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April 28 2022

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༄ Rill

sea of souls

Rill was found on the side of the a dirt road in the middle of the desert as a baby. It is unknown who abandoned him there, or if he was kidnapped or lost, since despite people making the world aware, no one ever came forward to claim him as their child. So, despite this, he was adopted into a family that wanted a child, and the miracle baby found was a gift to them. Or, at least, that is what they told him once he was old enough to know why he did not look like any relatives. Growing up was also a challenge for him. He was always not fully understanding how people understood normal society. He was always slower to fully grasp certain things, such as social norms, or technology. But, he always managed to excel in sports and history. Always seeming to know things right before they are taught to him, but...never farther before than that. Always understood the time frame and the mind set of the people living in the pages of those history stories. Even....knowing when some of his text books were portraying the story wrong. It was odd. His family chalked it up to him being a bit quirky, and must of read it somewhere in the libraries he would love to visit all the time. Mostly, he was fascinated with knowing that Anastasia was really killed with her family. Or where Amelia Earhart's plane really did land. Still, people haven't discovered it yet, but he did not feel like looking crazy in front of others by claiming to know and finding it. So...he let's it rest.
Now? He just lives his life, working in the military. Protecting by serving his country. Honestly, he found that work easy. And easily rose through the ranks with little issue. He wasn't at the top....yet, but he knows he will get there eventually with age. Couldn't see any other work for himself to do. Though, he always found another interesting thing as he became an adult. He discovered.....them. The creatures that lurk at night. What was even more interesting? They understood him, and he could understand them, despite not talking in normal human tongue. How he knew how to speak to him? He never understands. It just....comes out of him, and he is able to communicate easily with them. There are times they are aggressive and attacks, but there are other times, they are curious more about himself. Though, they never truly say why.

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