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Characters: Lagertha
Verses: Vikings - Norse - The Witcher - Dragon Age - Fantasy - Fate Series - Open
Playbys: Katheryn Winnick
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Ancient, Crossover, Fantasy, Open, Spar/Fighting,
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Lagertha was brought up by her father to be a shield-maiden. Raised by a farmer to be a farmer, one fateful night Ragnar went to Lagertha's home to confess his love for her, but he was set upon by a bear and an enormous hound who guarded her home. Ragnar killed the bear with his spear and strangled the hound with his bare hands, thus gaining her hand in marriage. This story told to Bjorn or referencing his battle with Rollo, who was known as a "bear," over Lagertha's love, as Lagertha also had a relationship with Rollo and is unsure who Björn's biological father is.

Lagertha lives on a small farm in a village outside Kattegat with her husband Ragnar, her twelve-year-old son Björn, and her daughter Gyda. When her husband finally arrived back home after an Eastern raid.

Ragnar wants to take Björn to Kattegat to swear allegiance to the reigning chieftain, and complete the ceremony acknowledging him as a man by earning his arm-ring. However, lagertha does not think Björn is ready and tries to change Ragnar's mind, but he refuses. A mother's job is to protect her children and she fears of losing her only son.

When Ragnar arrives back he asks Lagertha if anything happened during their absence. She doesn't mention the bandits she killed, but instead says she "needs to ride him." They immediately go off to have sex, That night, Ragnar tells Lagertha of his plan to explore the west with a few good men and a sturdy ship. When she learns that she cannot go too, Lagertha is offended and protests, but Ragnar insists that she stay since she is the only one he trusts to watch their farm and children. Resistant, Lagertha fights with her husband, upset that he would leave her behind. Not fully understanding why she wanted to go. It was so she could protect the man she loved and cherished.

That marked the beginning of the end. When her husband sailed west for the first time only to return with Treasure they have never seen it before. Along with a priest that spoke their language. The chieftain was not too thrilled about Ragnar going against his wishes. But her husband proved to be more of a leader and killed the chieftain.

That is when she told Ragnar she was with child. But as the months rolled by, she went into labor too soon. Losing a son, she became infertile and that started to give Ragnar second thoughts. Fearing she would lose her husband, she prayed to the Gods. But her wishes fell upon deaf ears and Ragnar impregnated another woman. That is when a deadly illness oversweapt the village. Claiming many lives. One being her only daughter.

Upon Ragnar’s arrival her son told her of her husband’s unfaithful acts. This sent the shieldmaiden in an uproar. But he vowed to never see that woman again. But once moths rolled by again, the princess came to the village. Her husband asked if she would allow him to take a second wife.

She could not fight against her husband, nor would she bend to his wishes, so she did the only thing she could have. Leaving and divorcing the only love of her life. Thankfully her only son Bjorn went with her.

As years went by, she married another Earl but he was no man. Instead, he treated his new wife as property and demanded her to sleep with him whenever he pleased. Her son had to watch his mother be broken down into a lesser woman than she was. But she was waiting, till she could no longer be put down and treated as just a woman.

When she grew tired of her new husband’s cruelty she lashed out and stabbed him in the eye. One of the men in the court took the earl’s head. Thus leaving her to take the position as Earl. It was then she found her calling and felt that spark that she thought longed since died.
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