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No one is untouchable in this world.

66 years old
New York City, New York
United States

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March 10 2022

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Orientation: Straight
Body type:Average
Education:No Answer
Occupation:Former Godfather of the Genovese Crime Family. Recently released from Federal Prison.
Characters: Dante Genovese (No Supernatural/Fantasy adds.)
Verses: Mafia, Crime
Playbys: Costas Mandylor
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Action, Crime, Mafia, Psychological, Real Life, Suspense,
Member Since:December 02, 2021

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   Dante "Touch" Genovese's Blurbs
About me:
Dante Genovese once led the most powerful crime family in the United States. At its height, his influenced reached beyond the US Borders to Bolivia. Cocaine was his biggest money-maker. He was born to Carmine Pisquali and Gloria Gotti. He grew up in his father's shadow, who was shot down after being betrayed by his allies in the Massino and Gotti families. Dante rose to power under Henry Matto's tutelage and his mother's counsel. When he grew to the age of 21, he betrayed Henry Matto and stole his family away from him. He renamed himself Genovese and forged a mighty drug empire. He married first Mia Massino, who tragically died of suicide just a short few years later. Then he married Paige Alcazar of the Alcazar crime family- cementing his links to South American crime. He fathered two children with her- Carmine and Bane. Carmine went on to become a legitimate businessman, while Bane's unstable mind led him to become little more than a serial killer. It was in his third marriage to Anastasia Corleone that his fortune changed. He fathered two daughters- Amadora Genovese and Genevieve Genovese. Dante missed his youngest Genevieve's life due to a RICO trial that placed him in federal lockup. However, his daughter Amadora he groomed for leadership. Before he went to prison, he placed his daughter in command of his empire. With his release, he finds himself utterly lost and without anyone from his past to relate to. He returned to his quiet chateau in Brooklyn to find it still maintained by the staff, but otherwise empty and abandoned. Dante has sworn to discover the fate and status of his lost family. His imprisonment having humbled him and crushed his ambition- the man now looks only to find his family and salvage what is left of them.
Who I'd like to meet:
Players who are interested in joining in a crime-based rp about an American Mafia crime family. Note that I intend to pursue a gritty, dark, and realistic rp story with adult/mature themes. Thus- no cartoon character, video game character, fantasy or supernatural characters. That being said- I am very flexible to suggestions and enjoy creative rp's. I do not want to engage in OOC drama, fighting, or such nonsense. If you start it I will not engage. Simple as that. This is for fun and enjoyment- not squabbling. If you have a specific storyline in mind for interactions with my character, feel free to discuss it with me! Special note: While I'm aware many mafia rp families on here are engaged in various "sides" and "feuds"... I will neither join a "side" or acknowledge said feuds. I am willing to rp with anyone who wants to have a bit of Organized Crime fun- the same as any crime rp... but I'm not interested in petty disagreements. I'm an old Mafia RP'er from the Myspace days. I've seen it all and been through more than one "RP'er war". That's not going to happen with my character, family or world. I'm too old and tired to deal with that nonsense. Now, an rp'ed out mafia war? That's just good old-fashioned family fun! So- I am looking for rp'ers who want to have a fun, creative, crime adventure with IC content and possibilities to "Join" a well-established crime family. Yes, you will have abilities to rise in rank. Yes, you will have opportunities to interact with multiple rp'ers, and yes, you will be free from petty feuds and squabbling. All writers welcome to contact me, propose RP ideas, characters, etc. This is fun, not work!

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