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Due to his advanced physiology, however, Barnes survived his apparent death, but was found by HYDRA instead. Trained as a living weapon, Barnes became a new man so to speak as his memories and identity were constantly being wiped until he was augmented into the perfect assassin, the Winter Soldier. As the Solider, he is brutal and ruthless with an utter lack of conscience, and followed remorselessly on HYDRA's any order.

basic information
Bloodshed in his name

Full Name James Buchanan Barnes
Pronunciation (Self explanatory)
Nickname/Alias Bucky
Meaning James comes from the Hebrew name Jacob, and means “supplanter.”
Origin Given Name
Pet Name Bucky, James, Winter Soldier.
ID Number 32557038
Signature Writes in print, but can write in cursive
Gender Male
Gender Role Masculine
Orientation Straight
Real Age 106 Years Old
Age Appearance Mid 30's
Birthday March 10, 1917
Deathday N/A
Birthplace Shelbyville, Indiana
Astrological Sign Pisces
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Species Human
Ethnicity (Self Explanatory)
Blood Type (Self explanatory)
Preferred Hand Left handed
Facial Type (Ex: Oval, heart, square, round, )
Eye Color (Self explanatory)
Dark Brown (Self Explanatory)
Hairstyle Shoulder length hair
Skin Tone (Self Explanatory)
Complexion (Self explanatory)
Makeup (If any)
Body Type (Endomorph, Ectomorph, Mesomorph, or somewhere in between?)
Build (Long legs, chubby cheeks, or muscular arms?)
Height (In inches)
Weight (In pounds)
Cup Size (Self explanatory)
Facial Hair (If applicable)
Shoe Size (Self Explanatory)
Birthmarks/scars (Self explanatory)
Distinguishing Features (Something unique that stands out)
Health (How healthy is your character?)
Energy (How much energy does your character have on a daily basis?)
Memory (How well does your character remember things, and what do they remember?)
Senses (Are any of your character's senses better or worse than others?)
Allergies (Self Explanatory. May be optional.)
Handicaps ([Ex: A limp, deafness, missing an eye] May be optional.)
Medication (What meds do your character take, if any?)
Phobias (Things that simply terrify your character. May be trivial or debilitating. Try to have at least one.)
Addictions (Drugs, alcohol, gambling, or bad teen romance)
Mental Disorders ([Ex: Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Paranoia.] May be optional.)

exta details
The silence screams

After he encountered Steve Rogers, his lifelong friend. Some part of him remembered, and when he tried to connect the dots, he was forced once more to forget everything. It seems they used an aggressive form of Electroconvulsive Therapy. Electroconvulsive Therapy is used to cause small seizures to give patients with mental illnesses, such as depression or mania, moment of reprieve. By doing this, they are causing seizures to certain parts of the brain and causing memory loss.

The series of code words to make Barnes into a compliant killing machine were Желание, Ржавый, Семнадцать, Рассвет, Печь, Девять, Добросердечный, Возвращение на Родину, Один, Товарный вагон. Once these words were spoken aloud, Barnes would say "Я жду приказаний" and would become under the control of whomever spoke the words.

exta details
past the morning glory

Barnes’ personality and memories proved difficult to fully suppress, so they put him in cryogenic freeze between missions. Still, he was credited with over two dozen assassinations in the span of 50 years. In 1991, Barnes was thawed out and sent to retrieve Howard Stark’s new attempt at the Super Soldier Serum. The assassin forcibly crashed the car with Howard and Maria inside and stole the samples, killing Tony Stark’s parents in the process. That serum was used to take some of HYDRA’s most dangerous operatives and turn them into other versions of the Winter Soldier. Barnes helped with the training, but the others proved erratic and were also put on ice.

In 2009, Natasha Romanoff AKA Black Widow was guarding a nuclear scientist who the Winter Soldier was sent to kill. To wipe his target off the board, Barnes killed the scientist by shooting directly through Romanoff. Surviving, Romanoff tried tracking him down after that with no success. The Winter Soldier later reappeared when ordered by HYDRA leader Alexander Pierce—working covertly as a government official—to kill S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury. Barnes first attempted to carry out this job on city streets with a team at his back. For the second effort, he shot Fury in Steve Rogers’ apartment and, though Fury had faked his own death, the Soldier believed he had been successful. Captain America gave chase, but the Winter Soldier managed to escape after catching Cap’s shield and then rocketing it back at the hero.

extra details
Drive to dream to live

As he escaped from HYDRA and hid from the world that was after him for his decades of war crimes, he began the adventure of discovering who he was. Barnes’s PTSD is evident as he slowly realizes the things he was forced to do and the weapon he was forced to become. He was seen trying to buy plums, which are known to help people recover memories.

Barnes keeps a journal full of people’s names he has hurt as the Winter Soldier, as he seeks redemption for his actions and forgiveness from these people.


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Characters: The Winter Soldier | Bucky Barnes
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Playbys: Sebastian Stan
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
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James Buchanan Barnes

Longing. Rusted. Seventeen. Daybreak. Furnace.
Nine. Benign. Homecoming.

Most of the intelligence communities doesn't believe he exist
the ones who do call him the Winter Soldier

the beginning
Hey. Pick on someone your own size.

Sergeant James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes is a World War II veteran, a former officer of the 107th Infantry Regiment and best friend of Steve Rogers since childhood. Barnes enlisted in the army and assigned to the 107th in 1943. His regiment was captured by HYDRA, where Barnes was given a variant of the Super Soldier Serum by Arnim Zola.

Barnes, along with whoever still remained from his regiment, was later rescued by Rogers, who had become Captain America during Barnes' absence. Upon joining forces with the continuing war, Barnes and Rogers formed their Howling Commandos, to battle Red Skull's forces.

However, during their attempt to finally capture Zola, in the Austrian Alps, Barnes was caught in their ambush and plummeted hundreds of feet from a train. As no body was ever recovered, Barnes had then been presumed deceased.

the present
Ready To Comply

Unbeknownst to his team, Barnes' enhanced abilities allowed him to survive the fall, albeit with the loss of his left arm. Once he was found by the Soviet Union and HYDRA, Barnes was subsequently brainwashed and armed with a new cybernetic limb in order to become their operative, known as the Winter Soldier.

Over the next fifty years, he would eliminate anyone who posed any threat to HYDRA, including Howard Stark and his wife, Maria. Between all these assassination missions, the Winter Soldier would be put into a cryogenic stasis to ensure his longevity. In 2014, the Winter Soldier had been ordered by Alexander Pierce to assassinate Nick Fury, in order to ensure that all Pierce's schemes with Project Insight could go ahead.

However, the Winter Soldier was challenged by Steve Rogers, which triggered him to begin remembering his prior life.

the future
Call this a prelude to a lifetime

Barnes has no idea what the future holds for him. He's a trained killer, an assassin with an unstable mind.

While he had escaped the grip of HYDRA, Bucky still has the trigger words implanted in his mind. The book given the specific words to trigger gum has been lost. If it falls into the wrong hands they would be able to control his more violent side, The Winter Soldier.

Trying to isolate himself from the rest of the world, including Steve. He never got a chance to make amends to everyone he needed to, especially Tony Stark. While he wasn't in control of his own mind, he killed his parents. He died before he got the chance. While he continues to remain in solitude, the nightmares of his previous life haunt him to this day. Knowing fully well the people close to him want to help, but he worries he would harm them.

I had this planned all along, and I brought you here for this

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