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November 24 2021

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Characters: Kathryn Ruger
Verses: Miltary - Jurassic Park - Apocalypse - Supernatural - Crime - Open
Playbys: Adria Arjona
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Action, Comic, Crossover, Custom, Science Fiction, Supernatural,
Member Since:October 23, 2021

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A young girl born into a loving family. A daddy’s girl if one should call it. She admire her father and wanted to be like him when she grew up. A respectable marshal in a small town in the back state of Alaska. But every happy family has its dark side and that night came all too soon. Her father was killed in the line of duty, people say it was a bear attack when he was looking for a missing person. Her mother believed no bear could have done that. That wasn’t the work of a bear attack but of something more sinister.

As the years went by, her mother slowly started to spiral out of control. Drinking every night. Staying out late and spending the little money they had. It didn’t take long for the abuse to begin, blaming Kathryn to the point of hitting her. But deep down the young girl knew this wasn’t her mother, but the sorrow of an unsolved case.

As the young girl grew into a young woman, she did the only thing she could. She had to get away and take the place of her father. Joining the military was a source of freedom and a reason to get away. But no matter what her mother was all she had left. Despite the constant blame, and abuse she still supported her mother.

As years went by she grew in the ranks. Learning her degree in the medical field, she was a combat medic and was sent from one war to another. Burying herself in her work she focused more on the missions and keeping her squad alive more than the outcome. The group of friends she made was chosen for a special mission.But that night would prove what happen to her father so no wild animal attack. But caused ‘things’ far worse than any animal can do.

The screams howled louder than a pack of coyotes and the pleas for help would forever haunt her. The look on their faces would forever be burned into her mind. Out of the eight, only three survived the gruesome attack. From that night forward the remaining three would not speak of what happened to anyone but themselves. Not like they wanted to. They remain in close contact with each other, and not a single one of them returned back home “normal.”

Refusing to speak, the military discharged her and sent her packing back home. Returning back to her home in Alaska, she took up the offer of deputy. The title seemed as empty as the house. Her mother was no longer able to care for herself and was taken to an assisted living facility in the big city. She constantly battled herself thinking she should go get her mother and bring her home. But at the end of the day, she was better off, where someone can keep a close eye on her.

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