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About me:
NAME: Charles Lee Ray. Chucky, if you're nasty. NICKNAMES: Chucky, Dollface, Good Guy, Lakeshore Strangler, Killer Doll. PLACE OF Birth: Hackensack, New Jersey. CURRENT LOCATION: Probably peeking through your shower curtain. BORN: November 9th. AGE: Old enough. OCCUPATION: Killer. SPECIES: Human... kind of. EYE COLOR: Blue. HAIR COLOR: Red. Dark brown/blonde when in human form. HEIGHT: Tall enough to get ya. WEIGHT: You'd like to know. MOTHER: Gutted and dead. FATHER: Also gutted and dead. SIBLINGS(s): Just little ole me! Other Family: Glen/Glenda - straight from my balls. Personality: Chucky is volatile, he wants what he wants when he wants it. He is extremely vulgar and misogynistic. He doesn’t like to be told no and has a mean streak even with people he deems valuable enough to let get close to him. He is always looking for the next big thing to entertain him and he is always trying to one up himself. Killed someone with a hair dryer last week? Next week it must be bigger. Chucky brings the drama anywhere he goes and usually leaves a trail of bodies behind. Powers: Chucky is great with a knife and can improvise anything into a weapon if given the chance. Damballa, the entity that helped transfer his soul into a dolls body is keeping him alive in human form for his own amusement. He also has incredible strength from the entity as well. He can die but he'll always come back until Damballa tires of playing with him.
Who I'd like to meet:
MAINS Tiffany Valentine. Nica Pierce.

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ᴀɴᴅʏ ʙᴀʀᴄʟᴀʏ

Sep 23rd 2022 - 5:24 PM

Chucky; my friend 'til the end! I agree, and we definitely need to get to discussing! Just forgive me, and don't kill me if my replies are a tad slow, haha.
𝖥𝗋𝗂𝗌𝗄𝗒𝖥𝖾𝖾 ✔

Sep 23rd 2022 - 6:58 AM

Nica had been accused of the crimes that the chucky doll committed, killing her entire family, after a trial, she was diagnosed with personality disorder and psychopathy, no one believed her, who was going to believe that a doll had killed her entire family, everyone thought she was crazy and that's when she was sent to the Asylum where she was spend an entire year locked there, she almost become crazy there too seeing all those trastornated patients.
Her last hope was that her niece Alice was alive, is what keep her fighting, Alice was very important for her, and the only survivor in the masacre, them told her that Alice was send with an adoptive family but didn't said their name and who they were, she had hopes that she were happy with them.

But one day, she received a visit from a stranger, she moved slowly her wheelchair into the room, following the Doctor, and for her surprise when opened the door, saw a blonde women with a red dress infront her, the first thing she though was that looked alot like Jennifer Tilly, she was kind of a fan of her because saw her popular movie called BOUND but never expect such a visit like that. The Doctor told Nica that was Miss Valentine, Alice's guardian, but she didn't seemed like a motherly to her really, anyways she asked her about her niece and then she hear the worse of notices, that Alice was dead. That moment all her hopes ended, crying about that terrible news.
After that Tiffany said that Alice wanted she had something, and showed at her a Chucky doll, placing him over her lap, she don't wanted see that horrible doll in her entire life again, why she was bring her that doll? for torture her more? 

The Doctor though that could be a good theraphy for her too but Nica didn't agred, after that moment all her world were debastated, she was getting depresed, don't wanted continue living, because now, she had no one she could trust, had no reasons for continue living and fighting, so one night, she tried to suicide herself, but for some strange reason the Chucky doll stoped her to doit. Awaking that morning with her wrist bloody but the wound was stitched up and the bleeding stopped, she then noticed over the ground a big pool of blood that said Chucky did it.

She had no choose that stay alive and keep an eye on that doll too for that not commit any kind of murder but the murders didn't waited in be commited by him, she was seeing how one to one the patients were being killed and she was the only one that knew who did it but again the Doctor and the rest, didn't believed her, she felt so frustated again. 
She either knew that soon will get a new visit, someone she wouldn't expect to see and either knew that he could be alive, but he was. He knew the existence of her father, Charles Lee Ray, but never meet him in person, only his dolls.
She only saw him in familiar videos. 

that night, she was in her bedroom, was late but she could not sleep, and she either take her pills for that, was so medicated during the day and that made her feel sleepy. She was sit over the bed reading a book when hear steps coming into her bedroom, pushing on the light, she saw a man entering into her room, and soon recognized him, was her father, what was doing him there and how he entered withoud being stoped by the guards? but she noticed that had in his hand a bloody knife and his psycho smile, she knew that he probably killed the guards. 

"dad? it's you right? Charles Lee Ray?.. " she asked him surprised, and also a little afraid. "are you kiding me? sure, i want go from this horrible Hospital, are you gonna help me? wait a moment, i'm gonna get my stuff"  She didn't think twice and grabbed her things to get out of that place, it was her chance. "i am ready" she didn't trusted in him fully but she had too because withoud his help, she could never scape from the Hospital. She only hoped that he didn't get crazy and killed her, knowing that was his daughter. 

She then placed her bag over her lap and pushed her wheelchair after him looking around hoping nobody saw them.
"why you come here for me? i though you would kill me or one of your dolls.. " she asked while were walking across the halls. A couple of guards come, when the Doctors put on the alarm, them tried to stop Chucky and Nica but didn't got it. Nica tried to defend herself too and grabed a gun pointing at them meanwhile pushed herself off the building moving away with Chucky toward the car. 

Sep 13th 2022 - 3:10 PM


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