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About me:
Benjamin Leon Mount was born in Surrey in England and moved to Guntersville when he was only 8 years old a few years after his parents got divorced. His life consisted of keeping entertained within the schoolyard or spending time with his family. When he was 8 years old, loud yells erupted in the house and the next thing he knew he was being told to pack up his stuff because he was moving to America. His sister, Kathryn, was given a choice, but he was not. His father told his mother that he was not going to let the young boy live in England without him, especially after everything that had happened between Kathryn and their mother's boyfriend. Benji was upset because he had already established friendships with grade school kids and did not know anyone in the States. Growing up in Guntersville it started to grow on the young boy. He had no choice but to make the best of it. His mother had stopped calling them as she had gotten remarried and was on her next fix and Ben felt a sense of abandonment, although he never let it show. Moving to America only caused him to feel closer to his sister, Kathryn and their father Ronnie. Ronnie helped Ben and protected him from being like their mother. He encouraged him to be a lot like his sister and have direction. Ben was pushed to study instead of to be out getting a fix. As his sister prepared to be a lawyer, Ben wanted to study medicine and help people not end up like his mother who was sick with an addiction to drugs. At the end of his coursework in high school, Ben was accepted into NYU and knew this would mean he would need to leave Guntersville, without a plan to return
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