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Mason Gallagher

Sep 10th 2021 - 8:38 AM

Rebel Misfit

Sep 9th 2021 - 6:09 PM

Harley or Amanda as most knew her by, only her closest of friends called her Harley or family since she had an older, half sister also named Amanda but they called her Mandy for short, she was in her second semster of college and lived on her own. Her mother was a drunk and did drugs, she did her best raising her younger sisters and making a better life of her own. She had learnt that she had other siblings in Chicago on the Southside and eventually got to know them. She even hooked up with Lip, a family friend of her siblings. They had a fling but that is all it ever was, when it came to them going off to college she had gone with Lip to the university. Things did not work out though and she transferred to Hollywood Arts where he became a talented musician. She started sinking though, after everything she just did not feel normal. She felt like she did not belong anywhere. Her mood swings all over the place, she resorts to the one thing she knows how to do, drinking. It starts to numb the pain so she continued drinking until she no longer felt anything and when she started to feel anything at all more booze fixed it. Her grades were spiraling down hill and she almost lost her house. She partied a lot and answered to no one, she did what she wanted and on her terms. She no longer did relationships. no longer believed in them only having a few flings. Eventually she got to the point she isolated herself from the outside world, later learning she had a mental illness knowing as Bipolar disorder and it was something her mother had. All this time she just thought her mother was a crazy lunatic,spiraling out of control herself. When they wanted to lock her away, she ran and never looked back. 

Now she sat in the office of the Dean and rolled her eyes as he told her how disappointed he was in her, she gave him "the I'll do better speech," before walking out the door and lighting a joint right there in the hallway. She did not give a sh*t, this school could burn to hell and she'd not look back twice. She skips her first class again, as she flicks the almost smoked joint by a near by garabage can and heads to the parking lot, finding a car she could steal.
gιиgєя вσу

Sep 5th 2021 - 4:10 PM

The biggest looser in the family finally got his ass here
Congrats F***er!
Southside Queen

Sep 5th 2021 - 9:52 AM

Mandy had been out of Chicago for about a year. Things with her and Lip had been rough for awhile. She was also suffering mentally more then she knew or let on. Between the wedding and finding out Lip was doing illegal sh*t still to make money set her off. The last night she was in Chicago Lip and her were just about to sit down at the table to enjoy dinner, Jr in his bouncey toy, and Mandy pregnant with Annabelle when a brick broke through their living room window, glass shattering quickly to the floor and the brick almost hitting her son. Never seen Mandy jump up so fast and scoop up her little boy, besides his crying he seemed okay. She then looked at Lip and he knew he had f***ed up more then he ever had. She turns, taking Junior into her room and packs a bag, making sure to grab only what was needed. With Mick being in Mexico, Terry's house was the last place she wanted to go. She heads to the Gallagher house and speaks with Debs, she stays the night and by morning she's gone. Lip seen her leave, but never stopped her. Her mental state completely gone, she just drove and drove til she found a place in California. A guy out there hooked her up as an escort, with a nice car, and her own place. It was a sweet gig for a while she never had to worry about money, but one night a client got a bit to handys with her and being forceful, she ended up killing him by self defense. Freaking out she calls Ian, besides Debs he was the one person she had stayed in contact with. He quickly comes to her rescue, and not taken no for an answer moves her and the kids back to the southside. 

She finds that Lip is with someone else and sold the house. She buys the house back from the bank, noticing the all too familiar broken window and again with Ian's help, they fix it as well as other repairs in the house. Soon she reaches out to Lip and eventually the two start talking again, they have since talked about getting back together, but right now they are just friends and co parent well. Junior and Annabelle are now three years old, they were born 11 months apart. Mandy is sitting on her porch well the kids napped with a beer and rolling a joint. It was a quiet day in Chicago, which surprised her but then again it was still early in the mornig.
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