped being humble, kind and generous. Despite all of the time Tiana spent working to make enough to buy out the old Sugar Mill, sacrificing her social life, the pampered princess always encouraged her dreams and even gave up her opportunity to marry a prince, like she always wanted, for her sake—well their friendship went beyond those bounds. They were more like sisters.

The Jazz music had been starting up, just as the doors were beginning to officially open up. Charlotte had been made aware that Prince Naveen had joined her father, Big Daddy, in the front of the house. They were getting ready to welcome and greet those who were in attendance for one of the hottest celebrations of the year. The La Bouff’s never did spare any expenses for the finest things life had to offer. There were suppose to be men, suitors, of title and riches in attendance. One thing she had never stopped dreaming off is finding her very own Prince Charming and riding off into the sunset.

“Goodness me, I best go powder my nose if I’m about to meet so many fine gentlemen. Excuse me, Tia. I’ll be right back, dear!” Her hand rested along the other woman’s shoulder for just a moment before passing on by. All her life she dreamt of romance and perhaps tonight, all of that would come true.

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