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"I've cried "Wolf"! or "Leaked nude selfies"! or "Scandal"! too many times. So now I'm on my own. And the bad guys expect me to just disappear down the memory hole? Spoiler Alert: no damn way."

21 years old
Gotham City, Gotham
United States

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September 21 2021

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Body type:No Answer
Ethnicity:No Answer
Characters: Stephanie Brown, Robin, Spoiler, Batgirl
Verses: DC, DCU, Titans, Young Justice, Gotham Knights, Marvel, Batwoman
Playbys: Amber Heard, Various, Comics, Morgan Kohan, Marisha Ray
Length: Multi Para
Genre: Comic,
Member Since:August 20, 2021

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Red Hood

Sep 8th 2021 - 3:49 AM

you want me to start it which I totally can. 
As of for why she's gonna met him can be a lot of reasons some I can think of top of my head.

D*ck, or Tim could be busy and ask you to meet someone on their behalf for a lead on a case. 
Instead of delivering the message Jason, ask for help to take care of it instead of bringing more of the family in the situation. 
Red Hood

Sep 8th 2021 - 3:29 AM

Honestly the reason I do comments cause it gives nosey people something to read when they lurk. 😂 
But I can do messages if it's easier for you 
Red Hood

Sep 8th 2021 - 3:04 AM

From my understanding it's only Tim, that Jason didnt know before he passed. The only reason he knew about Tim, cause Joker showed him a picture of him and Bruce, while he was being tortured. 
comments or messages? I mostly do my rps in comments but I still like to ask. 
Red Hood

Sep 8th 2021 - 2:27 AM

Hoody Boi? 
It's Mr. Hoody Boi get it right lol
Alright, I got the storyline where I take the bat mantle going. Or do you just wanna do a secret meeting between us after I left the Bat Family? Or you got something else in mind? 
Red Hood

Sep 8th 2021 - 2:15 AM

I don't recall which one added who. 
Anyway I'm Jason Todd nice to meet ya. 
If you ever want to discuss a storyline or just chat just send a comment my way 

Sep 4th 2021 - 10:41 PM

Jean Paul Valley.
Footfall -- steps so familiar, yet heavier. Through a silhouette of black came a scarlet gaze centering down upon the bat-femme. From above the Angel of Gotham watched the one called ''Spoiler'', the same as he had the one named Damian. His relationship with Tim had too many faults -- too many distractions. Damian was too unknown a variable and Cassandra was entirely out of reach. Thus the search for an ally whom with to carry out what was necessary for the city of Gotham began with her. ''Bruce Wayne is finished and so is Barbara Gordon. This City needs Batgirl just as much as it needs Batman. It needs protectors willing to cast not only themselves but those responsible for this chaos into the fire.

OutofCowl: I appreciate your acceptance. My portrayal of Azrael is drawn from a number of sources such as the Knightfall comic and Arkham Knight. My main universe is the HBO Titans Universe, however I am more than willing to branch out and what have you. I am also considering putting together a team similar to the outsiders.
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