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Lesbian/Intersex portrayal of Ursula; Disney-inspired AU

116 years old

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September 17 2021

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1. Ursula posseses immense physical strength, strong enough to tear boats apart with her tentacles, or bodies apart with her arms. It is assumed to be magically-fueled, but this is only speculation.
2. Each of Ursula's 8 tentacles has a urethric tube running through it, with a slitted end. She is capable of producing literal gallons of ejaculate, and said ejaculate is enchanted to ensure pregnancy every time.
3. Ursula is capable of producing black/dark grey milk with an oily texture from her breasts, seemingly at will. It is intensely addictive for women to consume, poisonous for men. She is known to use her milk to bestow power on other women.
4. Ursula possesses functional immortality due to the sheer enormity of her magical power. But she can be wounded, even temporarily "killed" - it just never lasts long.
5. The true extent of Ursula's power is unknown; she sees herself as a God. At one point while possessing the Trident of Poseidon, she literally was a God and was very briefly all-powerful.
6. Ursula posseses a faint abdominal scar where she was pierced with a prow mat while battling Prince Eric and Ariel. It cost her her status as an omnipotent God to survive, however the mast punctured her womb, leaving her unable to become pregnant.

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About me:
Once, so long ago it has faded from memory, I was a simple human peasant girl, the daughter of wandering Gypsies, and I was in love. This was before love between two women was widely accepted, and when our secret got out, we were both tied to rocks and made to drown in the sea. My love died before I did, and with my last thoughts I pleaded to the Gods that I be given the strength to escape my bonds and exact my revenge. Hardly a moment later, a strange and ancient sea witch, a half-woman/half-octopus (a Cecaelia) came upon me and agreed to free me - in exchange for her freedom. Not understanding, I eagerly agreed. True to her word she freed me....but proceeded to use her tentacles to rape me. You see, this was the only way to end her curse - to inseminate a willing young woman, imbuing her with her powers. When I first felt that glorious and terrible power, it brought a pleasure more exquisite than I could imagine. It overwhelmed me, and I blacked out. When I awoke the next morning, I was lying on the beach, surrounded by the wreckage of the vessel that we had been thrown from, and corpses...or rather, pieces of corpses. I dimly remembered the night before.

I remember feeling like a God as I rose from the sea, my tentacles tearing the ship apart with gleeful ease. I remembered laughing as I tore men apart with my bare hands, their mortal bodies less than playthings to my great power and wrath. Best of all, I remembered the women. I remembered forcing them to suckle oily black milk from my breasts. I remember my tentacles forcefully stealing the milk from theirs. I remembered my tentacles buried between the legs of 8 women at once, an absolutely euphoric pleasure I had never dared dream of. I remembered the climactic release, feeling my seed erupt through my tentacles into these women, flooding their depths over and over again...once I was finally satiated, the women were irrevocably mine. I commanded them to let me rest on the shore, and return to their homes, each carrying my spawn.

The rest, as they say, is history. For a time I was in noble standing in King Triton of Atlantica's court; he made me his advisor and even decreed that we were siblings. But after he discovered I was "enjoying" his wife and daughters, I was banished. Desperate to hold my position of power, I began trading in making deals. Some call me evil, wicked cruel, and perhaps I am. I care not. I live on my own terms, like the God I am meant to be.
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