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Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Orientation: Straight
Hometown:San Francisco, California
Body type:Slim / Slender
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Occupation:Bartender/Protector Of The Innocents
Characters: Samuel "Sammy" Parker
Verses: Charmed, Twilight, Buffy, The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, Riverdale, One Tree Hill, The Big Bang
Playbys: Jensen Ross Ackles
Length: One Liner, Para
Genre: Action, Crossover, Hollywood, Open, Supernatural, Television,
Status: Single
Member Since:September 09, 2021

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About me:

Samuel E. "Sammy" Parker is a Half Wizard & Half Witch & Half Elder & Slaypire and the first born child of Betty J. Parker (NÉE BROOKS) and George A. Parker. He is the twin brother of Mary & older brother of Will & oldest brother of Glenn Parker, & the oldest twin of the Children of the Parkers.

Samuel E. "Sammy" Parker is the first male witch in his family. As the prophesied first Quarce-Blesses Child/The Source Of All Good, Sammy is going to be one of the most powerful witches to ever walk the Earth along with his twin sister Mary Christian Parker & His Best Friend Wyatt Matthew Halliwell & Sammy is the true heir The Source Of All Good.

Sammy was giving a blood transfusion from his aunt Faith Lehane when was loosing alot of blood while fighting some demons protected some Innocents But the Elders saide that the blood transfusion didn't help that much so a female vampire name Vanessa bitten Sammy and turned him into a vampire so between the bite and the blood transfusion Sammy became a slaypire a slayer and a vampire.

Basic Witch Powers

Spell Casting: is the ability to cast spells and perform rituals it is one of the three basic powers possessed by witches and certain other magical beings.

Potion Making: is the ability to brew and use magical potions to various effects. It is one of the three basic powers possessed by witches, but is also possessed by certain other magical beings the brewer must be magical for potions to take effect, otherwise they will be powerless.

Scrying:  is the ability to locate a being or object that is lost or desired. It is one of the three basic powers possessed by witches and warlocks.

(Blood Transfusion From Faith & Sired By Vanessa)                   

-Active Slaypire Abilities-

Superhuman Strength: Slaypire possessed superhuman physical strength of a slayer & vampire though the exact extent and limits of this strength are debatable and often varied from individual to individual in the same way that it does in humans; either because of their age, what supernatural blood they had consumed, or how long they've been a slaypire.

Superhuman Speed: Slaypire could move much faster than normal humans they could flash across distances in an instant and preform actions very quickly in complete silence.

Superhuman Agility: Slaypire possessed greater athleticism and maneuverability than normal humans and could leap great heights and distances.

Superhuman Durability: Being undead, slaypire could endure and survive near-limitless amounts of bodily damage so long as they were not decapitated or staked through the heart their bodies appeared more durable to blunt force trauma than humans and could shrug off mortal wounds however, a certain degree of damage could cause visible or debilitating effects.

Accelerated Healing: Slaypires could heal more quickly than slayer & vampire & humans, though the process could vary depending on the severity of the injury (from months to mere seconds), and some vampires could receive permanent scars.

Superhuman Senses: Being primarily nocturnal, Slaypires had enhanced hearing, smell and night vision.

Prophetic Dreaming: All Slayers & Slaypires through the ages shares a psychic link, manifested in dreams.

Fighting Skills: A Slaypires gained inherent combat capabilities of a slayer & a vampire.                                                              

Active Witch Powers

Energy Power: is the ability to project and manipulate energy into a desired form the appearance and color of the energy is dependent on the user.

*Energy Projection:* is the ability to create and manipulate very powerful forms of energy, focusing them and using it to perform specific functions, usually of an offensive nature.

*Energy Balls:* are spheres of magical energy, which resemble electrical discharges users can form them in their hand and throw them at targets with varying levels of voltage or dissipate them in their hands.

*Energy Beams:* are potentially deadly beams of energy that can have a different appearance and effect depending on their origin and user. These beams can be used to harm with pure force or burn through heat.

*Energy Blast:* is an incredibly powerful magical ability that allows the user to blast kinetic energy from their hands, hitting a target with great concussive force.

*Energy Bolts:* are thin and short bolts of magical blue energy that resemble a cross between Energy Balls and Light Darts. *Energy Sparks:* ability to shoot short beams of coloured sparks, capable of either harming or vanquishing beings. It is unknown what this power does to objects, but it would most likely cause them to combust.

Powers Accessed Through Power Replication Mimicry

Power Replication Mimicry: is the ability to permanently copy the powers of other magical beings and use them at will.

Cloning: is the ability to create an exact duplicate of oneself, including any other powers that the user possesses the clothing worn and objects held are cloned as well.

Advanced Astral Projection: is the ability to project one's consciousness (or soul) into an astral form outside the body. When a person astral projects, their physical body falls to the floor, slumps over or remains still until they return however, some advanced users have mastered the skill to use their powers whilst astral projecting.

Intangibility: also known as phasing, is the ability to alter one's molecular structure to a state that can pass through physical matter; rendering the user immune to many physical and magical attacks.

Suggestion: is the ability to project as an inner voice to others, implanting incredibly strong suggestions into their minds, subtly bending them to one's will.

Sleep Induction: is the ability to put beings to sleep at will the effects of this power can also be achieved through the use of a spell or potion or a wave.                                                               

Active Wizard Powers

Illusion Casting: is the ability to alter the perceptions of other beings, allowing users to make others experience what they desire illusions are tricks of the mind and can affect all senses except for touch, making them appear very life-like.

Telekinesis: is the ability to move objects as well as individuals with the mind it can be channeled through the eyes or hands, the latter being the most common way to use the power this is one of the most common yet most versatile powers possessed by magical beings, be they good, evil or neutral.

Advanced Telekinesis: An advanced form of Telekinesis.  It allows the user to move very large objects and create a powerful burst of sheer telekinetic energy.

*Strangulation:* is the ability to strangle victims by conjuring a ball of light in their throats to suffocate them users of telekinesis may use their power to strangle a victim by surrounding their throat with telekinetic force.

Electrokinesis: is the ability to create, manipulate and project electricity and lightning electrokinesis is considered to be a very powerful power once its user is able to kill an elder this power can ignite things or cause very destructive explosions upon impact also, by controlling the strength of the power, it can be used to torture others elders have this power.

Advanced Electrokinesis: is the ability to shoot extremely powerful beams of concentrated electricity this is an advanced form of Electrokinesis.

Electrogenism: is the ability to manipulate the very molecules of electricity itself and mold it into any shape and form.

Electricity Transformation: is the ability to change into electricity momentarily, render one's body intangible, allowing them to be rendered intangible grants immunity to physical and certain energy-based attacks. (Do Not Use)

Lightning Bolts: is the rare ability to conjure and project bolts of lightning or can also be considered a sub-power of Electrokinesis.

Lightning Darts: is the ability to generate thine and small darts of energy that burns the target through contact.                                        

Active Wizard-Witch Standard Hybrid Powers

Remort Orbing: is the ability to orb other people from one place to another without establishing physical contact.

Deviation: is the practiced skill to use one's own magical powers to redirect the magical attacks or projectiles of other beings back on the path of emanation.                                                   

Active Wizard-Witch Rare Hybrid Powers

Orb Erasure: is the additive ability to erase all or some of duplicated powers and abilities.

Pryokinetic Excruciation: is the ability blast an extremely powerful gust of nerarly visible smoke in powerful blow-torch like combination into orbs form in the direction of the user's arm(s) or hand(s) motion(s) which engulfs the victims in extreme amounts of pain.

Pryokinetic Regeneration: Good Wizard-Witches possess a more different ability to heal by blasting an extremely powerful gust of light-bassed smoke  to huge flame resemblance of hightly advanced version of healing to fire a powerful blow-torch like combination in orbs form in in the direction of the user's arm(s) or hand(s) motion(s) which engulfs thewounded humans and animals etc in intense flames of healing.

Orb Mimicry: is the ability to copy any power and ability and manifests itself into a hybrid version and use it as your own, extremely rare and exclusively possessed by Wizard-Witches and Whitelighter-Witches.                                                                   

Active Elder Powers

Orbing: is the method of teleportation where the user appears and disappears in white and blue orbs. This power is possessed by Elders and Whitelighters, who teleport in columns of orbs. Some Whitelighter-Witches orb in a swirling manner instead of a column.

Hovering: is the ability to rise off the ground and hover with or without the use of orbs this ability is possessed by the Elders and Whitelighters, and is often used for meditation. It is similar to Levitation, but is passive in nature and cannot be used to propel oneself in another direction.

Glamouring: is the ability to assume the appearance of another person by creating a glamour around the body. It creates a magical veil that makes users appear as someone else glamouring can also be achieved by other beings through potions and spells.

Photokinesis: is the ability to create and manipulate light with the exception of its first appearance, this power is usually demonstrated by controlling orbs of light, rather than manipulating actual light this power is associated with good, as the only known possessors are the Elders, Whitelighters and Whitelighter-Witches

Healing: is the ability to heal the injuries of other beings however, it cannot be used to heal the dead, evil beings or self-inflicted wounds in some occasions, this power can also be used to heal objects and magical artifacts this power is triggered by love.

Mind Manipulation: also known as Mind Control, is the ability to manipulate and/or control the minds of other beings.

Literary Manipulation:  is the ability to scan and absorb the content of a book at a rapid speed, simply by holding hands over the text.

Portal Creation: is the magical ability to create portals to other locations, worlds or planes. Portals come in a great variety, as their function and appearance depend on the user.

Premonition: The ability to see premonitions of the past, future or present only a few Elders possess this ability.

Power Granting: is the ability to confer powers to another being or beings.                                                     

Elder-Witch Standard Hybrid Powers

Telekinetic Orbing: is the ability to move or teleport objects through the use of orbs this power is a hybrid combination of the powers Orbing and Telekinetic, where instead of moving the object with the mind alone, the object is moved through use of orbs.

Orb Shield: is the ability to create a sphere or barrier out of orbs in order to defend oneself or others or contain something.

Combustive Orbing:  is the magical ability to combust objects and beings by channeling orbs into the desired target it is the hybrid form of Molecular Cumbustion and Orbing.                                             -

Powers Accessed Through Projection

Projection: is a power that allows its possessor to manipulate reality as a supremely rare power, Projection is only developed by witches and magical creatures who are destined for very great things.

Conjuration: is the ability to materialize imaginary objects and beings at will this power is channeled through both the mind and the hands and triggered by focus or imagination.

Power Negation:  is the ability to cancel out the magical powers of other beings as they are being used. It can also be used to reverse or undo spells as well as nullifying the power of some magical objects.

Power Swapping: is the ability to swap the powers of two individuals. This can be accomplished through a spell or through use of the power of Projection.

Pyrokinesis: is the ability to create and manipulate fire at will. It can be channeled through the mind or hands. This is one of the most common elemental powers, possessed by Firestarters and several demons.

Incineration:  is the rare and powerful ability to instantly incinerate another being with the wave of a hand or by focusing one's eyes directly on them. It could be considered a highly focused form of Pyrokinesis.

Fireballs: ability to shoot a lethal power mostly associated with evil, most notably demons, though Firestarters with higher control over their abilities can also use this power the possessor can conjure fire in the form of a ball, without burning their hands, and shoot them at their targets.

Fire Throwing: is the powerful and deadly ability to project jets of flame from the hands, capable of completely immolating even high-level witches & demons.

*Thermokinesis:* is the ability to control and generate heat, allowing the user to increase temperature at will if used on an object or liquid, adding enough heat can lead to boiling, ignition, melting or combustion additionally, heat can be channeled into plants to increase their natural growth rate.

Geokinesis: is a rare elemental magical power allowing the users to control and/or manipulate all forms of earth such as sand, minerals and rocks users can use this power to create earthquakes and fissures and tear the earth open to swallow enemies they can also remove rocks from the earth and use them as platforms to fly on.

Sand Manipulation: is the ability summon and manipulate sand, allowing the user to create intense sandstorms that scald the flesh of living beings it can also be use to trap victim in a twist of sand, prevening them from moving.

Petrification: is the ability to turned other beings to stone with a single touch of look the victims will be living statues untill shattered or the petrification is reversed.

Rock Animation: is the ability to animate rocks, shaping them into golems that can be controlled through the mind and posses no will of thier own the number of golems created and the period of time they can be animated is dependent on the power of the user.

Hydrokinesis: is the ability to generate and manipulate water its self this power can be used to bend water to one's will, allowing them to create water balls and use them to encase people in colums of water and drown them however as it is rare power not much is know about its exact power and limits.

*Hydrokinesis Immobilzation:* is the ability to slow down the victim's own body liquids to the point where they stop moving copletely the being under the effect of this power appear to be "frozen" in time.

*Hydrokinesis Combustion:* is the magical power to speed up acctivities of the victim's own body liquids as water base weapons to the point that they combust out of the body often resulting in a fiery explosion.

*Liquification:* is the ability to turned one's body into water temporarily thus becaming immune to physical harm.

Cryokinesis: is a rare and strong elemental power that enables the user to generate and manipulate cold and ice. This ability is generally used to project streams or blasts of intense cold intended to freeze targets.

*Cryogenism:* is an extremely powerful ability to create and manipulate ice itself to mold it into and shape and form as it would as it would enable the user to do various actions as for example to instantly create a wave of sharp objects.

Cryokinetic Blast: is the ability to fire an extremely powerful blast of cold energy that freezes and shatters everything in it's path, capable of vanquishing even the most powerful beings in the direction of the user's arm (s) or hand (s) motion (s).

Ice Darts: is the ability to generate small sharp ice crystals that freezes the target through contact.

Shrinking: is the magical ability to shrink objects or beings in size typically the target is shrunk to only a few inches in size, though the exact mechanics of this ability are unknown.

Voice Manipulation: is the ability to control and manipulate your own speaking or singing voice. 

Thought Projection: is an extremely rare and powerful ability to alter reality through one's imagination, and is hence related to Projection.              

-Active Essence Of The Source Of All Good Powers-

Molecular Manipulation: is a collective term referring to several molecular-based powers in general, this power allows users to manipulate matter on a molecular level most branches of this power involve manipulating the speed of molecules.

Molecular Acceleration: is the ability to make molecules reverberate at a speed which causes them to become disordered this causes an object to rapidly heat up, and as a result, the power can cause objects to melt or burn.

Molecular Combustion: is the ability to make molecules speed up to the point that objects or beings explode the power is channeled through hand gestures, and is one of the strongest offensive powers.

Molecular Deceleration: is the ability to slow down the molecules of an individual or object, making it appear as if time slows down, putting the target into slow motion.

Molecular Dispersion: is the power to destroy a target by reducing it to its constituent molecules by giving them massive amounts of energy which forces them to scatter.

Molecular Immobilization: more commonly referred to as freezing, is the ability to slow down molecules to the point where they move so slowly that objects and people appear completely motionless, simulating the stoppage of time in a localized range.

Molecular Inhibition: is the magical ability to stop the movement of molecules, causing them to lose energy and crystallize, thus encapsulating an object or being in ice.

Apportation: is the ability to teleport inanimate objects from one location to another many magical beings such as the Whitelighters and the Elders and Elf Nanny, Darklighters and Valkyries have the power of Apportation Darklighters most prominently use this power whenever they summon their crossbows and arrows.

Chronokinesis: is the ability to move time in any direction, move yourself through time, and control time itself it is a very rare and dangerous power and as such only a few magical beings have possessed it.

Reality Warping: is a rare and extremely powerful ability, which is defined as the ability to change or manipulate reality and the world, itself to various degrees.

Corporealization: is the ability to become corporeal, thus enabling the user to move objects or assume a (temporary) solid and visible form.

Telepathy: is the ability to read and broadcast the thoughts of oneself and others it is considered a rare power, possessed by only a few magical beings, though most have only been shown to possess limited forms of telepathy for that reason, only a select few with this power are considered and referred to as telepaths.

Empathy:is the ability to feel and understand other people's feelings, emotions, and desires as if they were your own. A user of this ability can feel exactly what another person is feeling, and for the same reasons, without direct contact with them beings with the power of empathy are often referred to as Empaths.

Mind Sight: is the ability to see another person or being from far off with use of the mind alone.

Chronogenesis: this ability is never been revealed or seen but has the power to revert back to a previous event in either the past, future, or some other temporal point in time it is essentially, the manipulation of space-time and or time itself.                                                                    

Other Powers

Sensing: sometimes known as Tracking. is the ability to determine the location and status of other beings by concentrating on them it is a common power possessed by both good and evil.

Cloaking: is the power to hide the presence of oneself or others, preventing others from discovering one's location this ability is possessed by both the forces of good and evil, to prevent the other from learning of their activities.

High Resistance: is the passive ability to be resistant to attacks by weapons, or magic, or powers of other magical beings this trait allows users to survive attacks that are otherwise lethal it also grants users protection against their own powers.

Reconstitution: also known as Reforming, is the ability to pull oneself back together again after the body's total destruction it has no allegiance, and allows the user to reform from explosive attack.

Regeneration: also known as Self-Healing, is the ability to magically heal and regenerate bodily tissue and organs damaged as a result of injuries. This regeneration takes place very quickly and is usually completed within seconds this ability is powerful enough to revive the possessor even after otherwise fatal injuries and wounds however, beings cannot be brought back to life after being vanquished as powerful magic is needed for such action.

Omnilingualism: is the ability to understand, speak, and read any language without training in it Whitelighter possess this power, as they can understand and speak the language of their charges when talking to them.

Mediumship: is the ability to perceive and communicate with spirits. Most, but not all, magical beings possess this ability, including witches and gypsies.

Calling: The ability to call an object into your hands. This ability is seen in beings who have a connection with their magical weapon they use.

Invincibility: Is the ability to withstand any amount of physical damage or harmful force of any kind, causing no harm or pain to the individual gifted with this power. 

Immunity: The ability to be completely immune to the powers or magic of other beings. The sword is immune to potions and is able to destroy even the highest level of demons.            

-Essence Of The Source Of All Good Other Powers-

Omnisensing: is the ability to sense anything even if it's in the Underworld.

Omnibenevolence: this means to be totally good and nothing else it is the power or essence of being All Good.

Absolute Will: The Supreme Ruler of all Good magic, possesses the power to control all things and can do anything he wants; this in turn, equates to him being an Omnipotent being.

Angel Manipulation: The user can create angels they can also use angels to perform all kinds of tasks this power is the one that allowed The Source Of Good  to create all the Whitelighters

Angel Creation:The user can create angels from nothing and the user can eventually spawn hordes of divine angelic beings to serve and fight on their behalf another very well established fact that all in the magical community are/is aware of is that the Source Of Good and supreme ruler over all Magic, is a spiritual entity his appearance is never the same or rather, he's not possessing in or of a physical body.

Andúril also called the Flame of the West, was the sword which was reforged from the shards of Narsil in Rivendell the elders gave andúril the same power as the sword excalibur.

Samuel "Sammy" Parker was revealed to be the future life of Aragorn II Elessar/King Elessar Telcontar so once again be reunited with Andúril.


Who I'd like to meet:


WHO: None



Married: None

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Ali-Kat™ 🎤🎶

Feb 9th 2023 - 9:02 PM

𝓐𝓶𝓪𝓽 𝓜𝓪𝓰𝓲𝓬𝓪𝓮

Jan 17th 2023 - 12:40 AM


Jan 9th 2023 - 3:48 AM

Hi. I am torrie. 

Jan 8th 2023 - 9:31 PM

I will not keep you for so long. But, I do wanna thank you for accepting my friend request or even befriending me.

My name is Elena Gilbert; I know another Elena around here. But, I have a few changes up my sleeve if you wanna hear it? She is still a vampire; she never took the cure from Stefan. (In Fresh Hell RPG Universe) Elena is just starting College with Caroline, Bonnie, Matt, Tyler, and Stefan. So, we shall see what comes there.

If you would like to know more or start a storyline/connection discussion just message or comment back; I won't bite much.

Thank you for your time reading this and I hope you have a pleasant day.

-𝖣𝖾𝖺𝖽𝗅𝗒 𝖱𝗂𝗇𝗀𝖾𝗋


Oct 21st 2022 - 1:07 PM

Hi ya.
I am faith. 

Jan 5th 2022 - 7:14 PM

hotter then hell  Melt to the touch
her name Katerina she was ESCTASY IN HUMAN FORM
Hey Babydolls, Pleasure to meet you some of you may know me some of you may not I used to be Known as Spicy Latina veteran at the Game, Got over 12 years under my belt.  Some of you may even know my story, But let me twist it up for you a little darling so why don't you sit back and hold on tight and let me take you on the ride of your life.

My name is Katerina Petrova Batustia by birth born as a triplet with my two sisters my father well known in the Wrestling world as Dave Batista my Mother his beloved College sweetheart, I had everything handed to me on a Gold Platter spoiled rotten to the core, If I wanted it I got it from diamonds to the poneys little girls want I got it all  Actually aside from my sisters became really good at horseback riding And I owe one of my own horses her name is HellFire, I grew up just like everyone else's and like my father, I met my soulmate in College  Named Leakee Anoai  We knew other for some time but we just never seem to click his father was known as Sika Anoai in the wrestling world part of the wild Samoans, Fast forward from there we fell in love made it into the wrestling world Together we were on top of the world me and my sisters dominated the ring as so did my beloved.  

We even were blessed to welcome an adorable baby boy into the world naming him after his father  Leakee Jr but not all happy stories end happy one tragic night  My beloved got into a fatal car crash coming home to me and his little boy and my world crashed and fell that was when my darkest path started, That night I had to make arrangements to bury my soulmate... Or I thought I had to, Everything was in place weeks later having a funeral and all for my beloved saying our goodbyes was harder than I thought but that was the start of a whole new chapter the start of me seeing him... the ghost of him or was it... 

I spiraled down a dark path to where I got released from WWE and I lost my baby boy and his parents took custody I became heavy on drugs even resorted to selling my body to get a little bit of cash to get my high my family wanted nothing to do with me I even got into some crazy close to death scenarios but it was his ghost that always saved me it felt so real when he touched me was it real or was I crazy.

After some time I was able to get clean rekindled my relationship with my family and even start dating again and go back to WWE but I substituted the high for the feel of the needle, no not shooting up the feel of the needle tatting my body helped me overcome my demons along with family and therapy I even got my son back and was able to take over my late husband company  Anoai International that fronted as a major company but really was transporting drugs internationally no one knew about it though they only say the front that was built on years of the families working there and now it was mine I was the queen of it all and had it all in my fingertips .but his ghost still lingered which made me one night go for a little dig lets say to find out it was empty ... 

Between being a tattoo Model and CEO of a company along with Wrestling from time to time and owning businesses with my sisters and being a mother I made it my mission to find him and kill him for the sh*t he made me go through but I never got the chance see my research on looking lead to Albina in which right, when I thought I had him me and my son, was taken to this beautiful castle see the night I thought I found my dead husband I really found the love of my life... Crazy I know but let's wrap this up in a crazy way I thought  I was being kidnaped... so when I awoke I had this gash on my head and I woke to hear the cries from my little boy and all I could remember was being knocked out and fighting for mine and my son's life  Apperarantly my "Husband " wreck was indeed way more that night he was turned into a Werewolf and his thirst for blood was too much so he faked his death to protect his family but when he was following me he got to close and the thirst took over. 

That is when he came out of the shadows thinking I was someone else apparently I'm a doppelganger of his beloved queen who you may ask well the father of Dracula the Blood god of Laamage himself the first man Adam... But now known as Jakel  when I awoke the hunger consumed me I wanted nothing but the taste of blood  what did he do to me did I drink from the father of Dracula  the first man to live adam himself  and make myself immortal and become his or did I finish my search for someone who was out to hurt me 

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