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(18+, Literate, LGBTQ+ Kenny Omega. No One Liners, No Discord.)

38 years old

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January 13 2022

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Characters: Tyson Smith, Kenny Omega
Verses: Wrestling, AEW, NJPW
Playbys: Tyson Smith
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Wrestling,
Member Since:December 05, 2021

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About me:
OOC; Howdy wrestling verse. I never thought I would come back to Roleplayer but my muse for Tyson Smith is particularly strong and I need an outlet for it. However, before I go into his storyline details, I want to put up a bit of red tape. I'd like to roleplay on here anonymously and to protect my privacy, I'm not adding people on Discord unless I've known you for awhile and we've established long-term trust. Stories will be written on the website. Also, I have a -very- hectic schedule and thus while I'll also be lenient when it comes to reply delays, please remember that my output will likely not go beyond one or two replies per day, especially since I put a lot of care into my novella-length replies. I like to write with lots of detail. In the same order of ideas, I will not respond to one liners. I accept random starters of substance (literate and multi para) and also messages where you tell me who your character is and what kind of storyline you'd like to play out, so we make the most of time and it's not too much OOC back and forth. My storyline is that I write Tyson exactly as he is IRL aside from the fact he is transmasc (or in other words, a Female to Male trans person). He's also pansexual, though I have a strong preference for M/M storylines (including of course FTM characters though not limited to those). If you're only contacting me to troll/hate, please refrain. I have a zero tolerance policy for OOC drama and my hesitation to come back to this site has a lot to do with shitty cowriter behaviors so let's respect each other and keep the bulk of our correspondance on-site and in character as much as possible. While this Kenny is transgender, he also has the same life as IRL Kenny; he's EVP at AEW, oversees most of the wrestlers' schedules and the storylines of the women's division, is also doing business with Redcon1, and is currently out with multiple injuries and about to go under the knife. He's aiming to return to AEW a few months down the line though I am open to doing rewind storylines or SL's set in a near future. I am looking for a romantic connection for him (open to an OC or a main, but I ship with chemistry and it has to be an organic build). I am going to give him a few hobbies while he's not in action in the ring, some of them a little dangerous as he has a bit of an addiction to adrenaline, so he's being pulled into a bit of automobile racing which helps him deal with inner demons he hadn't previously realized he was still battling (more on this as we write it). I enjoy writing dark and poignant storylines though I keep them slice of life and realistic. Please keep in mind AU creative decisions on my part are in no shape or form meant to mock or discredit the real man and are simply meant to build good stories. I am also looking for his friends and family, from the States, Japan, and Canada, as most my roleplays will take place a little all over. All this kept in mind, please make sure to read through all of this as I will know immediately who took the time and who didn't. Let's keep this civil and fun. :)
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