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About me:
Carrie Kelley is the sidekick Batman didn't know he needed. She was originally Robin, before becoming Catgirl and settling on Batwoman.
Who I'd like to meet:

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ʟɪᴏɴᴇss ᴏғ ɢʀɪᴍᴏɪʀᴇ

Sep 25th 2021 - 4:59 PM

Behind the Dragon
Hello there, my name is Astrid Holmes it's very nice to meet you.
Thank you so much for accepting my request or even adding me, would
love to get some banter or stories going but no rush I understand things take a bit 
so no need to worry. Now I will let you know Astrid is a mixture of comics, shows, movies and games
just kinda happened but I love her so much and have a lot of fun writing as her. She is the adopted daughter
of her timeline's Dr. Fate and a huntress for an organzation dealing with the supernatural, Astrid isn't a metahuman but 
what they call a craft user which mean is the term used for those born with a witch gene however she was also born with dragon blood running through her. Both her dragon and witch powers are used together but she mainly fights with different weapons mainly using a scythe though, so that's just a short rundown of my character but seriously hope to hear from you!!!!! 
Tourterelle Dove

Sep 24th 2021 - 1:50 AM

Ooc: Pleasure to meet you too, Carrie. Awesome to hear on wanting to discuss something. This season of Titans has been amazing and loving every minute of it, minus what the writers did in the fourth episode of season three right now. I can see Carrie being a part of Titans too. Okay, I can see that. Let me brainstorm real quick... this can be totally AU. That's the beauty of AU. In the past, Selina has reached out to Dawn about wanting to discuss something and that something could be about Carrie. Dawn could meet a young Carrie having a small interaction with each other but their connection is strong. When Catwoman (Selina) is killed during a mission (like you mentioned). Carrie calls Dawn telling her the news and needs Dawn to come over to help her cope with Selina's passing. They talk with Dawn mentioning about she could be her new mentor with the Titans.

What do you think? 
Jail Bird

Sep 14th 2021 - 1:28 AM

Hearing Cassie ask for a drink of whiskey made him laugh a bit. Oh, he remembered being in the late teens. Hell, he took Tim, to a bar when he was only sixteen. Looking up and seeing Alfred walking out of the cave. Taking out a shot glass and pouring her shot and slide to the side. Pretty much saying here, I didn’t see sh*t gesture. Then again it’s not he was looking he was paying upgrading his suit.


“Ha, is that so I used to boost cars. That’s how I landed this job. As for you stealing how I see it. You don’t have a roof over your head or a hot meal to eat. So why would you? Even if you did I’ll just break your hands.” 


Laughing a bit cause honestly he wasn’t even sure that he was playing. Pulling some spray paint and started to spray his red mask black. But leaving the mask the covered his eyes red. Now for the suit he just didn’t want to modifying Bruce’s suit cause one they aren’t the same body size. He couldn’t use his exactly since it just a brown leather jacket snug clothes that had some protection lined with them. Which worked for his bad guys. His old man enemies are resourceful at best. 


Rubbing his temples as he was trying to gather his thoughts for a second. Looking up at her as she was talking to him the bags under his eyes were extremely visible. From the lack of sleep he’s been having. Did she just ask him where she could store her suit in a display case? She wasn’t a Robin, should he try to find a side kick? Great that’s another question he’s gotta add to the thousands that’s echoing in his head. 


“Changing the name just means the old man is gone. When he comes back which he will he can just pick up where he left off. Or start cleaning whatever mess I make along my reign as Batman.” 


He didn’t even think that the old man is dead. He was just assuming the Bruce was off world caught up in one of his gotta save the galaxy job. Removing his skin tight shirt he had on and placing it on the displace case holder. Grabbing the pint of whiskey and taking another sip. As he was looking at it. Thinking on what to do. Tapping his foot as he thought he could always just dismantle on of his old man suits. A thought appeared in his head as he handed the pint of to Cass to hold. Or something like that he pretty much didn’t care if she snuck a drink in. 


“Did he keep it?” 


He asked as he jumped over a rail making his way to the trophy room. Walking up to case that was closed that had a pin pad to put a password in. What would Bruce use for the password. Maybe? He punched in his birthday and the display opened. Revealing the white armor suit that he used when he was the Arkham Knight. 


The bat symbol on the chest was red almost looking like blood was stained on the emblem. Snatching the suit out of the display and walking back where his display was and grabbing the pint that he had Cassie to hold taking another drink. Grabbing some metallic paint and started painting the suit black. Then pulling out some red and painted the shoulders, elbow, and knees joints red. Then going over the bat emblem with the red to make it look fresh. Then grabbing his once red hood in the displace to show his newly done finished suit. 


“Oh, you was asking where you keep your suit? I wasn’t aware street cats had suits.” 


He laughed as he said his joke literally meaning no harm by it. However him finishing his suit took a lot of stress of him. Maybe things will get little more smoother as time plays out? 


“Now, that’s done.” 


Walking over to the big ass computer system that was in the middle of the cave. Clicking a button on the keyboard enabling the Gotham Alert alarm. 


“Come let’s go get a bite to eat.” 


He replied to Cassie, as he bumped into her playfully. He don’t know why he was treating her like a little sister. Maybe he just seen a lot of himself when he looked at her. He wasn’t very different when he was her age. Maybe some guidance would help? Great now he was sounding like his old man




Jail Bird

Sep 10th 2021 - 2:05 AM

Raising his brow as he heard the door to the bat cave open. Wonder what Alfred, wanted this time? Pulling out a protractor as he was making adjustments of his new suit. Hearing the another set of foot steps made him even more curious about what was about to come his way. Last time he check the others were gone doing their own thing. That was like what half hour ago? Ace, raising his head up the dog seen another person beside Alfred, Lowering his hand down and petting him to get him calm down. 


Hearing the tale from Alfred, made him even more curious about all this. So Selina, taught this one? Yet here she is at the cave asking help. A light chuckle escaped his lips as Alfred, told him to watch his wallet around this one. Jason, probably could relate to Selina’s underling. When the old man found him he was stealing the tires off the Batmobile. 


“Alfred, bring our guest cup of tea shall you? I may need a shot of whiskey before the night is over.” 


With that being said Alfred walked off. The new comer sat on his desk. Started telling him what was the situation. Rolling his chair he was in to the computer picking up his helmet then rolling his way back to the desk. He started tinkering away of his helmet he started to make the welds of the horns of the helmet. Finally speaking to the female. 


“So, you’re name is Carrie? If Selina, is missing then she’s probably in situation. I would say she’ll be fine but considering what we’re handling here I can believe it.” 


Blowing the smoke off his helmet from the glowing red welds. Now he’s just gotta let them cool off. Looking at his helmet placing my his finger against chin as he thought for a second. If he was going to be the bat the red has to go. Looking at female to let her know he was still listening to her. 


“Scarecrow you say? I’ve had quite a few run ins with him. Even worked with him for a bit. If he’s involved then Selina, really is in trouble.” 


Hearing that name brought back memories for Jason, the time he was known by Arkham Knight. That was probably the longest night that Batman has been through. They had enough fear toxin to engulf Gotham plus having all the other big listers apart of it helped a lot. Maybe that’s one of the reasons he was against on taking the Batman mantle? He’s caused a lot of harm in this place. Taking a sigh as he looked at her before speaking again. 


I’m not saying I’m not going to help. A lot of things just got put on me. Once I’m done with upgrades to my suit I’ll help. For right now I’ll send a message to D*ck, asking for him to keep an eye out. You’re welcome to stay here till I’m done. I can do that much right now.” 


Jason, felt horrible for his statement. He felt like he was making an excuse to process on what all has happened. But he wasn’t wrong there’s no way he was wearing his old mans suit. Alfred came walking down the steps bringing Carrie, he cup of tea and a pint of whiskey for Jason placing it down on the table.


“Alfred, make a room for our guest shall you? She can’t be to bad if Selina, trained her.” 


“Very well Master Todd I’ll let you two know when dinners ready.” 


Alfred turns around and walks out of the cave. Picking up the pint of whiskey undoing the cap and tossing it away in the trash can and taking a drink.

Jail Bird

Sep 7th 2021 - 11:26 PM

How long has it been since he left the cave to search for his own identity? A couple of months now? Sighing as he sat down in his chair looking at the walls of his new hideout. It wasn’t the cave but it will work. In the past few months he already made a crew the Outlaws. Basically it’s just a group of people that’s been labeled as bad guys that aren’t exactly all bad. Some times it doesn’t matter if you do good people will only remember the bad that has happened. Over the good deeds that a person done.  Placing his hand against his chin as he looked over at the wall. Jason found himself remembering the days he had with his family. However that was just something that was in his past now. If D*ck, can make a name for himself as Nightwing, why couldn’t he do it as Red Hood? 


Hearing his phone vibrate on the table snapping him back in reality. Reaching his gloved hand out grabbing his phone. Jason just assumed it was an ally that bit off more than they can chew. Raising his eyebrow as he seen it was from D*ck, and he was not ready to read the text that was sent to him. Having to do a double take just to comprehend the message. D*ck, has respected Jason’s wishes and left him alone while he searched to find out who he really was. Maybe D*ck, actually understood where Jason was coming from. They both struggled on being a shadow to the old man. 


“Jason, come to the manor something happened. Bruce, hasn’t came back and well I don’t know how to put it but one of us has to take over and watch over  Damian.” 


Jason, read the text over and over again. A part of him didn’t wanna believe it then again he’s pretty sure his brothers doesn’t want to believe it either. Standing up and throwing his jacket on walking out of the door and locking it. His heart felt heavy, did the old man actually kick the bucket? It’s the old man who could actually best him? Jason knew that his old man disappeared time or two when helping the Justice League. Part of him wanting that to be the case but his head wouldn’t accept it. Just like he thought that D*ck, always wanted to be Batman? Then again D*ck, has been bouncing back and forth between Gotham and Jump City, from his understanding Damian, was apart of the Teen Titans now. He hasn’t heard anything from Tim. He’s sure all that will change in due time especially since he was on his way to the manor. 


Rain started to fall to the ground that means he was almost in Gotham, for some reason it rains more than anything in this town. Jason felt his heart get heavier by every second as he was making his way to Gotham, memories flooded his head from the times he was Robin, fighting crime beside his adoptive father, no that was his father. What made Jason feel the worst was the part he was the only son that failed the old man. Or the old man failed Jason, the blame might be on both sides but, Jason took most of the blame himself. 


Making his way to the court yard for the Wayne Manor, almost everything is the same since he left. Parking beside D*ck’s motorcycle kicking the stand down and getting off it. His hand reached to the back of his red helmet. Pressing a button as the mask unlocked and taking it off. His white bangs reached to his chin as the rest of his black hair was pushed back. Knocking on the door Jason, didn’t know how he would handle all this. He left the family only leaving a note. No formal goodbyes no hugs no nothing. 


Hearing a dog bark as sound like Alfred, telling Ace, to stay back. The sound of Ace bouncing around was also heard which brought a smile to Jason’s face. It was like Ace, knew that Jason was on the other side of the door. Hearing the click from the lock of the door being unlocked. Jason took a step back as he knew what was about to happen. Once the door opened Ace, shot out tackling Jason, to the ground jumping side to side licking his face tail was just wagging. 


“Master Todd?” 


“Okay, Ace you got me now let me get up. Oh, hey Alfred long time.” 


Stated Jason as he stood up dusting his clothes off. Then petting Ace, as he took off into the mansion barking from excitement. Alfred, looked at Jason, which was making him feel more awful than what he was already feeling. 


“We thought we lost you once again Master Todd except this time to yourself.” 


“I had to figure out who I was again Alfred, a person is never the same when they come back from the dead.” 


They didn’t discuss any more both of them knew why he was here. Family business not because Jason knew who he was again. He already came to terms that he’s no longer the same person he was. Well mostly he found out that he has to kill to stay alive. The pit has some pretty nasty side effects. Hearing foot steps down the spiral stair case that went to the bedrooms part of the house. He really did miss this place. Hell he missed his brothers more than anything. 


“Jason, you’re here.” 


Hearing that voice it was D*ck, and boy he was a sore sight to look at. A smile appeared on his face as he reached out his hand. D*ck reached out and shook his hand as they hugged each other. 


“Okay, D*ck what’s the situation?” 


Jason asked as they pulled away from the hug before the younger brother Damian seen it. Crossing his arms he had an image to hold for Damian, especially now since the old man is gone. 


“Whose taking the mantle?” 


Jason asked which shocked D*ck completely. Jason, understood why the last time they talked. He made it seem like he had no intention on joining the family again. Honestly the thought of coming back never crossed his mind. Maybe he only came back here for his brothers? Which makes more sense to him. 


“D*ck, I got this handle I’ll watch over Damian, and Gotham. You got the Titans and your own city to worry about.” 


“You completely sure? I know you didn’t want to become Batman.” 


“Yeah, you don’t want to be the new Batman either and Damian is way to young to take over. As for Tim, I’m not sure how he feels about the subject. Besides this is the old man we’re talking about he’ll be back.” 


Looking to the side Jason seen that Alfred, had a smile on his face. Maybe he was just happy to have everyone here. Granted they are missing one but Tim will arrive shortly. D*ck said something making Jason look at him with a raised brow. 


“Are you gonna use Bruce’s suit?” 


“Oh, hell no, I got better ideas for a suit.” 


Turning his back and waving D*ck, off as he walked to the bat cave. To make his version of the Bat suit looks like his gonna take over the family business for now. 



Tourterelle Dove

Aug 29th 2021 - 3:54 PM

Hi Carrie, thank you for the request or accept.
I'm so terribly sorry for not getting back to you sooner; I was sick for a couple of days but I'm good as new.
I'm Dawn Granger or my other codename Dove.
I do write in Titans (of course) and DCEU.
I would love to discuss a storyline when you're free and I do love a good AU piece as well.

- Fighting Dove
The Bat (Mature)

Aug 22nd 2021 - 1:58 AM

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