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ᴋɪɴɢ ᴏғ ᴛᴇʀʀᴏʀs

Feb 4th 2022 - 12:43 PM

He was endless and eternal, a being in a higher order in this universe, but even with such heaviness resting in his shoulders, sometimes Death liked to walk among the living. He had seen civilizations rise and crumble, but yet, he enjoyed the small moments he spent knowing them. Humans were, in his eyes, quite curious creatures. Always in a frenzy, moving fast, trying to live their lives at the maximum, just before his own hand would come to sweep them away. For him, that was interesting, and such trails had grown on him. Somehow, he had started to admire these mortal beings.

Today was one of many moments he had decided to mingle between them. The island wasn’t that big, but there was something really amusing in it. These men, they didn’t fear him. Pirates that were ready to die and embrace his hooded figure, and that alone was what brought him to this place. All day he watched, walking between muddled streets, looking at the large ships decking on the harbor, no one would blink twice whenever he was around, although they knew he was a stranger his face would be forgotten the following day.

Night came quickly and with it the island’s never ending nocturnal life. It was frenzy of laughter and drinks, of men and women relaxing and trying to forget the daily problems of their lives. Death had made his way to one of their many taverns. The place could be considered a pigsty, a mess of sweaty people, wenches and the scent of stale booze, but it was charming, on its own chaotic way. He stepped in, like a shadow, going unnoticed as he made his way to the further side of the place.  Barely anyone looked his way, and whoever did, would quickly set his attention back on their drinks and food.

Death was satisfied that had been able to mix among them so easily. Even if his features were the handsome type, he would look like any other lost pirate in the place. The hair was wavy, not too short and not too long, with a stubble across his jaw. The one detail that would probably make someone think twice was the paleness of his skin. So unnatural, almost like a walking corpse, but stranger people had come to Tortuga before, so no one would actually pay attention to it.  

With a drink on his table, he was ready to simply watch them, all those mortals and their fleeting lives, then until he felt someone stumbling and brushing against him. Death blinked, his hand moving swiftly and catching Cyn by her elbow, stopping her in her tracks. Looking up at her, a quite strange and gentle smile swept across his face, “You were watching me.” Death blurted; the loud sound of a dragging chair being heard as he slowly stood from his seat. “Pardon me, but…why would you?” Perhaps this was quite awkward, but then again, he was a being as old as time and such had no knowledge of mortal manners. “I’m just curious. No one in this place hasn’t even cared of my presence, even if I’ve been watching theirs. So, why did I catch yours?” There was a chuckle, as he pulled another chair, “If you don’t mind, and if your companion doesn’t mind either…would you like to join me? I come from far away, and I’ll be honest, I love to hear a good story…”


Feb 4th 2022 - 12:31 AM

Three word Prompt: Eerie, Isolate,Magic

[ When Steel rolled out of the bunker that particular evening there was something in the air. A sense of something approaching but he couldn't figure what. He had experienced quite a bit since emerging from metal and becoming what he is. Witches spells,enchantments, and mystical symbols drawn, all led to his creation so he was no stranger to the weird or eerie. If someone could accept that there were other powers, other beings at work in the universe, it was him.

The sentient Chevy would never tire of exploring. No matter where a hunt ended up,how many places he got to see,there was always more. On nights where the others got a chance to get some sleep, the 67 would take it as an opportunity. He would take a long stretch of highway and see where it ended,take in the sights along the way and relish the feel of the asphalt under his tires or if he was lucky, the dirt. There was a purity he found when he would veer off the road and find a new path. Sure he would return to the bunker , fenders and rims caked with mud but always worth it for the view.

The Impala had found just the path, he could feel the ocean near, that scent of salt and clean filtering through,the sound of the water. It was calling his name and damn right would he answer. As he felt his wheels climb from concrete, to dirt then to sand, he knew that serenity would be waiting for him. That soothing rush only an isolate beach and crashing waves can give to the soul. The 67 pressed forward until he could see the span of ocean filling his windshield, the gentle push of wind gusts at his fenders and doors.This is what he needed, a little taste of natures beauty on a night like this.

The woman appeared in the distance, Steel doubting himself as to whether he had simply been distracted and missed her approach. The Chevy imagined perhaps she was there for the same reason as he was, the waters providing clarity. He smiled internally at the thought however of her point of view, seeing an old Impala simply parked in the sand,so close to the tide roll he could feel it brush against his rims,making him sink slightly.  The sentient 67 kept tabs on the woman,something about her. The female seemed to be speaking,but to who? It became apparent very quickly who was doing the answering. The waters had been relatively calm but not now, the waves forming were not natural,the more she spoke,the more they grew.

That was what he had felt earlier,the something approaching,it was her. There was magic in her veins and she was singing to its source. Steel realized he was far too close, that ever present curiosity was going to land him swept out to sea once that wave toppled in,any moment,too late to throw himself in reverse. That wave would consume the beach and him along with it, only it held, like a wall of water. The brunette had gotten closer to him,a small candle in her hand that should have been blown out at the first gust of wind,yet still glowed. The woman now stood at his drivers side door,she had to know,she had to feel it.There was nothing left to do but to invite her in. The Chevy popped open his door, his voice gentle with a soft tease.If this was going to be the end he would go out with a chuckle in the chassis.]

"Care to sit a spell? You've been holding that up quite a while."

Jan 18th 2022 - 1:03 AM

//Greetings from the Chevy :) let me first say thank you for either accepting or sending a request,it is much
appreciated. Now, if you are familiar with my female Impala (Supernatural_Impala aka Baby) which I rp on another
account, I plan on having similar rp options for Steel as well. Everything from him just being the car up to him having
a human form that he can use if a situation calls for it and everything inbetween.Typically revealing himself to those
he trusts (Dean,Sam/Deanna,Samantha etc) This expands to others too but just takes time.

For Steel, his origins are witchy based but details can be altered depending on who I am rping with and what they are looking for as far as a story. I do love crossovers but I will say because of the amount of time I have I am limiting my storylines to about 5, give or take. It allows me to actually keep up given how much time my original Baby profile takes up.That being said I would love to write with you and even if we don't, I will gladly support you and your writing with lots of cheers and likes. Thank you so much for being here and I hope to chat with you soon. ^^
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