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Twenty-five Reagent Bene Gesserit Saint of Knives The Womb of Heaven Arrakis Native Single

Yennefer Alia Atreides

Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn about anyone else


While Jessica Atreides was pregnant with Yennefer, she went through the Water of Life ceremony to become a Reverend Mother. The Fremen did not know she was pregnant, but she could not refuse the "illuminating poison", even if she knew the effects; Yennefer’s consciousness was permanently altered and became the first of the Atreides pre-born, something Jessica's Bene Gesserit superiors had long feared.

Early Years

Yennefer was born in 10191, with full awareness and knowledge of her ancestral memories. After only a few moments of crying, she looked with focused eyes around the birthing room, as in taking in every detail. Fremen women present at her birth, with knowledge about the Abomination, spread the word that the child would bear careful watching. With a curious life she drank the Water of Conception fed to her by Harah, her godmother.

The superstitious Fremen were impressed by her from the first moments, with precocity to every matter. When only 8 months old, she could walk, and exercised thoroughly the water discipline, known to her by accessing the Fremen memories. Her first words were "I love you, Harah". She used to sit alone at the edge of the desert practicing Bene Gesserit exercises.

This odd sight was enough to make the Fremen consider the shameful Test of Possession, but the stature of her brother as the Mahdi, and her mother, saved her from it.

When she was only 2 years old, in 10193, she witnessed the last engagements between her brother and Shaddam IV, and Muad'Dib's Fremen. Rather than telling her brother about the death of his son during the fighting, she allowed the Sardaukar/DE to capture her, and take her to the Emperor. Standing before Shaddam IV/DE, his Truthsayer/ Gaius Helen Mohiam and Baron Vladimir Harkonnen (whom she recognized as her grandfather), she unnerved them with her poise and intelligence. Mohiam recognized to her the Abomination the Sisterhood long feared and demanded that she be killed at once, but Shaddam futilely tried to frighten her to learn her brother's whereabouts. The Baron dared to seize her, and in turn was struck with a poisoned needle.

That year Mohiam sent a report to the Bene Gesserit General Council concerning Yennefer’s existence and nature, which caused great consternation. The B.G. immediately ordered secret assassinations of both Jessica and Yennefer in spite of the enormous risks, but more rational thought prevailed, and they decided to study this Abomination for information needed to destroy her, while wooing her mother back into the ranks.

When Yennefer was just 14 years old, Paul gives her to a ghola of Duncan Idaho as a reward for fealty.

As a young woman during the days of Muad’Dib, Yennefer led crowds of pilgrims in prayer and prophesied for them. Being the sister of the Mahdi she was revered as Saint Yennefer -of-the-Knife, the divine huntress who sought out the faithless, who could not be deceived, and "The Womb of Heaven", her most popular title.

Alia attended the funeral of Chani Kynes. Harah had restrained her from driving Irulan Corrino out of the cavern on sight.


Paul disappeared into the desert in 10209 AG, and with his children Leto and Ghanima still too young to effectively rule remained under Stilgar's guardianship. Alia went from being a Princess to being the Imperial Regent Yennefer VIII of the Atreides Empire. Jealous of the love Ghanima had for Harah, she removed her when she was 3.

One of the first acts of her regency was to execute all those who had conspired against Paul, including Mohiam, despite Paul's orders, obviously aware that she was her grandmother. This decision mared her first deviation from Atreides behavior. However, she spared only the repentant Princess Irulan Corrino.

In the first month of her regency, Yennefer married Duncan Idaho-10208, the Atreides Swordmaster. Hundreds of thousands of Imperial subjects attended The ceremony in the capital city of Arrakeen/DE, which followed the Fremen rites. Yennefer opted to omit only those sections of the ritual which involved removing her crysknife from its sheath at her waist, as showing it before a crowd of out-freyn, would alienate the Fremen. In the next year of the Regency, she dissolved the Fedaykin.

With Jessica in Castle Caladan, and Stilgar content to defer to her, Yennefer was in complete control of her twin niece and nephew. She knew they were pre-born like her, knew their capabilities and what large doses of mélange had done to Yennefer and avoided it at all costs, fearing the effects of the spice-trance. Ghanima was both terrified and empathetic, seeing in her what she would easily become. Yennefer encouraged them otherwise, hoping they would share with her the visions of prescience they could tap into. Their lack of cooperation puzzled, annoyed and infuriated Yennefer.

Into Abomination

As rebellions were put down and problems solved, however, Yennefer found herself more and more subject to her ancestral memories seeking a second chance, at her expense. She managed to silence them thanks to Bene Gesserit litanies and Zensunni (which she knew from Fremen memories) but they grew stronger with time and the heavy doses of mélange she used to take. Her decisions were harsh and her "divine rages" were infamous to her Aides. She ignored the advice of Idaho, and those closest to her to spare herself more.

The strain against the maddening internal voices finally became too great and to avoid fragmentation of her personality, in 10217 she made an alliance with the strong memory of Vladimir Harkonnen. Both strong personalities acting in concert they managed to shut out the voices. Around that time, she started Bene Gesserit techniques to maintain her young body.

However, the influence of Harkonnen corrupted her mind, resulting to a different way of decisions and actions, becoming more self-protective and less representative of the old Atreides codes. Alerted by the change, the Sisterhood sent a delegation to Caladan, asking the help from Lady Jessica to investigating her daughter. Jessica knew that the purpose of her Sisters would be to destroy the Abomination, so she accepted to help Alia to save herself. Soon after she arrived to Arrakeen, Jessica was a captive of House Corrino/DE and Yennefer expanded her control of the Imperium: Leto was presumed dead, and Ghanima who would ascend the throne, was to be engaged to Farad'n Corrino.

Jessica, Leto, Ganima, Farad'n, even Idaho and Gurney Halleck planned against her in 10220. Alia put an assassin against Halleck, but when the attempt failed, she took greater risks. Idaho's death forced Stilgar to flee to the desert with Irulan and Ghanima. Her ally spent more time lusting after the young men in her court than he did helping her.

Zia brought to her Buer Agarves as her new aide who would later replace Javid in Yennefer’s plaything in bed. Early in his service, Yennefer sent them to Sietch Tabr with messages, and Agarves returned reporting that Stilgar had killed Idaho after Idaho had killed Javid. Agarves lied that he was not present, fearing for Yennefer’s reprisals if he admitted that he did nothing to protect them. Alia commanded him to kill Stilgar promising him to become Naib of Tabr. During one of his reports, Yennefer lied that that her initial command was a result of ravaging grief but now she had forgiven him and only wanted Stilgar to return to Sietch Tabr; Yennefer also gave him as a parting gift new boot, where a transmitter was secreted. The transmitter let Yennefer’s forces to Stilgar's refuge, and Agarves' death.

She secured Irulan and Stilgar in her dungeons and even persuaded Ghanima to accept Farad'n. But she had spread her forces too thin.


Full Name
Yennefer Alia Atreides.

Saint of the Knife, Womb of Heaven, Abomination.

Known to have not emotion when killing people.

Imperial Regent Yennefer VIII .

She is female.

Gender Role
She generally acts more feminine than masculine.

Real Age

Age Appearance
For her age, she can sometimes look younger, from eighteen to twenty-five.






Caucasian. She is of Caladan heritage.

Blood Type
Her blood type is O-Negative.

Preferred Hand
She is right-handed. But Ambidextrous

Facial Type
She has a square-shaped face.

Eye Color
Arrakian Blue.

Hair Color

She is quite slender and slim, toned build.

5 ft 6 in or 168 cm.

54 kg or 119 pounds.

She has no visible birthmarks or scars.

Distinguishing Features
Royal looks.


Zodiac Sign
Aries - As the first sign in the zodiac, the presence of Aries always marks the beginning of something energetic and turbulent. They are continuously looking for dynamic, speed and competition, always being the first in everything - from work to social gatherings.

She is heterosexual: relating to, or characterized by a tendency to direct sexual desire toward the opposite sex.

She is an Sorceress.


From her youth, Yennefer chose isolation, and as she grew older, Yennefer often mentioned her loneliness from the rest of humanity, increasingly blaming her mother for this condition. In certain aspects, she surpassed her brother. Jessica understood what had happened to her daughter as best as she could (for someone who had not experienced such an awakening) but could provide only little comfort. Whenever her presence was not commanded, she absented from the Court; as a Regent she was mostly unavailable except for official duties.

Met 00.00.2020
Dated 00.00.2020
Engaged 00.00.2020
Married 00.00.2020
I thought I might die alone but i had never met you. So please don’t break me.

you're my whole world

Whom Name here

Children John Smith, Jane Smith, John Doe, Jane Doe.

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Early Life and Studying at Aretuza

Born in 1173, Yennefer had a rough childhood from the moment she was born due to her congenital hunchback. Her father immediately detested her due to this deformity and blamed Yennefer's mother for it, claiming it was through her side, with mages and elven blood, not to mention her having had an abortion before, that caused the deformity. Her mother initially tried to protect Yennefer, believing it was by the will of the gods, but her father still struck Yennefer until one day he left them both for someone else. After this, her mother, upset that her husband had left, also began to beat her own daughter.

At some point, due to her magical potential, she was received in the Aretuza school for sorceresses, where rectoress Tissaia de Vries became her teacher and mother figure. During her training, Yennefer tried to kill herself by cutting both of her wrists, severing her tendons, though she survived. Tissaia claimed that the purposefulness of her attempt was the only thing that prevented her from feeling contempt for her weakness and continued her training. In accordance with the sorceresses' tradition, any physical flaw, including her hunchback, was magically removed.[2] Yennefer made friends with her classmate Sabrina Glevissig and eventually passed her training and tests in 1186, at the age of 13, and graduated as a sorceress. Three years later, in 1189, she lost her virginity.

Meeting Geralt

At some point, Yennefer set herself up in the town of Rinde and, ignoring King Heribert's rules that no magic users could stay in Redania, openly practiced her magic, and provided her magical services to clients by staying with Novigrad's ambassador, Beau Berrant, thus granting her asylum from the law while in the ambassador's home. One morning, a witcher intruded on her sleep, revealing himself as Geralt of Rivia and that he needed her assistance in healing his friend, Dandelion, who had been afflicted by a djinn. After an initially rough greeting where Geralt responded sarcastically to her questions, Yennefer agreed to heal the bard, but she secretly prepared in hopes of capturing the djinn, after Dandelion makes his final wish. When Geralt tried to stop her from using Dandelion, her spell took hold of the witcher, charming him to do her will against those on the town council who were against her.

After Geralt is arrested, she has Dandelion, now awakened teleported out into town with instructions to make his wish to free Geralt. Yennefer tried to capture the djinn, but it fought her, destroying a good part of Rinde in the struggle, not knowing that the djinn's master was not Dandelion, but in fact, Geralt, who still held one wish. Geralt arrived to see Yennefer struggle with her spell, and he tried to stop her, leading them to fight one another. She got the better of him, and he revealed to her that he was the one with the last wish that could free the djinn. Geralt knew that the moment he made a wish, Yennefer would be too weak to contain the djinn and it would kill her. So, Geralt saved their lives, by wishing their fates were tied together. Yennefer was grateful to the witcher, willing to bind himself to her, and the two began a relationship.

Training Ciri

In 1266, after receiving a letter from Geralt, she traveled to the Temple of Melitele in Ellander to teach Ciri. Even though at the beginning the two of them didn't get along well at first, they later grew a mother-daughter bond. Yennefer first taught Ciri about magic and how to harness chaos. She also helped her with stopping her nightmares for a while, as well as controlling her breathing and pulse. One night, Nenneke grew tired of Yennefer's training strategies, claiming she had no heart, as Ciri had spent the previous few days sick in bed, recovering from the intense training. This distance between Yennefer and Nenneke led to Ciri spending more and more time with the sorceress and saw her friends much less. In June 1267, she received news of the coming conflict with Nilfgaard, and revealed it to Ciri one day while the girl bathed. Yennefer decided they would travel to the magical school Aretuza so Ciri could learn in safety, and the sorceress could meet with the Conclave of Mages

Traveling with Ciri

The next morning, they left the temple to travel to Aretuza, first spending a night at an inn in Ellander, where Yennefer watched Ciri foretell the messenger Aplegatt of his death in a trance, before they left for Anchor in Temeria, their next rest stop.

They stopped in Gors Velen, the city most famous for being close to Thanedd. There, Yennefer visited Giancardi Bank and met up with Molnar Giancardi, who told her that people were attempting to access her account in the Vivaldi Bank in Novigrad. They then discussed the economic growths and downs and Molnar hinted that the northern kings might be preparing for war. Yennefer then carried out some bank transactions including sending money to the Temple of Melitele and Aretuza for Ciri's future studies. So she could discuss matters more privately with Molnar, Ciri was sent on the tour through the city with Fabio Sachs, during which she got caught by Margarita Laux-Antille and Tissaia de Vries, who thought she was a runaway student from Aretuza. After meeting up with Yennefer, everything was settled as they spent the evening together in the spa at The Silver Heron. They discussed mainly Ciri's future studies along with other gossip, until Ciri ran away to see Geralt in Hirundum. Yennefer followed her there, which led to her reunion with Geralt after almost 4 years. When Ciri woke up the next day, Yennefer was in an orchard with Geralt arguing. They then made peace and forgave each other for their previous mistakes, and Yennefer invited the witcher and Ciri to the banquet on Thanedd.

Thanedd Coup

On the last night of the month, Yennefer was accompanied to the banquet in Aretuza by Geralt. For the first time, the witcher fully confessed his love for her at the beginning of the banquet, before they talked to Sabrina Glevissig, her girlhood rival from studying at Aretuza. They then spoke with Philippa Eilhart and Sigismund Dijkstra, and then finally Triss Merigold. After the Chapter and Council joined the banquet, Yennefer told Geralt that since the Battle of Sodden Hill she had a member of the Council. She also harshly reminded Triss about them being back together, telling Geralt that she knew about them and didn't want to hear another word about it. She then left the witcher to talk with Tissaia and Francesca Findabair. Later that night in their room, Yennefer and Geralt made love, and he told her about his conversation with Vilgefortz.

During the night, the sorceresses and sorcerers allied with Nilfgaard were arrested by Philipa Eilhart and her complies. Yennefer's position was unknown, but she was presumed by many to be one of the traitors. She brought Ciri to the Garstang meeting on order of Tissaia de Vries. Ciri, who had been put into trance to act as a medium, served as a proof, for she couldn't lie in trance. She confirmed the truth behind the attack in Dol Angra, where Demavend tried to use it to incite war against Nilfgaard. However, as it'd been a technical attack against the Empire, Emhyr's troops answered back and began to push into Aedirn and Lyria. She then further revealed that King Vizimir II had been assassinated last night.

When the fight in Garstang erupted, Ciri and Yennefer were attacked by elf, whom Yennefer stabbed with a knife. They ran away, but they needed to separate. Yennefer told Ciri to go to Loxia and search for Margarita, for she will be safe there. She also told Ciri, she loves her. During the fight, Francesca Findabair used artefact compression on her to smuggle her off the island, before Rience would find her.

Lodges of Sorceresses

She was kept in the jade figure for forty-seven days before Francesca freed her. According to the Queen of Elves, she was widely searched for and it was safer for her to stay that way. Even though the artefact compression can be dangerous, Yennefer was alright. Francesca then told her everything that happened during the time she was compressed, including what happened to Geralt and Ciri. Yennefer was told that, because she was missing, everyone considered her to be one of the Nilfgaard traitors. Francesca invited her to join the Lodge and warned her to not act against the plan of the Lodge. She wanted Yennefer's word for it, but Yen didn't give it. She teleported to Montecalvo with Francesca and Ida Emean aep Sivney. Many sorceresses, including Sabrina Glevissig, considered her Vilgefortz's ally and she faced much hatred from her former colleagues. She recognized Fringilla Vigo as the one who blinded her during the Battle of Sodden Hill.

After Philippa Eilhart introduced her plan to marry prince Tankred Thyssen of Kovir with Ciri to create northern monarchy that would oppose Nilfgaard, Yennefer told everyone about Ciri's life and powers. The sorceresses then dove into Ciri's true potential as the child of the Elder Blood. Francesca told them the story of Lara Dorren aep Shiadhal. Together they unearthed the generations of Elder Blood gene being passed on to Ciri.

The Lodge then proceeded to talk about Ciri's whereabouts, when Assire informed them that the emperor doesn't have a girl with the Elder Blood, therefore Ciri. The Lodge thought Ciri must had been captured by Vilgefortz. After this information Yennefer became terrified, because Ciri was either in Vilgefortz's captivity or went through the portal in Tor Lara and was presumably dead or irrevocably lost. She deeply regretted what she pulled Ciri into.

During the pause she briefly talked to Triss and Francesca, but they left after a while for Yen was showing how much she wanted to be left alone. She was approached by Fringilla Vigo, who perhaps tried to apologize for her actions at the Sodden Hill. They mentioned what both did to the other during the Battle, but they seemed at peace. Fringilla then told Yen, she knows about her planned escape and that it is very dangerous thanks to the magical blockade around the castle. But, as she stated, she would warn her not do it if they had been friends, but they weren't. Yennefer teleported out of the castle, thanks to the help of Fringilla Vigo, before the meeting resumed.

Emperor Paul Atreides

“Some thoughts have a certain sound, that being the equivalent to a form. Through sound and motion, you will be able to paralyze nerves, shatter bones, set fires, suffocate an enemy or burst his organs.”

Duke Leto Atreides

"Without change something sleeps inside of us, and seldom awakes. The Sleeper must awaken."

Lady Jessica

“When we try to conceal our innermost drives, the entire being screams betrayal.”

Duncan Idaho

”Dreams make good stories, but everything important happens when we’re awake.”

Leto Atreides II

“Most civilisation is based on cowardice. It's so easy to civilize by teaching cowardice. You water down the standards which would lead to bravery. You restrain the will. You regulate the appetites. You fence in the horizons. You make a law for every movement. You deny the existence of chaos. You teach even the children to breathe slowly. You tame.”

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Hello Love.
Lacey here.
I would love a storyline with you. I read your rules.

I write as a vampire, whose magically stuck inside of a castle (belongeed by evi witch spirits).

I prefer to write in comments or discord if you don't mind.
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I have a server that is a custom/premades server PLUS my roleplay storylines  (if someone wishes to write in the server it will be private). Let me know if you want to join?

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Thank you for the add! Sorry it took me a bit to get to you. Holidays can get very busy, and I have been (Still am actually) pretty sick. Would love to chit-chat or simply wing it any time!

Dec 2nd 2021 - 8:23 PM

Hello there!!

I'd love to discuss a storyline with you! 
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I'm more than happy to read your rules. I look forward to writing with you!
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