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I only roleplay fandoms and my oc. I only except OC X CANON RP

16 years old

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October 29 2021

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GeneralI have a lot of interests, like Blood lad ◦ Fire force ◦ Hunter x hunter ◦ Yuri on ice ◦ One piece ◦ Genshin impact ◦ Bleach ◦ Black clover ◦ Attack on Titan ◦ Gintama ◦ Fairy tail ◦ Rising of shield hero’s ◦ Sephera of the end ◦ My hero academy ◦ The testament of sister new devil ◦ Blood of Zeus ◦ Mystic messenger ◦ Free! ◦ Haiykuu ◦ Death note ◦ Vampire knight ◦ Killing stalking ◦ Kuroko no basket ◦ Maid sama ◦ Brothers conflict ◦ Ouran high school host club ◦ Clannd ◦ Voltron ◦ Orphen ◦ Kenshin ◦ School babysitting ◦ Avatar the last air ◦ Legend of korra ◦ Cells at work ◦ Sword art online ◦ Toradora ◦ Inuyasha ◦ Kakegurui ◦ Magi ◦ Sinbad ◦ A silent voice ◦ No game no life ◦ Sirius the jaeger ◦ One punch man ◦ Saint seiya ◦ Miraculous ◦ Black butler ◦ Servamp ✓ Dangerous fellows ✓ Devil man crybaby ✓ Food wars ✓ Demon slayer ✓ Soul eater Anime✨ - [ ] Genshin impact - [ ] Bleach - [ ] Black clover - [ ] Gintama - [ ] Rising of shield hero’s - [ ] Sephera of the end - [ ] The testament of sister new devil - [ ] Free! - [ ] The promised neverland - [ ] Death note - [ ] Maid sama - [ ] Ouran high school host club - [ ] Clannd - [ ] School babysitting - [ ] Legend of korra - [ ] Cells at work - [ ] Sword art online - [ ] Toradora - [ ] Kakegurui - [ ] Magi - [ ] Sinbad - [ ] A silent voice - [ ] Sirius the jaeger - [ ] One punch man - [ ] Saint seiya - [ ] Ybc - [ ] Dramatical murder - [ ] Sailor moon - [ ] Yu-gi-oh! - [ ] Beauty and the beast Jojo Demon slayer Alta Aot Tokyo ghoul Mha Danny phantom Saint seiya Brother conflict X-men evolution Skate the infinity The rise of shields hero Magi Sinbad Inuyasha BF(banana fish) Code geass Bleach Free Great pretender assassination classroom Blood of Zeus Bna Bungo Stray Dogs Angles of death Sword art online Dangonronpa Dbz The testament of sister new devil Maid sama Sirius the jaeger Yu yu hakusho Devilman vs cyborg 009 Devilman cry baby or ova Vampire knight Dr. Stone Fate/stay night The god of high school thus spoke rohan kishibe ova Given Ranma 1/2 DNANGEL D-gray man kiss him not me Tokyo revengers Kamisama Kiss Yasuke The testement of sista new devil Invincible Sam&colby Henry danger Rurouni Kenshin Victorious The way of a house husband Jujutsu kaisen Haikyu!! Record of Ragnarok High rise invasion The millionaire detective Fruit basket Horimiya A Certain Magical Index Charlotte Dc Marvel Obey me Darling in the franxx Valvrave the Liberator Blassreiter One piece Fairy tail Yona of the Dawn Kengan ashura Danganronpa Seven deadly sins Tales of zestiria the X Blood lad Descendants Miraculous The vampire diaries Noragmi Master of the universe: revelation Darwin’s game Wolf children Shiki Tegami Bachi Nee Chanto Shiyou yo Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV Twilight On my block Full dive Fma K Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest Teen titan Young justices Howl's Moving Castle American me Nwa Mystic Messenger Boyz n the hood World trigger Girlfriends Fire force Fate/Extra Last Encore Is this a zombie All world alliance The painter of the night Food wars Black dynamite
MusicRap, hip hop and R&B
MoviesDepends probably ones with hot dudes that catch my interest
TelevisionSame thing for movie
BooksI read lots of Manga sometimes spoil
Heroes Marvel DC and anime heros

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About me:
Hello I’m Padme Lynx, I would love to rp in any anime or sometimes movie tv shows or YouTubers/TikTokers. I am black/Latina and I live in the USA. My time period is est and I love doing smut roleplay the best. But I’ll also love if you made the person I’m in love with good with fiction kids.
Who I'd like to meet:
I would like to meet a person that’s good at roleplay a bit detailed and at least a paragraph or 2 of a Role-play. I also want to me someone that doesn’t have limits and that will roleplay different universe everyday. What I want most is to put effort into it like I am.

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