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Characters: Elijah Mikaelson
Verses: The Originals, The vampire Diaries
Playbys: Daniel Gillies
Length: Multi Para, Novella
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May 10th 2022 - 10:09 PM

Greetings and welcome to my realm... Below you will find a summary of Katrina. I welcome you and look forward to collberating with you! Please look over my blog to see guilines and further in depth character reads... I look forward to collaberating with you. I do have some guidlines linked in the BIO. Please just give them a look see. โ™ฅย 

Katrina Petrova

They ask me how I could be so cruel, cold, and calculated? They ask this of me as if I ever had any other choice. From the very moment of my existence, I had no choice. I was born Katrina Petrova on June 5, 1473 in Bulgaria. My mother was a kind, generous soul. My father, we'll, he is another story. He looked at me, as most men did then, like cattle. We were raised to sit quietly still. Spoken only when spoken to and look pleasing to the eye, always.ย I was always the wild child. Wild child conceived in flames I like to say. But that would be many years later and of my own doing. I could never truly conform to what was expected of a lady in my time. I much preferred playing in the mud, dancing along the wild flowers in the field or climbing the willow tree's from the back of our home looking over lands I wished to travel to, explore.ย I feel in love with a servant boy, and not at all with what my father had in mind. He disappeared one late eve, and I never heard from him again. Months later I gave birth to a baby girl. All I could see was her big dark eyes, cooing with the wonders of the world. I begged Mama to see her, touch her, but my father took her away, and with that my heart. A few days later, when I healed a little he cast me out. Told me I no longer had the honor of baring his name. He through me into the shadows, and the shadows,,,

They did come.ย At first it was almost like a fairytale, but with every kindness is the evil that seeds. I was once more just a pawn in another nobleman game. A mere play piece. I ran, ran so fast that not even the night could keep up. But like everything else, I couldn't go on forever and I was left with the only choice I had left. My rebirth.I became Katherine Pierce and the very reason why those locked their doors at night. But they created me, molded me into the monster I became. I was no longer the pawn, but the very game.ย Now years later, I am determined to learn of the secrets on my family, my father and become what I was destined to be before all the blood shed, before all the shame...ย Time-traveller, Witch, lightworker ? I want to know it all, and more importantly, I want to have a life made by my own choices. On my terms.

Nov 1st 2021 - 6:33 PM

Isabella Cullenย 
Thank you on the add or request.
Nice to meet you and look forward to
writing with you soon.

ooc/ my page is UMC currently.

Oct 11th 2021 - 4:36 PM

Elijah!! :)
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