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Statistical Information

NAME: Freya Angelica Clarke.
NICKNAMES: Ange, Angel, Elica, Reya, give some?
ALIASES: Clarke, Miss Clarke.
DATE OF BIRTH: June 22nd.
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Flexible, If not Victorian house; New York.

ETHNICITY: American, French.
HAIR COLOR: Chestnut brown.
EYE COLOR: Chocolate brown.
FEARS: Thunder and Lighting.

Amulet,leather necklace.
EQUIPMENT: Hand Gun, Spare salt, journal.

PARENTS: Elena Diana Clarke.

OCCUPATION: Ghost Whisper, Antique Store Owner, Charity worker.
LIKES: Reading, Writing, Romance stories, at times dealing with spirits, Seeing children in her street sometimes, being away from problems form time to time, work, old things, dancing, singing, music.
DISLIKES: Being blamed for something she had no hand in, being judged, Flirts annoy her, seeing someone judging spirits without knowing there story, seeing people go to the darkside, supernatural at times.
LANGUAGES: French, English, Scottish.
PETS: Husky: Daimon.
JOBS: Ghost Whisper, Antique store owner.
SCENT: Mint.

Verses: Horror {Optional.}, Romance, Drama, Conflict, Supernatural, Open.
Format: Multi-para, Novella to Para. (Rare.) Follows other after starter.
Connection Needs: Any Connection; Main Love Connection, either original or form the show supernatural. Preferably Jensen Ackles/Dean Winchester.

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Connections Coming Soon. Coming Soon. Coming Soon. Coming Soon. Coming Soon. Coming Soon. Coming Soon. Coming Soon.

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Characters: Freya Angelica Clarke, Freya, Freya clarke
Verses: Any, Open, Romance, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Supernatural, Drama, Modern, Crime, SPN
Playbys: Alyssa Milano
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Crime, Drama, Horror, Open, Romance, Supernatural,
Member Since:November 25, 2021

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About me:
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Who I'd like to meet:


Elena grew with her little girl at a young age, the father escaped with his tail between his legs when he found out. No one really knew why, but it was most likely because of the father and secrets they had to keep. At a young age she found her young girl to be adorable and often watched over. However, herself and her mother had to fight over her since there was a wish of her having those horrible powers. Elena grew out of them due to her strong feelings against having it and not believing her mother. But.... When her little girl grew much older she started to see these signs of her looking in the distance and giggling to herself. The family grew fearful of having a girl like that around the house so she was forced to give her girl over to her mother in the end. Elena tried to come back, but when Melinda grew older she became even more distrustful of her mother. The way she talked down on them was out of order and she didn't think bad of herself for letting her knew it. Then, one day her mother slapped her out of anger. The room stood still shocked before her grandma placed her in the direction of the stairs and handled her mother. None to gently, forbidden from coming back to see Melinda.

Present Day

Bold Italic EM Melinda grew up under strict supervision of her other family after that and she adored that. Her mother could crawl under a rock for all she cared. The hatred grew and grew, until it became hard for her to even think of her mother as a normal person. Even when her grandmother tried to get her to phone her or speak to her after a couple of years she became angry, wasn't it her who told her own mother to never come back? Now she wanted to change her mind? No, the damage was done and she felt better not knowing such a annoying woman. Her power grew, but her grandmother was growing sicker each day. It hurt her to see that and think her new family promised her money when they died. But she was so good matured that the money became more of a passing thing. Her grandmother lasted until she turned eighteen and then when she was finished with school. Melinda left home in search of another home, one he grandmother spoke of. It was a small Victorian house, it wasn't perfect to look at but with some work on it she could live rather well in the house. Plus, she already bought out her antique store.

I know it's all you've got to just be strong

One Crazy Biatch

Freya grew into a rather upbeat personality as a young girl. Her life wasn't so bad as a young girl to let her change so quickly, in fact she was always smiling and seemed to take on a rather curious nature of her mother. Trying different things, helping people because her good nature implied she couldn't just leave them be right then. When her mother found out about her powers her confusion showed on her face often enough, the yelling and hitting made her flinch more often. Freya became more jumpy when she grew up, even paranoid. It wasn't really a fault of her own but the people who yelled so often. To her own disbelief she didn't hate being what she was when she was young, but back then her grandma came to defend her often and explained what was going on for her. The time she had with her grand parent gave her a sense of fear and sometimes excitement. Her powers are a danger and yet a gift, when it came to school she didn't make the mistake of telling someone about it for a second time. Freya grew to fear people knowing and was very secretive, giving excuses out often to escape what she is doing to help. Though when she left school and her home it was to get away from the ghosts around her as well... But she knew they would find her. Actually, she had a temper on her if you push her buttons to much, but it was hard to even do that. Even with her soft spoken voice, Freya can be scary if you anger her.


Coming Soon.

And it's a fight just to keep it together, together I know you think that you are too far gone But hope is never lost, hope is never lost Hold on, don't let go

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