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Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:No Answer
Characters: Misty Day
Verses: American Horror Story
Playbys: Lily Rabe
Length: Multi Para, Novella
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𝔐𝔢𝔪𝔢𝔫𝔱𝔬 𝔐𝔬𝔯𝔦

Sep 12th 2021 - 8:58 PM

But even our idols -- Even those we want to love & trust more than anything -- can let us down
Hello, and thank you for accepting the request to become friends. I do look forward to starting up a story line discussion with you soon. And yes, this is a sort of premade greeting, but it is merely a way to.. break the ice if you will. Also we can always wing it if you'd like to. Its perfectly fine with me. Also I know that there isn't any information on my page at the moment about my character, however I'm fully working on her story. So any sort of questions you may have, I'd be happy to answer them. However, I'll give you a brief history about her.

Lily was born into a wealthy family where she got everything she could ever want. Her parents had loved her more than anything, same with her two older siblings. At the age of six, Lily had seen her first ghost, though she didn't know that it was a ghost as she merely thought it was just another person. She had tried to tell her parents about such a thing but they assumed that it was just an imaginary friend that their daughter had made up. The only one that actually believed her was her grandfather (on her father's side). He had told her about ghosts and everything that she would be experiencing now that she had made it known that she could see and speak with them. Lily didn't think too much of it at the time. At least not until a tragic incident happened to her. It was her sixteenth birthday and her parents were holding a sweet sixteen party for her, her close friends were there along with some family members as well. After the party her two older siblings had led her to her room, and r a p e d her. The morning after, she had tried to tell her parents but they didn't believe her, to which she began to shut herself off from the world. The ghost whom had been with her since she was a child, had seen everything that had happened and had did its best to try and comfort her. Though she had shut them out to which brought another ghost to her, one that had been watching her the whole time and one that she had been told to not speak to by the other ghost. He had told her that she should take revenge against her brother's and that they should pay for what they had done. He continued to fill her thoughts with killing her siblings and a few weeks later she finally snapped and killed both of her brother's. Lily managed to get away with the murder as she made it look like an accident. This caused her parents to get a divorce and she decided to go live with her father. The two moved from New York to California to start a new life. Lily finished school, and graduated college. All the while she continued to research the area they were in and often went to the haunted places, which included the Murder House and the Hotel Cortez. Yet, Lily was more drawn to the Hotel Cortez because of all the ghosts there, plus she had an interesting talk with James March. Lily stayed at the hotel for a few weeks, sometimes even visiting on Halloween. While she was in California she had killed a few men and some women whom had done her wrong. Whether it be betraying her, or simply trying to sexually assault her, she didn't care. She just ended up killing them, sometimes just for the fun of it. That's all I have at the moment, but like I said feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Well I look forward to hearing from you very soon~! Have a wonderful day/night.
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