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"I am Helena, Sorceress of Seas, I don't follow anyone's wave but my own."

Supernatural stories mixed with Mythology and Modern day.

Multi-Para Roleplay Only.

33 years old

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October 13 2021

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Characters: Sorceress of Seas
Verses: Magic, Supernatural, Mythology, Modern, Crime Fighting
Playbys: V.I.P.
Length: Multi Para
Genre: Ancient, Crime, Custom, Heroes/Villains, Spar/Fighting, Supernatural,
Member Since:September 20, 2021

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About me:
Helena Eden Lake, also known as "Sorceress of Seas" or "The Sea Sorceress", is a powerful Water mystic and spellcaster that is greatly attuned with her natural sign of Scorpio. Beautiful, bold, busty, and battle tested, Helena has made it her business to perfect her magical skills over several centuries allowing her to use her water magic for healing, offensive and defensive skills, her specialty technique "Scorpio's Love" which is her most effective skill. In ancient times, Helena was a healer but in the modern day she's the owner of a popular herbal tea line.
Who I'd like to meet:

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Sep 23rd 2021 - 7:40 PM

He nodded at the thought of being called a warrior "Finally, some respect and kindness... I'll take that over murderer, I kill bad guys for money, definitely not a superhero by any means.." He tilted his head as he listened further "Tea? For two? Is it potent? What's it made of? I mean I'll try it, I'm pretty adventurous.."Β 

Sep 22nd 2021 - 6:36 PM

"Helena? You look like a Helena, your smile even matches the name and beauty." And then it clicked in his head *sigh* "....A soft approach with the compliments, where was that five minutes ago?" He asked himself mainly his mind, but his psychosis came crawling in with responses.

['We're on vacation']
('Yeah! We're tying nap here!')

The voices in his head replied, he shook his head face palming. "Well it could'veΒ been worse... I could've hit on you and probably did obscene gestures with my hands.. eyeball you and fantasize certain.. things about you..."

['Ixnay on the inneudos-ay']

"ROGER! Aborting!" Collects himself and breaths "Ah yeah, yeah... Did I mention that I service people in the merc business? I also do birthday parties, weddings, barmitzvahs, bachollorett parties..."

Sep 22nd 2021 - 4:54 PM

Barks once more "OH my yeah I'm uhh... just dandy.. I just.. uhh.. Wow can't control myself when I see someone as ridiculously as hot as you. I mean.." *sigh* "I'm usually very well behaved it's just.." Checks her out some more *BARK!* "There I go again! I honestly can't apologize of how I express my honesty and... feelings.. and. and... things that the average man can't contain! My sincerest apologies for not having any shame. But oh my sweet baby Jesus, I would love to get to know you... In a not so awkward sort of way, even though the awkward has been established already. I can't seem to get my head straight, or take my eyes off of you." He gave off a deep breath "......I need to be smothered by you.." He said discreetly and jump scares trying to retract. "SCRATCH THAT You didn't hear that last part! Hi, I'm Deadpool! Mercenary for hire, I kill people for money and I can't die because I'm genetically modified to not be unalived!"

Sep 20th 2021 - 3:13 PM

Hello, welcome to my friend's list.
My name is Ari, but I do also go by Jimin.
I am the genderswapped version of Ariel, yeah.
My father is King Triton, as my mother was Queen Athena.
I do have six older sisters; as I am the heir to the throne since I am the only male other than Triton.

I would love to discuss a storyline/connection with you.

(If you prefer messages to discuss, that is fine. I do have a discord.)
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