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Full Name:Braxton Mycheal Hughes Nickname/Alias: Brax, B, BB, Bax Signature: Sloppy Gender:Male Gender Role: masculine Orientation: Straight Real Age:27 Birthday: (Self explanatory) Birthplace: (Where was your character born?) Species:Human Preferred Hand: ambidextrous Phobias Losing Alice Again, Dr.Ryan getting out of Prison

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Alice Willams -I owe - 09.12
CholeYou owe me - 08.21
MaKayla - you owe - 09.11
Carson - you owe 09.11
Echo - starter -09.12
Name Here - reply - 00.00
Last Updated: 09.12

My goals in this life before I die

1. Make sure Dr.Ryan pays for what he did
2.Have a calm life with the choices that I have made in life
3. Win Alice back and make it all worth it in the end


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About me:
Who I'd like to meet:

Mycheal Hughes

I met up with an acrobat in Brooklyn or some place like that
With life and taxis flying past we tore that dance hall down
Pocket change and subway cars, our big ideas filled empty bars

X ambitious X sly X brave X confident X introverted X honest X smart X

Braxton Hughes was not your average 27 year old, He had a rough childhood along with his best friend and ex-girlfriend Alice. Growing up in a very small town as he did, anyone could see why he was so messed up in the head. From a young age, he had already been in a cult and had done some messed-up stuff in this cult. When there were teenagers it had been decided that they were going to do some weird group suicide. He knew there was no way he could deal with doing something like that, He escaped that even happened. But he knew in his heart that it was a bit of a heart it was not an idea he liked cause Alice was still there. After all, she didn't wanna leave her family. It ruined him to have to leave her, but he knew he would die if he didn't leave. Once he escaped he made sure to keep an ear out to make sure that well that little bit of hope that Alice wouldn't do it and that she would find a way. To reach out to him so that he could save her somehow. When she had finally reached out to him he ran to the spot of this mass suicide to a place where they had agreed to meet. Once he was able to find her and get her out, her and her two older brothers ran away from that spot. Once they felt that they were all safe, they agreed to go their own ways so that it was less chance for them to all get caught and worse get Alice killed because she lied about doing the group suicide. Once they had all gone their own way, he knew that it would truly be the end of him and Alice. He thought for sure that he would never see her again. But little did he know that their paths would cross again, Despite his better judgment as he had fought with himself many times about it. He had learned that the cult was per say reforming. He knew this would be his way to get back in and make sure that the guy would pay for what he did with all the innocent people and his family and friends. .

I met up with an acrobat in Brooklyn or some place like that
With life and taxis flying past we tore that dance hall down
Pocket change and subway cars, our big ideas filled empty bars

love life

Status Taken
Whom She knows who she is and she will always hold my heart
Dated 08/26/2021
Engaged 00/00/0000
Married 00/00/0000
Children Name (age). Name (age). Name (age).
Our Song(s) Song by artist. Song by artist. Song by artist.

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I met up with an acrobat in Brooklyn or some place like that
With life and taxis flying past we tore that dance hall down
Pocket change and subway cars, our big ideas filled empty bars

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