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General《《《(A little drabble by Kira herself)》》》 This is the real me, the me people don't like. The me that people want to change. Hell no I'm not going to chane who the fuck I am. I'll knock you on your ass If you need it. If you provoke me I'll fight back. I'm not a damsel in distress. I need help from time to time, but I'm not a Disney princess. Disney can't handle any of this. I'm to rated R for them, they'd die from shock. I sugar coat nothing, I have PTSD. I have Anexity, and a asshole of a ex husband. I served my country for 13 years. I lost a brother but saved so many more. His death haunts me so much. I know it wasn't my fault but the brain tells me it was. I died but was revived, I figured it was meant as punishment. It really wasn't though it was meant to kick me in my ass. To help those who can't help themselves. To shelter and help veterans who need it. To help women of domestic abuse get the help they need. To help the homeless, that is why I was truly brought back. Long story sort fellas, you want a piece of this. Fucking work for it, you won't get no freebies here. I don't trust men, blame my ex for that. Doesn't mean im a lesbian, i dont like women sexually. Of course I see women and think holy shit she's hott. Doesn't mean I'm gay, cause I not. Don't wanna work for it, fine by me don't bother. If you wanna take the chance I promise you won't be disappointed. Come say hi and we'll see where it goes.

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Status: Single
Here for:Friends,
Orientation: Straight
Hometown:Pine Lake Colorado
Body type:Athletic
Income:$250,000 and Higher
Characters: Kira
Playbys: A model
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Crime, Mafia, Medical, Romance, Suspense,
Member Since:July 28, 2021

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About me:
●Name● Kira Marie Ackerman● ●Height● 5'10"● Scars● Lower abdomen left side from a bullet. ●Tattoos● Angel wins on her back. ●Build● Athletic. ●Sexual preference● Males ONLY!!! ●Eyes● Bright blue. ●Martial status● Depends on the rp. Kira grew up in a small country town. On a ranch called Ackerman Acres. Sure you're probably thinking who cares. Well, she does. The town might be boring, but there was never a dull moment. Kira has 5 brothers and a Non-identical twin sister (Sis is an NPC that's all). It made things fun never a dull moment. Work was never fun but having horses was. Her parents came to America from hungry before any of the children were born. Her mother a doctor,her father a former Judge, now he spends his retirement, herding his caddle. All 7 of the Ackerman children had chores. All the chores were done before school. As well as before bed. The farm made good money selling its black Angus cattle. When the children got older they all went to live their own lives. Kira's a very skilled Auto mechanic. Owns and runs Maximum Fury her body shop. As well as 4 adult clubs. She is fluent in Hungarian, Spanish, and French. Kira had been married once before the marriage itself lasted about a year. Drinking and abuse played a huge part in why the marriage ended. As did her ex going to prison for battery and attempted murder. Moving on hasn't been easy but it takes time. Another part of her past she doesn't like to talk about is the Navy. Being part of the Special Warfare Operator. This means she performed a multitude of duties in support of special operations missions and operate on, under, and from the sea, in the air, and on land. Kira and her team were good at what they did. After 13 years she asked to be discharged. Who knew that one mission would change everything. Bad intel and the death of an innocent girl would cause mild PTSD, being home and working again makes things easier. Their last mission was a bad one. She and her team were sent to some hellhole. In the middle of nowhere. They did the job they were sent to do. On the way to the extraction point, they had stopped at a village. People were nice treated her team well. In the middle of the night, there was an attack... The team stopped for a quick rest. A mistake that will haunt her forever. They were fired upon, and one of her fellow seals was stuck.
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Oct 15th 2023 - 11:28 PM


Oct 16th 2023 - 12:10 AM

Hey there, thanks for accepting my request. I appreciate it, i want you to know. Kira is a multi-ship character, i rp 3rd person. Looking for action, adventure, drama and romance. Slice of life as well with the possibility of them having kids. I'm discord friendly kira4462 is my discord name feel free to add me. The kids part is optional of course. I'm not looking for smut, I'm open to sex if it happens. Im active all the time. I never seem to get someone who is. Or whos at least active more then 2 times a month. Which i get it RL comes first.
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