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Carter Cadell 'Mikaelson'
TVD, TO, Legacies, Crossovers, Open Verses.
Para to Multi Para.
No Drama Please, just an original character trying to have some fun.

116 years old

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November 28 2021

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     M͠i͠k͠a͠e͠l͠s͠o͠n͠ ͠P͠r͠o͠t͠e͠g͠e's Details
Characters: Carter Cadell "Mikaelson"
Verses: The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Legacies, Crossovers, Open
Playbys: Sebastian Stan
Length: Multi Para, Para
Member Since:August 25, 2021

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   M͠i͠k͠a͠e͠l͠s͠o͠n͠ ͠P͠r͠o͠t͠e͠g͠e's Blurbs
About me:
Carter was born in the early 1800’s, around the same time of Marcel Gerard in New Orleans, Louisiana. Carter and Marcel were best friends, which was unusual at the time. Marcel being black was a slave and Carter’s family was rather wealthy. Of course, wealthy didn’t mean a happy life. Carter was physically and mentally abused by his drunken father. When Marcel met Niklaus at the age of 13, Carter met Elijah and started to train with him. Eventually Marcel and Carter would learn that the Mikaelson’s gained their influence in New Orleans by being vampires, but swore that they would never tell a soul. As the years gone by, the boys grew into men. Elijah told Carter that eventually he would turn him, but he wanted Carter to spend as much of his early adulthood as human as possible. It wasn’t long after Elijah told Carter that, that Mikael Mikaelson, their father, came to New Orleans. Mikael ran the Mikaelson’s out of New Orleans and at that time, for Carter’s protection, Elijah changed him into a vampire. Unlike Marcel, Carter stayed with the Mikaelson’s, Elijah, throughout the years. He had his moments were he went off by himself, but when Elijah needed him, he swooped in. There was a time period, for about 50 years, were Carter did go off the radar. He decided to enlist in the army for World War 2. During that time period, he met Damon Salvatore and they became good friends. It was one afternoon, as everything was calm when a roadside bomb went off, sending Carter’s tank in the air, pieces going everywhere. Everyone thought Carter was dead, when in actuality, a group of rogue witches trapped and brainwashed him to do their dirty work. It wasn’t until years later, when Elijah found out what was going on with Carter and forced the witches to release him. During those years, Carter did some awful things to many people, but he couldn’t control himself. It was like he was a puppet. He did have moments of clarity and tried to get away but before he could, he got sucked back in. To this day, Carter still has nightmares and occasional headaches from being brainwashed and tortured from those witches. When Elijah release Carter from the witches, he kept his guard up for awhile and mostly kept to himself. He was always a little bit of a loner. He went back to New Orleans for awhile and surprisingly learned that his family was descended from werewolves. His fathers side belong to a werewolf pack that stayed mostly in the bayou of New Orleans, due to Marcel keeping the vampires in the city part and the witches at bay. At that time, it was the early 2000’s and with Carter being a vampire now, he didn’t know if he could unlock his werewolf potential. It wasn’t until Niklaus met Elena Gilbert, the doppelgänger, and by using her blood was able to unleash his werewolf side. Carter did the same at this time and became a hybrid as well. Now, the present… Carter’s story awaits…
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