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DISCLAIMER:This page was edited by Cry Little Sister from Timeless Resources. Do not remove any credit whatsoever. The graphics and coding are property of Timeless.

I am not the character portrayed on this page. I am not Paul from the Lost Boys. I am a role player which means I have taken on writing this part strictly for entertainment purposes. All pictures and biography material belong strictly to the writers of The Lost Boys.

"Known as Twisted Sister to everyone around him."

Paul was the grinning, outgoing one of the bunch from David's gang. Star is also known in the novel to the movie as him being the only one that paid any attention to her as well as being the kindest to her.

Despite his bouncing exterior, he was as much as a monster at the other boys, revelling in his kills with no remorse. His bond to David seemed to be built more on respect than friendship, although he still felt like they all were his family.

Marko and Dwayne seemed to be a bit more like brothers to him — especially Marko. After Marko's death, Paul was outraged, and his slow thinking led to a blood bath in holy water, offered by Nanook, Sam's trusty sidekick. Paul looks and acts like a true rocker from the 80's. He has long, wild blond hair and blue eyes. He wears a black coat that reaches his knees with the sleeved rolled up to his elbows and split up the back, ending at his waste-line. He wears a mesh shirt, tight, dirty white pants with a black belt, black leg-warmers on his shin, brown boots, and a few bracelets on his wrist. He also wears an earring with a skull connecting with a saber.

"We're not gonna take it, no we ain't gonna take it!"

NAME: Paul--Last name unknown.
RESIDES:Santa Carla, California.
CURRENT: Dwayne.
FAMILY:David, Laddie, Marko, Star, Dwayne.
PERSONALITY:Seemingly the most vivacious of the four, Paul enjoyed listening to his beloved "rock box," hanging out at the boardwalk, and murdering innocent civilians. Despite his bloodthirsty pretense and teasing nature, he seemed to be the friendlier of the boys, joking around with Michael ("You're one of us now, bud!") and treating Laddie with the rough and tumble indulgence of an older brother. He seemed close to his "brothers," seeking revenge for Marko's death, not even thinking twice, which became his end, as he was pushed into the holy bath water by Sam's husky, Nanook..

"You were the one who believed in me."

COMMENTS:Something here. Something here. Something here. Something here. Something here. Something here. Something here. Something here.


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Body type:Slim / Slender
Characters: Paul McCarter
Verses: The Lost Boys, vampires, gore
Playbys: Brooke McCarter
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Member Since:April 18, 2022

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Santa Carla, California. New Start.

Blonde haired, hazel eyes, sunglasses, driving a beat up Mustang. It was an older car, as it pulled up near the board walk. At day time Santa Carla didn't seem out of the ordinary. Several kids and grown up's alike combed the beaches and the amusement park too. Stacie Myers stepped out of the vehicle and pulled sunglasses down long enough to take in some sort of view that wasn't really there. She tossed the sunglasses over to the back seat. She pulled up her sleeves and went to every single small store asking for a job. She finally landed in the video store. The girl at the counter looked up from a book of receipts.

"I'm Janine, Max is more of a third shift person so you're gonna have to come back and see him about a job. You're new aren't ya?" She smirked. "You'd better not stay out past eight around here. Things come out at night we Santa Carla residents don't really care for. What's your name sweetheart?" Stacie glanced at their horror section and sighed. "Stacie...Stacie Myers. I'm from Haddonfield, Illinois. I'm out here hoping to find my brother John. He hasn't been seen in awhile. Among all the other kids missing from the looks of the posters outside. Nice to meet you Janine. I'll be back tonight around eight. Monsters don't scare me. People scare me."

She walked off and rented a room and came back to the board walk around eight. She was headed into the comic shop when she noticed a small child that looked like he had gotten lost from his parents maybe? She hated being lost at that age and it seemed to have happened a lot. She asked the boy's name learning it was Laddie. She took his hand and looked around spotting a guy talking to a darker headed guy. She forced a small smile. "Hey this kid is lost. I thought you might know him. I'm not from around here."
Tυттι Fυ¢кιη' Fяυттι (on vacation!)

Sep 8th 2022 - 6:13 PM

Baby Firefly
Come play with me...

"H iya! Are ya lost little Rabbie? OH! Are you out of your mind? Do you not fear death?" An omnious tone was in her voice as she raised her arms and then slowly brought them down wiggling her fingers. "Well ya must be to come all the way out here? Did ya just wanna play with lil' 'ole me? I mean I know how to drive those boys wild and I am sure I can make exception for some girls too." She gave a sultry dance, her body rocking her hips gracefully with her hands up then running in curves down her petite frame before cackling in a high pitch.  


"I'm just f***in' with ya relax, well maybe I ain't." Grins "Names Baby Firefly if that doesn't ring any bells I am also known as one of the Devil's Rejects and one of the Three From Hell. No? Well you may have seen some of my work at home where we worship Dr. Satan and have thousands of corpses lying about in the catacombs.  


Well ANYWAYS I am looking for new play things. Normally I just hunt down and kill whoever I please but I figured maybe I would give you a chance to WOW me and maybe I'll let you live." She grinned again. "Come on by sometime, I'd love to make a story with you~" She then gave a high pitched giggle and skipped off. Do you dare follow?  


If Baby sounds like fun to you come on down to the Firefly Farmhouse where you can find blood, corpses, mutilation beyond any rational measure and maybe get a peek at Dr. Satan himself but that is a one way ticket to his operating table. Baby can be found either hunting down new playmates to keep her entertained in her room before she mutilates and dumps their bodies miles up the highway.  


Maybe she's got a victim in the basement, shaking her ass to Brick House as she plays with her hunting knife carving her name into the flesh of them. In any case she would love to play so feel free to message if interested. Baby can be adjusted to fit into any verse and already has a few verses with starters!


Now I warn, some starters can be Novella in length but she is a Para- Multipara writer with a demented and horrific mind! That means 18+ for Horror themes, Language, Gore, and Torture.


Happy Nightmares for now~


Created by Patriot
тнє ∂єѕєят νιχєи

Sep 1st 2022 - 12:09 AM

Hello There.
Thank you for accepting my request.
I hope your night/day is going good so far.
I'm still working on my page so please asked questions if you need to.
would I love to roleplay or chat with you whenever your not busy.
- Charlotta Winter

Apr 26th 2022 - 2:46 PM

Thank's for adding read below for info on Malachi
Hey, how are you, Thank you for the add Or the request it is a pleasure to meet you. Please read below so you can get more info on my backstory and so we can get an epic connection to trust me I'm different than most Johnny Depp's on the site.
Well Hello Hello my name is Malachi Everrett Depp  it's a pleasure to meet you, Honestly want to thank you for adding me, I'd love to get a connection going with you or a storyline. Currently, I just got done doing a revamp So I'm trying to get myself more together since I didn't have the time with work, Anyway, that's Enough about that bullsh*t let me tell you a little bio on My version of Johnny Depp  As The tear Droper the amazing Cry-Baby. Hold On tight as I take you on a roller coaster ride through his eyes
.On June 9, 1963, a little boy into a tragic lifestyle his mother being a drug addict during the day and a prostitute at night leaving little Malachi alone in a beat-up shaggy run-down motel, This became a lifestyle for the young boy moving around from motel to motel even sometimes into abandon houses just to keep warm in the night only to be left in the late-night hours so his so-called mother could go be a whore, bringing different men into the motel and or houses every night not caring what little Depp has seen or heard. 

Tragically hit the Depp family when one night he was awoken to his mother fighting and screaming for help Malachi being Malachi he quickly went to her aid to find her being taken advantage trying to pull the male off his mother only to be thrown into the wall  Malachi took it into his own hands to go and grab a Knife stabbing the male in the back repeatedly and ending it with jumping on his back to slice the males throat. Malachi changed forever that night he fell for the crimson red the taste of the blood across his little and torso only made him want more instead of being fearful of indulging in it. His mother quickly noticed that he was his father's child. Only to help him as she did her beloved before he met his demise. Making young Malachi vow to never do it again.

As the young boy grew did the best he could to stay away from the dark forces that were going to be the death of him from the abuse he took from his mother even to the men she slept with to even saving her from Overdosing a couple of times, but failing his last try. But your fate can only be dodged so many times as a teenager  Depp dropped out of high school not finishing his last year and fell deep into drugs like his mother but that only took a bigger toll on him when he was wandering the mall with some friends stealing clothes and random sh*t out of stores one day to be caught and tossed into Junvie from being caught from stealing and selling to numerous of people.

With his time behind bars, Depp got his GED and he also got on the right path he was lucky enough to make close friends with one of the guards, Although his time behind the cold metal bars was not all bright, Malachi got into many fights one which including him gouging his cellmates eyes out to be thrown into the hole for months on end, To even biting off the nose and ear to one of the guards who beat him in the hole. But everyone's time slowly comes to an End when it came the time for him to be let go the guard took him under his wing bringing him into his family which opened a range of doors he didn't think would ever be for him modeling was one he was able to get into a model with the help of  Stacy the daughter of the guard with the modeling in hand that opened many other doors for him as he got older he became the beloved Malachi Depp we all know and love.

Malachi landed his first acting role after being noticed in modeling for a Friday the 13th flim only to do numerous more small screenplays thinking his blood lust was gone thinking that the days of him scratching and crawling were all in the past. 
Still, in contact with The guard who took him in along with the family who loved him like their own, Malachi got offered a role to play a male Wade walker a biker a badass who was a singer luckily for Malachi he was pretty good at singing Little did he know this role would change his life completely.

March 6 1990  a date that changed Malachi forever a date that Malachi never thought would have so much meaning It was the last day of Shooting his movie called Cry-baby in which on this date he took his beloved Step-sister Stacy with him thinking nothing out of the sort Malachi went to his trailer to get ready after the makeup artist and everyone tend to him only to get done a couple of seconds early to walk into the set to hear that same scream flashbacks of his mother flashed into his mind as Malachi went dark everything in his mind shut down, fueled with range the last thing he remembers seeing is his beloved sister being taken advantage of by the producer her screams echoing in the back of his mind daily as all he remembers is the bloodshed for pulling the producer off only for young Malachi to meet his demise being stabbed right in the juggler and dying in his sister's arms but only to take the producer with him. The Echos of the cry of his sister scream for help begging him to stay with her.

Awaking to to a burning sensation is not somthing  Malachi would ever  wish on anyone the sensation of feeling like everything  inside you is burning that your being  burnt alive  that your being ripped from the inside out  he would not ever wish on his worst enemy.Malachi woke up in a world that was not  his own remembering the firey pits of hell the red the blood  everything was different  he could feel his soul disconnect from his body his soul reaching out to attach to his vessle, his eyes fluttering open to see  his father  leaning over him " hold on i got you " echoing through his mind  " dont you give up on me " malachi dazed in and out  "It's  not your time  its not your time damnit you cant be here malachi listen to my voice "  he blacked out once more only to hear the voices  of his father speak to him " My son  your different   your different malachi  your Cain ....malachi remember Cain remember  Adam ... Malachi  remember who you are "  Just like that Malachi  eyes open widenly and he was in a hospital room full of color.... Who was he  what was he  he remember his death  how was he alive .... 
 -lOVE M
Let's add I don't mind Mirrors I  encourage  them  also I would Love  to discuss with mirrors i think stories would be epic between two depps

Apr 24th 2022 - 6:52 PM

// Hello and thank you for accepting me/requesting.
Either way thnak you. I admit I am looking forward to discussing a story line with your character!
I Will say that I love lost boys! Saw it when I was in rel life, like 5 or six years old, I know soo much about it!!
I am kinda rusty, but i love watching that movie!! Have since I saw it as a kid!!
Please let me know if you want to brain storm, either in messages or on discord!
I really would love to get a story line going soon as you are ready!!!
-Hermione's writer
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