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READ BEFORE YOU ADD!!? DO NoT summon me. Random starters welcome. You can summon me , I won't be happy about . Or we can meet els where. Or we can discuss world domination." *Coughs,clears throat.* " I mean a storyline." (Female writer ..... Make char . Only a few sentences to semi para .posts. Don't like it don't add me)

28 years old


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October 17 2021

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Occupation:Summon service. Unforutually
Status: Single
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About me:
Anton dumont is a 7000 year old , inkubus wolf and vampire hybrid. When he was born,his parents bargained him off to their queen. Wich took affect when he a demon lord 20yeaes, later. He has been in service to her and the ones who summon him since, with no way out. It became much word when his brother lukas mated out, he's getting requested and summoned more,now his brother is not available. # trust issues. Anton abilities His sences are better then vampire and wolves. Due to being both, stronger tgen either species and most hybrids dye to being demon as well. Inhuman speed. He has the ability to telaport. His demon abilities range beyonde these few things. (Ic account, unless specified ooc. On the acount it sakes make but that only because the char is male. I'm not. Also this being an ic acount , I don't mind random starters. Or we can plot storyline. Either way. )
Who I'd like to meet:

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Oct 6th 2021 - 11:15 AM

Hey there, hi there.
I'm Allie.
These are complete sh*t and everyone hates them.
I know.
So, blah blah blah. Nice to meet ya. Glad you're good. Hope the kids are okay.

Oct 4th 2021 - 8:07 AM

/Hello! :) Thank you so much for the request. I just wanted to give you a quick description of what I can do as Baby. Yes I rp as Baby the Impala :)ย  and I can rp her in four different ways depending on what you prefer. 1) Simply a car, descriptions less feelsy.2) A little more feeling, where Baby seems to have some kind of spirit inside her. 3) She is virtually alive, talks and feels but only trusts Sam and Dean and a few others to reveal herself. 4) Baby has a human form she can use if a situation calls for it, given to her by some sort of angel spell. I am still toying with the details of this option but it is there if you are interested.You can decide which, I am perfectly okay with any of them. I hope to rp with you soon
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