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Looking to fill/find a male role with homosexual themes. No RPGs. Auto approve is on.

31 years old

United Kingdom

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October 12 2021

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About me:
Thank you for viewing my open page. Please see some details below. If you’d like to know anything else or indulge in discussion, please use the message function to reach me. I am not discord friendly.

+ I am a literate, multi-para to novella writer. Writing length depends on inspiration. Quality > quantity.
+ I am only looking for a male role that would involve homosexual themes.
+ I am open to exploring numerous verses with the exception of anything horror related. Some supernatural elements are welcome but I may pass on others. I mostly am interested in anything crime, normal, dramedy, dark/psychological related. I won’t limit myself away from surprises so if you want to ask about a role, I’ll respond politely.
+ Angst is your best friend. It fuels my writing.
+ No ooc, discord chat, etc. I’m happy to muse here, banter, write, etc.
+ I can edit but won’t be doing so until I find a role.
+ I can provide a writing sample if necessary, once we’ve discussed. I prefer to sample in potential character POV so we can get a feel. I care about your satisfaction, as well as my own.

Auto-approve is currently turned on. Please don’t make me regret it.
Who I'd like to meet:

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