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Dinosaurs are living things...we must do our best to protect these animals before their gone. Looking for good roleplays and crossovers welcomed. 18+ Rated M

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GeneralName:(Claire Dearing) Occupation:(Dinosaur Protection Group) Age(36) Eye Color:(Blue) Hair Color:(Red) Family: Mother:(Deceased) Father:(Deceased) Sister:(Karen Mitchell, Elyse Dearing, Astoria Dearing, Eretria Dearing, Brie Dearing, Hayden Dearing and Annaleigh Dearing) Brother-in-law:(Scott Mitchell) Nephew/s:(Zach Mitchell, Gray Mitchell) Relationship/s:(Owen Grady) Legal Guardian/Adopted Daughter:(Maisie Lockwood-Clone)

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Here for:Relationships, Friends,
Orientation: Straight
Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:No Answer
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Occupation:Dinosaur Rescuer
Characters: Claire Dearing-not into LBGT
Verses: Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, Jurassic Park, Marvel, DC
Status: Single
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About me:
Claire Dearing was (possibly) born in 1985 and is Karen's younger sister. The two sisters grew up in a small home on the outskirts of an unnamed town in a more rural area. Their house was small and was on two flat acres at the edge of a white beech grove. Their father kept bees and fixed trucks in a detached garage. When the girls were born, their father planted apple trees and still pruned them when they became young adults. According to Claire, she had a happy, normal childhood and described their upbringing as "somewhat country". Claire was passionate about animals and wildlife from a young age; her mother would later remark that she always suspected Claire would become a veterinarian due to this passion. At 12-years-old, Claire discovered Roo, a Pyrenees mix breed dog, kept at a warehouse as a guard dog on a five-foot chain. The warehouse keepers gave the dog minimal food that was too little but enough to keep Animal Control away from taking the animal. Claire would often visit the dog and talk to it to keep it company since it was too far away to pet. She'd visit Roo during the cold winters and the hot summers, and Roo would have to be outside and endure the harsh elements. Claire became determined to rescue Roo, focusing all of her energy on this and reading up on animal laws at the library. She also took pictures every day and built up a case, and after six months, Animal Control was able to free the dog. This experience was the first that inspired Claire to aid animal life and enter law school to change laws to achieve her goal of helping them. Sometime around when Karen was in college, Claire found an injured baby fox in a field. As the baby's paw was injured and Karen's place was close by, Claire brought the fox with her to wait for a few hours until the arrival of a wildlife rehab employee. According to Karen, this baby fox scared her roommate so much that she screamed. Karen would later marry Scott Mitchell with whom she'd have two children, Zach and Gray. As Claire went to college right after high school, Karen stuck around their hometown and often visited their parents. However, Claire would rarely call and wouldn't visit as she was entirely focused on her studies, causing some strain in her relationship with her family. College By 2004, Claire had two pets. A blue-tongued skink named Sally (after Sally Ride) and a dog named Earheart, presumably named after Amelia Earheart. Claire brought Sally to live in her college's dorms with her roommate Regina while Earheart lived with Claire's parents in their family home. It is unknown if either pet is still living by 2015. After her first year of college ended, Claire applied for six internships in which only one - an internship at Washington D.C. - was rejected. The remaining five were all accepted, but the only one Claire was directly interested in was the Bright Minds Internship, a program for college students to intern at the upcoming theme park Jurassic World.[3] Although Claire believed getting into law was the responsible adult path, after talking to Karen, Claire decided to accept the Bright Minds Internship as the park was a brand new frontier that would change the world. Bright Minds During that summer, Claire befriended Justin Hendricks, with whom she became romantically linked. Claire also bonded with other interns Amanda, Eric Skye, Tanya Skye, Ronnie Torres, and Art. Claire learned a lot about the park and impressed several senior staff such as head trainer Bertie, Simon Masrani, and Dr. Henry Wu with her solutions to several problems. She also uncovered evidence of a potential cover-up when discovering a supposed previous intern's journal (which contradicted Bright Minds being the supposed first instance of a Jurassic World internship program). Claire also helped uncover corporate spies in the program; while initially suspecting Wyatt, son of a Masrani Board member, she and Justin discovered it was Eric and Tanya Skye. Tragically, Claire and Justin caught the two in the act when they accidentally freed a velociraptor from its paddock, which then attacked Justin. Justin died from his injuries while Claire managed to subdue the animal with a taser and bear spray given to her by her sister. After this, Eric and Tanya were removed from the program. After some mourning for Justin, Claire learned the two siblings were stealing information to sell to a rival corporation to pay for their sister's medical bills. Despite Justin's death, Claire negotiated with Simon Masrani to pay for the Skye sister's medical bills. Claire later on also confronted Masrani about the previous intern, and Masrani revealed the truth. That the previous intern Izzie died in a car accident after trying to return to the evacuation boat when a storm came. Izzie had bonded strongly with the brachiosaurs and stayed behind to free one of the animals. Masrani paid her family to keep the silence, and Claire agrees to remain quiet to keep Jurassic World up and running. Impressed by all of her actions and accomplishments over the summer, Masrani offered Claire the chance to begin working at Jurassic World and remain on Isla Nublar, which Claire accepts. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Claire is a "workaholic" and has a Type A personality. This was demonstrated by her actions when on a date with Owen Grady: she printed an itinerary, refused to drink tequila, and criticized Owen's attire. She was devoted almost entirely to her job and was very good at it, but had found little time for personal pursuits and was a bit cold and aloof. Claire initially believed dinosaurs to be little more than 'assets' and beasts with limited intelligence, if any. However, when she and Owen discovered a fatally wounded Apatosaurus and Owen comforted it in its final moments, it shook Claire, making her realize they were living, thinking creatures. This realization would later evolve into a fully dedicated effort towards saving the dinosaurs, first from Mt. Sibo's eruption, and then from Eli Mills' machinations when she discovered his intents to sell the captured dinosaurs for money. However, she is not above killing those who harm those she love, namely a Dimorphodon that attacked Owen
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